WUCHANG (SomalilandPress) — A delegation led by Somaliland’s Civil Aviation Minister, Mr. Ali Mohamed today broke a new ground by signing a contract with a Chinese firm to expand and refurnish Somaliland’s Egal International Airport. According to local reports, Mr. Waran Ade, who is also traveling with the mayor of Hargeisa are also expected to meet with numbers of Chinese firms from food processing to education industry.
The mayor of Hargeisa, Mr Hussein Ji’ir is also expected to sign a number of construction projects with the Chinese including the rehabilitation of Hargeisa’s neglected roads. The Chinese are also expected to deliver construction equipments to Somaliland.

Many analysts believe this is a new beginning for Somaliland-China ties and could lead to an era of solidarity and cooperation between Hargeisa and Beijing.

Mr Waran Adde is seen by most Somalilanders as one of the few competent and active ministers in the Rayale government. Since taking up the aviation portfolio he has rehabilitated most Somaliland airports and is currently working on expanding not only Egal International airport [Hargeisa] but also Berbera to ‘ease the pressure on Egal airport’ according to him. The minister and his delegation is expected to arrive back to Somaliland in the next few days so that they can set the ground for the arrival of the Chinese firm which is expected in the next few months.

A number of leading Somaliland companies have invested into the new construction of Egal International Airport.

Somalilandpress, 28 January 2010

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  1. I would say to the Mayor and Mr WaranCadde to be careful and either get an expert in aviation and roads design to oversee or at least provide the approval for the works proposed by these Chinese companies.

    I have come across works carried out by Chinese firms and without solid approval process and design and construction certificates any potential defects would be borne by our government! Back to square 1.

  2. Well done Mr. Waran Ade, waranka ma tuuryo yara! I hope that it materializes. Marka uu shiinnu cilaqaadka innala xidho, Mayrkankaa la soo baratami!

  3. I agree with both of you (above), Mr Waran Adde is one of our few active ministers doing his job as is the Livestock minister, the rest are useless, in particular I laugh every time I hear "minister for tourism" for God sake there is no tourism in the country find another title.

    Ina Waran Adde is Rageedi.

  4. To the people of Somaliland:
    I'm inspired by Somaliland's self-determination. I'm a big fan of Somaliland, and I'm ashamed that we Westerners have not officially recognized you as a sovereign state. Your office of Minister of Tourism reflects the spirit of hope and optimism which characterizes Somaliland. I look forward to visiting Somaliland and your beautiful people soon, and I wish you continued success.
    Will Walsh
    Brandon, Florida USA

  5. I have my concerns about Chinese investments in Somaliland but it will do for the moment. We are in need for a better infrastructure. These chinese firms need to train Somalilanders – we don't want to get played like Angola!!!!

  6. Waran cade Yes, he is looking something for somaliland but the Mayer No. He is not an honest person.
    something is better than nothing, the western world ignored somaliland so let us see what china can do for us.

  7. Mr. Warancadde might be trying to do something to improve our country. But I doubt about the so-called Mayor of Hargiesa, may be he is establishing ties with some Chinese companines for his for his private business.

    I wish a prosperity for my beloved country “Somaliland”

    Fareh Abdu