We live low and dishonest times, where false propaganda comes fast and furious, but anyone who try to normalize the position that Awdal is in today needs a reality check. Because people of Awdal are in a state of shock and it is shame to hear that some of us (Awdalistes) speaking on same intensity about peace and stability as to those other part of NORTH SOMALILA who their own people had committed such a crime but yet expecting the families of the victims to share a dream of a stable country that has never existed in the real world.

I have believed in Somaliland for a very long time and I honestly thought people in that area can find the middle ground for their differences without bloodshed but I have to admit with humility that I was completely wrong like many other Awdalistes.

And I am sorry to disappoint the dream lovers of all sides, but things had changed and nothing is going to be the same and it is time for the few Awdalites who trying to normalize the situation for the sake of their own interests, to realize that the grievances and concerns of Awdalites can not be ignored or concealed any longer.

No one in their right mind should ever contemplate to advocate the idea of Awdal being part of an independent country called Somaliland, because that dream seems to be died with the four innocent men who were being slaughtered by the Isak militia who now moving freely between towns .

And I would like to say to those who are acting like nothing had happened in Awdal. Yes, there is no war going on right now what we used to called Somaliland and yes there are no more victims being slaughter by the Isak dragons, but the absence of these aspects only exist because Awdalites failed to act so far.

The highest crime that humans can commit is to kill another human being and the most horrible inequality and injustice that state can implement is to ignore its citizen’s blood which has been shed unlawfully, so in all aspect the so call Somaliland failed to live up to its expectations and as far as the reality concerns the current status quo in the so call Somaliland territory is not viable for other clans except the Isaks who behaving like they own the country and everything in it.

No one in their right minds or anyone who has functioning heart can ever accept to be part of a group that think they have the fate and the destiny of others in their hands.

We all know that the current Awdal decision makers failed to create any political venues which Awdal could seek refuge if things won’t work out as we were hoping for. But the question is, aren’t there any other able people inside or outside the so called somaliland?

Farhan Adan Warsame a patriotic Awdalites wrote on Saylacnews and Saylacipress Baaruuda qiiqdiyo hadaan BM lagu raadin gobonimo banaan lamagama helo bar iska taal-taale . I believe these words are in every Awdalistes mind but there is something in our blood which is dragging us back. But let us remember that the people we asking to treat us as an equal partners believe that they owe nothing for anyone else in fact they believe they own us.

So as it seems we Awdalistes have only one choice and that choice is to struggle against injustice which has not been put upon us a powerful government but rather a clan administration which we could match its strength.

And I believe it is also worth to mention that how we are being divided by this giant killer call somaliland and the classic example of our divisions appear most Awdal websites that suppose to spread Awdalistes message who are sticking to what they know most which is deviding Awdalistes in to so call party political lines.

This sort of behavior will not serve justice for any Awdalistes and it is time to say NO to the very few people who are trying to manipulate us by speaking behind unknowin characters.

Let us remember no leader of political party or a president has so far condemned the slaughtering of our people, but still we see on Awdal websites delivering meaningless propaganda campaign which carry the messages of those political belly dancers from Hargeisa. And some of the websites are even seem to give more attention to the imprisment of two Camellboy journalists while the blood of their brothers still wet on where they had fallen
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On the other hand Awdal which is the victim of this cruel crime is being condemned through the Hargeisa and Buroa media, and its unfortunate the lack of respond and the impotence of all sectors in Awdal population.

We Awdalites seem to adopt a culture which is alien to our land and that culture which is narrow-mindedness should no longer be tolerated by health minded Awdalistes.

And finally I know many Awdal websites will not publish my opinion and that is because their arrogance and ignorance will lead them to believe that my opinion is no longer serves for what they believe, and it is up to them but we Awdalites should not shy Away by telling the truth. And we should seek justice for the sake of our own survival.

Cabdale Farah Sigad


Views expressed in this opinion article is solely of the author and does not represent that of the editorial.


  1. Maahmaah Somalilander ah baa jirta "lax ku diidaysa geed ay ku xoqato ma weydo" Reer Awdal miyey ka duwanyihiin inta kale ee Somaliland dagta miyaanay Rer Awdal ahyen kuwii danbiga ka galay beelaha kale ee ay jaarka yihiin lana cafiyey shirkii Burco 1991 ma tahay maanta oo uu nin Rer Awdal ku fadhiyo kursiga madaxtooyada in ay calanka nazi Somalia nala hor marmaraan waa ayaan daroo iyo aqoonxumo haysta Somalilandna idinkaa ku dan qaba

  2. Waxaan taageersanahay walaalkay sonofsnm. Miyayna reer awdal ogayn in maal iyo nololba lagu waayay dib usoo xorayntii Dalkan Jamhuuriyada Somaliland. Waxa wali ku aasan xabaalaha qaranka lafihii kahadhay dadkii udhintay calankan marwalba sida dhibta yarleh aad ugubaysaan reer awdalow.

    Adigu waxaad xoojisay un, cuqdadii awalba ay qabeen reer awdal, Somalilandna idiin xanibnaanmayso ee waa laydinla xiisaabtami doonaa.

    Hargeisa, Somaliland

  3. Mr. Sigad's grievances are noted. But inciting violence will incite more voilence that will take us to the path of the WARLORDS which will eventually lead us to road to SHABAAB SH*-hole. Turning the other cheek is also not definitely a viable option. There is a middle ground between "an eye for an eye " and "turning the other cheek". It is the SOMALILANDER way. It is what differentiates us from our cousins in the South. Leave it to the ELDERS! Let the cool heads prevail! Let GAR and XEER take their course. Let them serve justice. Let them settle the dispute among our brothers. Lets keep the PEACE!

  4. Mr. Cabdale,
    I know that all Somalilanders are very disappointed and ashame of what took place in Gabiley. The killing of innocent folks on route to their homes is wrong in any way that one looks at. Therefore reer Awdal have the right to call injustice , however for you to judge the many for the action of few tugs is totally wrong. Also for reer Awdal to say we are no longer part of Somaliland when ever their is a conflict between neighbours is unpatriotic and they should be ashame.