Garowe (SomalilandPress)-Puntland president Abdirahman Farole spoke about recapture Sool, Sanaag and Cayn during his speech at the 11th anniversary of Puntland State of Somalia establishment in Garowe. President Farole told the audience at the anniversary ceremony that his government will not longer allow Somaliland to govern any land that belongs to the people of Puntland. Per Mr. Farole β€œI promise the citizen of Puntland that I will recapture our land from Somaliland at the earliest time possible”. The main subject during his speech at the anniversary ceremony was all about recapturing the disputed land from Somaliland.

This was the first time that the Puntland president has directly spoken about his government’s intention on recapturing Sool, Sanaag and Cayn. Somaliland troops took control of Las Anod the capital of Sool region two years ago and majority of these three states are now govern by Somaliland.

Somaliland is due to hold its presidential election in September 27 in which residents of these disputed states are registered to vote.


  1. Well, Mr. Farole's speech is nothing better than an ink on a paper. It's and can no longer be taken as a serious threat. A state that failed to take a good stance against smuggling and piracy has, in no means, the power to take a military action against a well-equipped army, like that of Somaliland. Next, military solution wasn't and isn't the only way Somaliland has succeeded in securing its borders so far, or has went to as fdar as Las'anod, to say the least.
    Going back to the biography of Mr. Farole submitted by the commentator above, he's in some way better than the one of his predecessor, but keep in mind that he's got a bad reputation of being one of the masterminds of PUNTLAND PIRACY and that could aggravate his already meagre reputation.

  2. Well, Mr. Farole's speech is nothing better than an ink on a paper. It's and can no longer be taken as a serious threat. A state that failed to take a good stance against smuggling and piracy has, in no means, the power to take a military action against a well-equipped army, like that of Somaliland. Next, military solution wasn't and isn't the only way Somaliland has succeeded in securing its borders so far, or has went to as fdar as Las'anod, to say the least.
    Going back to the biography of Mr. Farole submitted by the commentator above, he's in some way better than the one of his predecessor, but keep in mind that he's got a bad reputation of being one of the masterminds of PUNTLAND PIRACY and that could aggravate his already meagre reputation.

  3. Of course after the huge tension they (their allies) have created in Somaliland, after they managed to devide them into tribes, regions and stupis parties, it is no surprise, infact i think Puntland, Alshabab, and all the enemies of Somaliland have great opportunity to attack Somaliland now! while our people are hypnotized by the registration and election fever!!!!!!!!

  4. It is just a speech to comfort his supporters. I remember Cade muse wearing the military uniform and saying he is going to attack in few days.

    The people of Sool and Sanaag know the truth that nothing can stop Somaliland and those little regions in Somalia are nothing but clan based weak admins who cannot manage the real problems.

    Farole is trying to please those who refuge in Garowe so that they can stay a little longer before they realize the truth and go back to their land.

  5. Dear Cawke

    First and foremost, all your comments i've read before i placed this command they all seem to be hate related or biased towards SOMALILAND and you keep repeating 17 Years we'll get over it 17 Years are nothing. FIRST Somalies and Puntlanders you like to dived and not somalilanders (Well most of you not All) if you like to keep all somalies together because your hearts are SO genarouse and clean. We will accept but only if the rule is from Hargeisa and not ANYwhere else because you stik from Abdullahi Yusuf's and Mohamed Siad Barre's from 1991 till now you guys are fighting (That says enough). Hargeisa is full of people from Hamar do we hate them NO Alhamdullilah they are brothers and sisters wake up and look what you are doing to yourselfs before you hate on others like Somaliland. Why are you bragging about your connections with the U.N E.U and others Subhannallah these are all Kafir organisations look ate how low you are going.

    And oooow yeah **** CAWKE ***

    It's not Asalama alaykum
    But Assalamu alaykum

    1 Ummah Allahoe akbar

  6. Dear Hamar Girl

    Be careful who you call Kafir because only Allah knows who is truly a rejector
    Perhaps there is no faster way to leave Islam than by calling other Muslims "kafir" or "mushrik" without discrimination.
    About calling other Muslims (kafir ) the Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him) said: Any person who calls his brother: O Unbeliever! (then the truth of this label) would return to one of them. If it is true, (then it is) as he asserted, (but if it is not true), then it returns to him (and thus the person who made the accusation is an Unbeliever). [Muslim]

    Therefore, if you call other Muslims "kafir" or "mushrik" without discrimination, you could find that you have left Islam, according to the words of the Prophet (s.a.w.), in less than a second.

    I don't know but over 3 million Somalilanders are Yehud ( If we have to believe you) or you are in the Wrong and you know the consequences………
    Ask for forgiveness before it's to late and stop hating on somalilanders.
    Hate is not good ask ALLAH to heal your heart from this disease.

    Hargeisa, Somaliland

  7. waan ku taageersanahay madaxwaynaha puntland hadalka ka soo yeeray maxaa yeelay somali diidka ayuu si wayn uga soo horjeedaa marka somalidiidka in layska qabto waan ku taageersanahay maamulka puntland

  8. In fact, building and comprehending conflict resolution model is necessary when you encounter a particular dilemma. The reality is the probability that Pundland takes a chance to wage an attack to capture the entire Sool region is very low. Their militias are not well trained and organized as Somaliland. The Pundland state of Somalia had never gotten a chance to rebuild their forces since they self-declared autonomous region of Puntland. Further more, they don’t have enough force comparing to Somaliland soldiers. Somaliland was building their military power since late 90’s and their number was estimated more than 20,000 armed forces”. Today, it seems that elders realize this concept.

  9. I used to be amazed with the ethiopians and kenyans claiming somali lands as there own, on the simple fact that they having been given these lands by the previous colonial powers…….i used to be baffled, and think they must be mad, how can they be logic,reasonable while being fair and democratic and still claim the children of there neighbour as there own while mr neighbour is alive and is asking for his children…

    as for my dear brothers from the same blood line that goes back beyond the name of somali, dear sons of Sheikh Isaaq bin Ahmed al-Hashimi, … today you can claim, to have archieved something many somalis yearn for, something that has been achieved without western or eastern interferences, as a somali brother i am proud of your achievements and as a somali from the puntland region i am proud that it took u months what took us {puntland} 7 years which is building a state and peacefull society, peace is something very precious, something hard to create, yet very easy to loose, by making very stupid mistakes like claiming the children and wife of your neighbour out of greed

    now I would like to share a translation of a somali saying with you,
    ninkii safar ku yimid ayay dhimashadu dhibaysa
    he who is a visitor is he who is bothered by the fear of death

    you are a visitor in the lands of harti people, as long as u are calling yourself independent,

    drop the independency and laas canood is yours as much as it is mine or the people from south

  10. we,ve heard this all before these people are just clowns walahi. thier all talk and no action.

  11. you are just a cudur maxamud/rer mahad who adores abdullahi yusuf , general cadde muse is not corrupt , gen. cade muse is far superior to farole and yeey combined , there is no reason to kill puntland soldiers because of the stupidity of dhulbahante , you know very well the end game of dhulbahante is to get money from every source , from puntland , somaliland and from federal somalia, las ano is the capital city of dhulbahante and nobody can take over from them , gen. cadde muse knows the game of dhulbahante , he is an astute genearl not like yeey or farole , you stupid cudur maxamud do not understand nothing you are just imbecile

  12. If what is written about Faroole, that he is going to attack Somaliland to get back Somaliland territory, I will say one thing as the old saying goes, go ahead and make my day.

    As Somaliland defense minister previously said, " If Putland try to interfere with Somaliland internal affairs militarily, we will respond in- kind, and this time we may go the way to Garowe".
    So please Pugland, watch out for what you wish.


  14. This made me laugh!! My Goodness, they do have comedians in Pirateland..waar nimanku dhuuso badanaa!!!

  15. I already provided all of you a un security report that proves that puntland is stronger then sland!!! in 2003 sland is reported to have brought every force, weapon and habar they could. This didn't change anything but infact led to a quick puntland victory!!! if sland was stronger then puntland in 2003 when they brought everything they had they should've of won!!! but did they? No. End of story really. No amount of sheeko merfish can change this ultimate fact!!!

    Piracy is a business, it doesn't harm somalis!!! the pirates don't go around raping women, stealing from somalis, killing, etc. These ppl have financial beef with foreigners and not somalis. Therefore for somalis to even mention pirates when u have the likes of rayale who is using food-aid as political tool against his own citizen is just plain stupid!!!

    Pirates give a cut of their ransoms to the poor needy ppl, according to times magazine!!!

    Pirates are justified in what they are doing even according to a.u president khadafi according to this international newspaper

    The pirates are fighting against illegal fishing, is illegal fishing a myth or excuse of the pirates!!! hell is fact that 1 billion dollars is lost to illegal fishing in africa…this is according to government website of department of international development. Read below!!!

    Illegal fishing costs somalia alone $300 million. Is that not a form of piracy! Read below!!!

    Even illegal fishing is costing somaliland ppl according to your own somaliland website!!

    So do not try to sit there and deny illegal fishing and toxic waste dumping are not the reason why pirates are fighting back. The pirates are justified in responding to these ppl as kadafi even noted!!! Congress and white house and everyone knows what is fuelling piracy and i support them 100% infact they are eco-warriors standing up against foreigners and telling them clearly "u can not steal from somalia and if u do so, we will steal from u by hijacking your ship"

    Piracy has earned $80 million for the pirates in the financial year of 2008, yet illeagl fishing has earned foreigners $300 million..even with the piracy the illegal fishers cost the region more then what the pirates take from the ships.

    It is not my fault you somaliland ppl allow illegal fishing too occur in your region, maybe u r to scared to stand up and say "no" but that is up to u, it has nothing to do with me. What i do concern myself with is somalia.

    Do u think the only peaceful place in somalia is hargeisa? lol you are kidding yourself i think, puntland has had peace for 11 years but we are not going around bragging about. Puntland has hafza, lootah multi national firms investing into our region and turning into 1st word nation in 99 years. We have africa oil, raytech and range resources who have already put down $100 million in oil exploration.

    They backed up their words with hard cash so ppl know they are serious!!! Puntland has just begun installing traffic signs on the bossaso-garowe-tukaraq-galkacyo road. It has already begun massive health reform where every child is to be immunized by law!!! it offers public, secondary and university education. Public and secondary is provided free by puntland administration. We have have golis telecommunication extending telecommunication range into remote areas of bari and sanaag. We have fai international building 2 new regional airports and bossaso to erigavo highway. We already continuing the 80 km road into remote regions of bar that started in 2007. Bossaso airport already has $45 million invested into it to turn into the biggest airport of somalia, it will have taxi ranks, duty free shops, 3.4 km tarmac, and terminal and not to mention aero-space facilities so night-time flights are possible. The bossaso port is already being extended by 400% by lootah to become deep-sea port like djibouti and will have a modern port authority headquarter!!! We sit in the most strategic location of africa where 122 000 ships must pass by our ports. We have billions of barrels of oil according to taipain financial news and hold 90% of all somalia oil and this is not to mention our off-shore oil and gas and iron and other mineral deposits.

  16. ^^ Cusmano, aka cawke, no amount of tags or links from would bring Laascaanood back… the truth is Putuland is weak, they cant even stop couple of Pirates how to they expect to take on the somaliland National army..

    the truth is if the somaliland army decide to attack, walahi im sure they would capture Bosaso, Garowe and even Galkacyo in 3 days…

  17. LOL. Firstly is it called Puntland or Pirateland. I think the latter. Cawke, if you think a leader with PHd (which he doesnt as he has not yet completed it) will get you back Sool and Sanaag, then you are living on cloud cuckoo land. The rest of your rhetoric is pure and utter garbage that is not worthy of a comment.

  18. Cawke you have had 11 years peace, well done maybe if you can hold on to that you can reach our near 20 years of peace. Secondly we have ministries and government departments which are ready to deal with the rest of the world to boost our economy. Isn't it funny how we were rubble just a few years ago and we have picked ourselves up WITH LITTLE OR NO OUTSIDE HELP, whereas you people who are still part of Somalia, which no one can deny is not a functioning state, still haven't done much even though technically you qualify for aid from the international community. Also you think that we of somaliland are scared to prevent illegal fishing in our waters even though we have arrested and imprisoned these people for up to 20 years for this and you say we are scared.
    How can Puntland be stronger than somaliland last time i checked we did have full control of Sool, Sanaag and Cayn were under the control of Somaliland.
    You do not control 90% of Somalia's natural minerals and even if you did, making deals with countries other than Britain for the exploitation of natural resources is not going to be good for you look at Sudan, it is the biggest country in Africa and it is full of oil but it is among the most impoverished countries in the world. We control the port of Berbera which is a much more strategic point for export and imports
    Last time I checked Hargeisa had traffic lights and somaliland is much better for education than anywhere else in somalia, you claim that education is being set up but i personally know people who have set up schools and other educational institutes.
    If we were scared it would not be us who want to completely break away from Somalia instead of claiming 'temporary' independance.
    Puntland and the rest of Somalia talks, Somaliland does!
    Everyone who keeps posting these jealous messages of Puntland being better than Somaliland look at the facts instead of trying to prove Puntlands non-existent dominance over Somaliland

  19. Like i said all i don't really care wat u do in hargeisa or your local politics lakinse if u ever disrespect puntland u will learn some very hard facts about your ppl and just dont cross the line u understand..ama u will be shown truly what snm or isaaq ppl are by me…

  20. How can one respect an entity based on piracy..Pirateland is based on looting, corruption and basically, nepotism..this is not a nation, but more like a state, which Pirateland is, one the other Somaliland was a sovereign state in 1960 and has once again been a sovereign state since 1991…that is the difference.

  21. As another Somalilander above said
    "Go ahead Pirateland make my day" this time we will make sure your schemes or piracy, human trafficking and Somaliland-Imitating acts are put to sleep once and for all, SLDF will march to Boosaaso and Galkacyo passing thru the small village of Garowe picking up Faroole as a war trophy. Becareful Dhabayaco caruurta qaar aan lala cayaarin baa jira

  22. THIS…….. Dhulbahante

    Truly he is not worthy replying to anymore,

    And once again it's NOT Asalama you hypocriete who do not understand

    But Assalamu

    Go to every kafir site that satisfies your needs of puntland statistics but who cares really.

    Gol janno, Hargeisa
    West London

  23. is it me or have we not learned anything from the previous wars,
    honestly who would benefit from a war between harti and isaaq …somaliland v puntland, independence v federalism …..SOMALI V SOMALI

    those are the ones that will benefit from a war, gives them an excuse to invade northern somalia, so think before you make up your wishes,

    now i would like to read a reply from an isaaq person who agrees with me,

  24. I agree with you there Xaaji. Don't listen to this kids they were all brought up in a conflict, they don't know what it means to live in peace, they have no idea why Muslims greet each others with Salaam.

    • hey u freshy it should be destroyed not destroy. i wonder how may qabil-lunatics are there. B)