Hargeisa, 6 February 2010 (Somalilandpress) – Predictions were made that food security and nutrition situation may worsen in most parts of Somaliland by Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) of FAO in its early warning briefs .
Some of the reasons cited included:

i. Poor “deyr” rains that preceded by dry “Hagaa” season which negatively affected pastural livelihoods.

ii. Very critical nutrition situation reported in agro-pastoral population, based on a data for rapid assessment.

iii. High numbers of children, identified as acutely malnourished, that require rehabilitation. For Togdheer pastoral population, the situation was classified as serious.

iv. Insufficient water and pasture for livestock herds through the “jilaal” dry season (January to March 2010), which will cause early water trucking in Sool, Haud and Haud of Hargeisa.

v. Very low Livestock production and re-production due to poor conception rate during the post “jilaal” and “Gu 2009” as well as livestock diseases during, “Hagaa 09”, that resulted in death and abortion of camels and goats. In Awdal region, cattle and sheep had weak body conditions.

Recent assessment carried out by National Environment Risk and Disaster (NERAD) also confirmed the gravity of the drought faced by the people.

The facts are:

 The ”Gu” rains were below normal
 The “Karan” rains were below normal
 The “ Deyr” was also below normal
 The “Heis “rains in Guban areas didn’t also rain normally
 In certain areas in Sool, Sanag and Togdheer, there were no rains

As a result of above facts, poor pasture, scarcity of water, food and weakend human and animal health has been experienced. Recent Reports received from all regions confirmed (Viz: Togdheer, Sool, Sanag, Awdal,Maroodijeex,and Selel) that both pastoralists and agro- pastoralists are facing serious, but devastating drought. The affected population is estimated to be 40% of the total population of Somaliland of 3.5 million which equals to 1.4 million people.

A serious humanitarian catastrophe seems to be imminent, which is beyond the capacity of national authority, that requires to be prevented.

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The government of Somaliland, therefore, appeals to international community (i.e. Governments, UN Agencies and other humanitarian organizations as well as the business communities and other benevolent institutions for urgent humanitarian assistance and livelihood support to avert worsening of the humanitarian crises.

In addition, assistance and support to urgent water trucking, construction and rehabilitation of boreholes as well as rehabilitation and desilting of “Berkads” and ‘Dams’ and the supplies of necessary medications for affected human and livestock populations will be needed to avert break-out of epidemics. Nutritional support to the weak and sick will also be necessary.

The situation is critical and may continue to worsen in the coming months. It requires rapid and fast responses from the international community, the business community, humanitarian and benevolent institutions to deliver needed humanitarian assistance and livelihood support.

Hon. Ali Ibrahim Mohamed
Minister of National planning, coordination and
Relations with International Organizations

On behalf of
Chairperson of the National Disaster Management Committee
and Vice President of the Republic of Somaliland


  1. I hope United Nation World Food program will come to the aids of these needy people of Somaliland and avert any major disaster just like they do in any other Country of the World when this or other kind of crises happens.

  2. You guys have to understand climate change is real and try to move those nomads into the urban cities, nomadic life is not sustainable, the world is changing and you cant forever keep requesting aid from the West.

    Time to grow our own farms and look for water resources (tap into them actually, theres plenty). No nomads.

  3. There is no such a climate changes at all. Climate changes is a version created my capitalist countries to cheat others for redusing their productivities. For instance, The Western Europe and North Emerican had made an agreement not to make any reduction of an excessive amount of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere in another words, they are not willing to decrease one dollar ($1) of their GDP. They are creating a mass production in order to meet the world demands including nuclear facilities. In the last 10 years China has created an ever-increasing economy and soon about to take over the US. Now they Blaming China and Indian for a virtual mess, but these guys also understand the game of cat mouse.


  4. Bottom line is, god has created this world and nobody has the power/guts to depose or ruin but he (allah), otherwise we would have seen it in Qur'an as everything that will take place has been revealed in the Holly Qur'an.The problem is, we as muslims cursed our well beings. No body is following the Sunna of our dear prophet (scw) including these so called allshabaad. I dont believe alshaab is doing to please allah (swt), but i do believe they doing this for their advantages so they control and have their in this country. Governments of muslim world are even worse than the leaders of Qureish of the prophet's time towards their muslim citizents. They all crupted and unjust. They also prefer to have close associate with US and Israel e.g. Egypt, S.arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, all the midle east, so what is there left?I leave u to answer?

    I believe we are brain washed by Western media and we continue to be like this unless we re-adjust to our way of life " The Sunna of our prophet" without killing attacking anybody.

    Salaams dhaman

  5. Aamiin .. Ilaahaw barwaaqadada nagusoo dabaal oo khaladadka nagadhacaya hanugu ciqaabin oo noo danbi dhaaf…Ilaahay wuu ajiibaa ducooyinka dadka inta badan waliba dadka wanaagsan ee ducada Ale badiya Isagaa waxwalba awoodee….