Lasanod, 6 February 2010 (Somalilandpress) – A violent demonstration rock Lasanod today as tens of people burned tires and were throwing stones against the security forces in the city.

The demonstrations took place as the police arrested teachers at Islamic madrasas in the town in connection with the recent bomb attacks.

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The demonstrators were chanting statements against Somaliland government requesting an immediate release of the prisoners.

At least two people died when the police fired at the crowds who are throwing stones and burning tires in the main roads. Others are also wounded.

This comes when a number of Somaliland ministers and other officials are visiting the town to enforce the ongoing investigations of the recent bomb attacks in the city. Somaliland officials believe that Alshabab is behind the attacks but nobody claimed the responsibility.



  1. The demonstration against Somaliland's right to enforce law and order in the region shows that most Las Anodians are with the Al Shabab terrorists. There is no need for them to stand behind few fanatics, who are spreading hate against fellow Muslims. It's time they discovered the real Islam – peaceful Islam.

    No extremists allowed in Somaliland. The police who opened fire on the crowd should also face criminal court or stood down because you cant treat fire with fire.

    This is against Somaliland's values.

  2. The problem is Laas Caanood residents didn't dare to attack security forces during Siad Barre's regime and when Col. Abudullahi Yussuf occupied the city, but they are eager to attack Somaliland security forces.

    The main reason is: the residents feel safe with Somaliland security forces.

    Having demonstrated die is tragic but what you expect when you attack an armed security forces…they are not going to let you take way their guns.

    Somaliland also should be condemned for targeting religious scholars—the government is giving Alshabaab and its supporters in the city to carry out more terror campaign against the security forces.

    The bottom line is: Laas Caanood has been a sad case for the past 20 years and no end to violence in the city.

  3. What is happening in LasAnod is something new. The city was peaceful and now it seem that peoblems are increasing day after day. It maybe other hands that creating this problems to end Somaliland's dreams to be a recognized state.

    The world also new that one of the barrier that Somaliland would face would be LasAnod and they may have it right. The more problems Somaliland gets, the less hope it would have to be nation. Somaliland interest is to convince the local that it has more to give them and not push them a side because getting the local on board is the only way to end this.

    It could be another excuse to delay Somaliland election and if Mr.Siranyo become Somaliland is next leader the LasAnod problem may even get deeper problems. Somaliland security forces should realized scaring or harming the local has no benefit for Somaliland but give more power to whom ever behind the problems.

  4. These demonstrators are confused, one day they support Somaliland, the other day Pugland and now it seems they are agitated by some terrorist element who call themselves leaders but lead the innocent people in a wrong way. It's in the best interest of Las annod people to support peace over terror and peace lays with those who tried to rebuild their lifes instead of terror.

  5. good jamal i agree with you o yea has everybody forgoten about the so called future video put up a few days ago.
    it seems half of it is happen just the bad part but no independence or american help be careful what you wish for

  6. The GNN video from National Defense University predicted this or rather the US government planned this, it has already began and the AU summit has been also discussing the issue of Somaliland.

    Soon or later the world will give up on Somalia and move ahead with Somaliland; time is running out on Somalia, Somaliland has done all the hard work.

    We are almost there, we are no way giving up, never!

  7. Ayanle,

    If you think the 80, 000 people of Laas Caanood could hijack the wish of Somaliland people, you are dreaming.

    Even if Somali doesn't rule Laas Canood that would be no big deal at all. Russia and the U.S. too don't fully control their borders. In the case of the U.S., over 4000 Mexicans cross the border every month.

    Russia also does not control a vast region of its territory.

    So if Somaliland loses a grip on Laas Caanood, no big deal at all. Las Caanood is not like port Berbara or the capital Hargeisa.

    In fact, if you ask Somaliland people the fate of the part of Sool that does not want to remain in Somaliland, overwhelmingly, Somalilanders would say let them go and join whoever they want.

    It is not about how big that region that you run but how much economy you have.

    But I can assure you, even if you let parts of Sool join Puntland or Somalia, still that doesn’t mean Sool conflict is resolved. In no time Dhulbahante tribes would wage a bloody war among themselves because some of them want to remain as part of Somaliland; others want to join Puntland.

    • Jamal I agree, I for one do not care if Las Anod is part of Somaliland or joins Puntland, Somalia or creates its own 'land' however we have a lot of friends in the region who whole heartedly believe in Somaliland that we can not abandon.

      I feel bad for turning them down, however those those true Landers I want to tell you you can move to Hargeisa and leave freely as so many have you already done. Many dhulbahantes are doing well in Hargeisa and love their life style and dont want to be part of chaotic and backwarded Las Anod.

      The only time I want Las Anod to remain part of Somaliland is if they discover oil there 🙂 – otherwise go wherever you like I respect self-determination, this is what drove us and we can not deny the same for you, however stop crying after us.

      • I am amazed by the level of sophistication that you all showed in your opinion.
        The last time i read these opinions on this page, was about the incident at HolHol where Somaliland forces tried to forcefully disperse the Dhulbahante clan Leaders. Most of the writers showed hatred and animosity towards the Garaads/the dhulbahante people. In short their comments showed naivity and arrogance.

        At least that is not the case with most of you guys. But i am still baffled by the degree of ignorance about the situation in Laasaanood, that all you showed. My intentions are not in any way to offend you or even doubt about your intellectual capacity but your statements do not reflect on the facts on the ground.

        You all kept mentioning Al-shabaab and terrorists which makes me think
        that you do not know the history between the SSC people and the So called Somaliland people.

        The truth is Dhulbahante People do not want to share anything with Somaliland except Daris wadaag and good neighborhood.

        Most of the minsters that run around in hargeisa do not represent laasaanood people and are just sttooges.

        For Kayse, you cant throw away Laasanood if there are no natural resources and claim it back again for economic incentive.

        We would appreciate if we can have daris wadaag wanaagsan and just respect each other. We share alot in common but we cant simply breakaway from Greater Somalia.
        thank all

  8. Dear, Keyse you can not flip flop, it is one way or other. People from Lasanod have make it CRYSTAL CLEAR they do not want to have anything to with S.Land.

    You said, "The only time I want Las Anod to remain part of Somaliland is if they discover oil there" I said, Lasanod want Somali Unity, One Somalia, if you dont want to hear that then Lasanod will reject SomaliLand, and will defend its God Given Rights-then we all go back to civil war, and beleive it or not you can no long sell your independence to the rest of the world.

  9. It is all about image and if majority of Somalilanders don't care if people of Sool go or stay with Somaliland, then why Somaliland risking the lives of its security forces and lives of locals. It isn't good idea to fight for controll since all of us are Somalis. Don't forget before Somalia and Somaliland we were living togather and respected one another. We only had clan fighting and when they all get tired, they eccept the fact that wars were not good. Now we are in 20010 and it's so sad we are still fight a useless wars.

    Either way, LasAnods would be proud Somalis regardless of their political decissions. Those who think Somaliland like a religion, they you should think very carefully that it's important that our communities live togather in peace. Any community that doesn't want part of Somaliland has its own rights to do so. Somaliland should tell them what would they gain if they want to be part of Somaliland. It's all about image and images does matter today 's world. International community want to see Somaliland as a nation that inclusive to all Somalilanders not clan country. If LasAnod go, it will damage Somaliland's future.

  10. We the Isaaqs do not care about that little desert called Las Anod, the problem there is created by ina Rayale. Remember when Egal was in power? Did he even approach you? It's no thats how majority (90%) of us isaaqs feel and once we get rid off ina Rayale, we going to take our boys (troops) back to their land to help their people.

    We dont need Las Anod but remember Sool is divided, from Caynaba north, thats all our land you can keep Las Anod and whatever is south from there. Simple.

    Ina Rayale is creating this problem, he needs to go. We isaaqs do not support our troops there, they could be building wells, etc for our local nomads in other regions. Troops are not only security reasons.

    If you keep your suiciding and bombs inside Las Anod we are happy, if you follow us to Caynaba, then we have no choice but to retake Las Anod.

    We know dhulbahante people dont have any thing to do, they will run after us.

  11. Hi every Somali here, first of all i was born in Kenya and raised there and schooled there, however i moved to UK and have lived there ever since. I'm 37 and my mum and dad are isaaq that makes me Isaaq as well and my wife is from Burao and Isaaq.

    My point is, as a natural Somalilander by heritage of my family, i wish Somaliland to reconsider their intention of seeking independence fro Somalia. I believe all Somali people are one and same people and should live in peace within our geographical borders of Somalia. Somalis in Kenya love each other and all other tribes in Kenya know Somali as one people coz we look and talk same language although with diffrent accent.

  12. So if you're Hawiye, Dir, Isaaq, Majerteen, Dharot, Ogaden, Rahawen etc, we are same people of same religion Sunni Islam. We must put our difference aside and resolve the Somali crisis as a people with shared heritage and stop Ethiopians, Kenyans, Ugandans, Arabs, Europeans etc, dividing us in Djibouti, Kenya NFD, Ogadenia, and now Somaliland and PuntLand.

    I wish we stop acting like Somalia isn't our problems or Somalia as a shameful horrible place and start acting like Somalis unlike the little clans we are pretending at the moment. Viva Somalia and May God bless our long suffering people and release them from ignorance and divisions.