CAIRO (Somalilandpress) — Arab foreign ministers meeting in the Egyptian capital on Wednesday for their 133rd session have called for diplomatic action against Israel’s measures that posed a threat to the region and the peace efforts, as their adopted a draft agenda for the upcoming Arab summit.

The Arab officials condemned Israel’s inclusion of the Al-Ibrahimi and Bilal Bin Rabah mosques into its list of historic sites, called on the UNESCO, Organisation of The Islamic Conference (OIC) and the international community to take action against the Israeli move.

The Arab leaders have also expressed concern about recent reports suggesting that Israel might recognize the Republic of Somaliland. The Arab Councils said they support unified Somalia just like all Arab League members and will not tolerate foreign interference in an Arab League member nation.
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The Council emphasized that they only recognize one Somalia led by Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and have strongly warned Israel not to recognize Somaliland.

Somali Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Abdurrahman Abdushakour who was present at the meetings thanked the Arab members in particular Egypt for it’s support in the reconciliation process.

The Somali minister has called for Israel to end the malpractices against the Palestinian people and to lift the embargo they imposed on the Gaza strip immediately.

Not long ago, Israel expressed interest in the region and may develop bilateral ties with Somaliland to access the red sea and Gulf of Aden, however Egypt is concern about the break-up off Somalia, as it may need Somalia to fight a proxy war with Ethiopia over the Nile river basin.

Since 1959, Egypt and Sudan have claimed supremacy over the Nile despite been downstream nations and now it’s concern about it’s national water resource and thinks Ethiopia could poses a great threat and for that they need greater Somalia.

About three months ago, the Egyptian Ambassador to Somalia, Mr Saed Mohammed Mursi made a visit to Hargeisa and told local media his government does not recognize Somaliland. This has angered many locals who accused of him off trying to bribe the people of Somaliland with small $80, 000 worth of aid.

“Egypt is a friend of the Somali people, it will never allow the disintegration and division of Somalia,” he said.

The Arab foreign Ministers have also appointed Syria to “manage” any disputes within the Arab States for the interest of the “whole Arab home”. They have also supported Syria’s just rights in reclaiming the whole of the Golan Heights to the June 4, 1967 line.

Regarding Darfur, the Councils thanked the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani for his conciliation efforts and for setting up a USD 1 billion fund for development in Darfur. According to a number of analyst Egypt is very concern about the break-up of Sudan as it may loose rights to the Nile. Egypt is also trying to convince the South Sudan to remain part of Khartoum in order to maintain the 1959 Nile Waters Treaty between Egypt and Sudan.

Finally the Council formed a legal committee to document Israeli acts of destabilization and Judaization of the holy city of Jerusalem.

In a related development, a Somaliland official speaking on condition of anonymity told Somalilandpress that Somaliland intellectuals and  leaders in Canada will be holding a closed-door discussion with Israeli and Canadian officials on Saturday 6th of March in a disclosed location. The historical meeting is designed to pave the way for a diplomatic strategy and a political platform to put in motion the historic move to recognise the Republic of Somaliland after almost 20 years of international isolation.

The Israelis will include officials from the government, business community, youth and other fields.

Somaliland has no diplomatic ties with Israel but lately there has been a huge interest between the two nations. If Israel recognises Somaliland, it could pave the way for international recogniton in particular among the Western nations whom Israel has close ties with.

Somalilandpress,4th March 2010


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    We will also take this opportunity to inform you that Somalilandpress has been promised full access to that Israeli-Somaliland meeting, so we will have plenty of photos and possibly videos.


    • Simply the greatest weakness has been exposed to all good and evil. We Somalilanders need to understand our needs and wants. this picture is not new Isreal is crealy interested in us for a reason. they are not ready to recognize us for simple friend ship.

  2. Thanks Somalilandpress, and hope the meeting between Israel and Somaliland will take forceful steps to normalize relations between the two countries. See how Arab League have reacted the news. It looks they just woke up and their true picture has finally stated clearly. They want Somaliland people to fight on their behalf with out brotherly neighbour country of Ethiopia. This is ridicules to say the least, and I would like my government to engage any country whoever support our cause of redeeming our lost independence.

  3. Arabs can’t deny our right to recognition. People mix things.Talking to Israel doesn’t necessarily mean that we are merging with it, and we are obeying jewsh ideas and religion. Diplomatic relations were there and during the prophets era, there were times of war and times of diplomacy with Jewsh. Arabs stabbed us on the back, let us down and themselves, we shall not wait their calls, it is time to decide our destiny. Those of you who blame this issue, shouldn’t mix things, Talking with Israel doesn’t mean we are leaving our culture, religion etc. They are the top priority and every agreement with Israel is based on our sovergnity, and independence. Thanks to Somaliland press. Keep up the good work gentlemen and we are with u.

    • I am Jewish and have studied in Israel. I totally support an independent Somaliland. And yes, Somaliland's dealings with Israel (or any other state) should be based on Somaliland's sovereignty and nothing less than that.

      After all the clans of Somaliland are descendants of Ishmael was Isaac's brother. Brothers can fight and brothers can be friends but there is no reason to fight forever just because other brothers want us to.

  4. If you ask me who would I deal with Arabs or Israelis? The choice is easy, see Arabs are incompetent, they talk and talk, say we going to do this and that, they never lift a finger, after months pass some times years, they wake up and call on a grand Arab Mufti meeting then they call each others "fat cow" and go home.

    On the other hand, Israelis are notorious, these guys are unpredictable, they might have your back they might sell you, thats Jews for you but atleast they never stop doing what they put their minds to.

    They are action people.

    I rather be with Israelis I just watch my back but I roll with their actions where as Arabs just sit and sit.

    Imagine Arabs without oil? have you thought of it? The picture is Yemen. Even Yemen has little oil, take that away too, the picture is Somalia.

    Lets talk business Israelis but keep your Mossad away, Somaliland needs technology and Army like the Israeli ohh yeah and also we need a wall to construct between Somalia and Somaliland hahahaha, I can just imagine them as friends.

    I am not fan of Arabs.

    • well said brother keyse, let us hang with people have done something remarkable. If we had chance to hang around looser or an achiever, the choice is clear, the israeli people have achieved alot, look they have turn a scorching desert in a blooming green, technologically there very advance. Israel is the only true democratic state in the middle east, the rest a just a bunch of tin pot dictators who have no mandate to rule their subjects. Look at king abdulah of saud arabian and abdulah jordan through birth they are mandated to rule, Bashar Asad inherited the presidence from his father as no one else is capable of running that country. How about Gadaffi and Mubarak they have been in power for so long and they dont want step down, what a shame. The Arab league nations are even worse than banana republic. I dont want somaliland leaders to be around such self-serving despotic leaders, they will teach our democratically elected leaders to be despot like themselves. On the other hand Israelis could assist us in making our arid lands agriculturally productive because they have the technological know how, and that something worthy pursuing.

  5. Every country is looking out for its self-interest and so do we. We don't care what the Arabs want and we will not be part of a proxy war against Ethiopia over the Nile for Egyptians sake. Who cares? What matters is what we want.

    The Arabs did not do any thing for us when we needed them. Instead, they chose to ban our livestock so as to hit us hard on the belly so that we would stoop and yield to their demands. Livestock is only economic engine and the livelihood of our people that would have helped us to survive after the damage and destruction of our country. We haven't forgotten that and we never will.

    Let go after what is good for us and don't give a heed to what anybody else want sor says. If Israel is ready to recognize us, go for it Somaliland and don't look back!

  6. Every country is looking out for its self-interest and so do we. We don't care what the Arabs want and we will not be part of a proxy war against Ethiopia over the Nile for Egyptians sake. Who cares? What matters is what we want.

    The Arabs did not do any thing for us when we needed them. Instead, they chose to ban our livestock so as to hit us hard on the belly so that we would stoop and yield to their demands. Livestock is only economic engine and the livelihood of our people that would have helped us to survive after the damage and destruction of our country. We haven't forgotten that and we never will.

    Let go after what is good for us and don't give a heed to what anybody else want sor says. If Israel is ready to recognize us, go for it Somaliland and don't look back!

  7. Thank you Somalilandpress.

    It's the time the Arab Leaders forgot or not inlude Somaliland into their Agenda, an Agenda that contains many issues that has made their people loose hope, it's the time they shoud have a consenus of working together towards those unfinished tasks that some has lived for years, am afraid Somaliland is not one of those Issues that make Arabs to discuss about it, it's not the Issue in the TABLE to solve it because Somaliland's Case is not an amibition of some people or parties but a legal Quest that it has fulfilled all the requirements of Statehood and the peace and stability that has become the hallmark of Somaliland has eluded Somalia. These attributes enabled Somaliland to enter bilateral treaties with many governments including Ethiopia, United Kingdom,China,India and Denmark. These are attributes that neither Puntland nor the rest of Somalia could claim. so I guess its us who has got the wheel now and the dice to roll as we want. as Mr. Dalmar has said in his article that Somaliland will look after its interest. Be it with Iran or Israel, Somaliland is open for business—first come, first served.

    Faisel A.Warsama

  8. SomalilandPress once again you out done yourself, please keep up the good work that your site/management are doing for the people of Somaliland. As far as the Arab league concerns they have too many problems of their own, let them resolve their own issue before they can comment on Somaliland's affairs.

    Success to the people of Somaliland and SomalilandPress

  9. Southern Yemen was hastily recognised by the then PM of Somaliland during independence. Today in 2010, after having united/reunited with Northern Yemen, Southern Yemen is seeking succession from union.

    Yemen separatist shot dead, southern tensions rise

    It just goes to show how much we should all care about what we have now. We should never expect anybody else to add value to SL, except us.

  10. so many angry comments about arabs. remember these guys meeting in Cairo dont evev represent their ppl. how many years did hosny mubarak sitt in power. 40 years?. Dont you see what country like UAE has done for the somali ppl.
    Niicda iska daaya, yuhuudna khayr kuuma soo wado. Carabna ka daran.
    Waxaad qabsato mooyee cid kale waxba ha ka sugin.
    long live Somaliland

  11. If the so-called Arab leagues are so concerned about Somalia and its people,Somalia could not have gone through what it went through for over 20 years. Can anyone please, tell me one thing that Arab countries have done for Somalis, except deporting back many Somali refugees who run away from civil war? As someone who believe in right and self-determination of Somaliland people, I really careless what Arab leagues or any enemies of Somaliland says, any country that support the people of Somaliland self-determination is the country that cares for all Somalis. As we all know Arab countries and the Countries surrounding Somaliland and Somalia wants the status quo to remain the way it is for their own interest.

  12. Alhumdolilah! i really do hope we get recognised is something we deserve! walahi if our country gets recognised i'm moving back there!!

  13. I think we need to know there are differential between Arab leader and Arabs. So if Arab leaders are agaist Somaliland does that mean Arab people are the same? These leaders were not elected by their citizen;therefore, we don't need to read too much about what they say. Somaliland doen't need Arab recognation but need Arabs for trade. There are more than 200 country in the world and there is chance that some may recognize Somaliland but seaking Israel to recognize Somaliland wouldn't bring any goods for Somaliland.
    Recognition comes after people who live same area agreed including but not limmitted to sharing power, employment, justice and more. Then many countries see that state has fulfill all these area, they would be eager to recognize that state. Let say if Somaliland meet all it need to be country and recognized by non-arab state would be still part of the Arab league or would it joing CommentWealth states? We are still part of the Arab league and this organition determined to defend the interest of the countries that are part of it. Wadankiina hagaaja horta tabadeedna aan doondoona ictiraaf waara.

  14. To Ayaanle.

    Part of the work done in Somaliland was building the basic needs like Hospitals,Schools and Roads, it wasn't a huge start because Somaliland wasn't not recognised and not qualifed at the same time to borrow money from the Financial Institutions and IMF, but through its diaspora and Port,Taxation has helped to do that since the past 19 Years so I guess it's enough and it's the time to seek where our interest lies on, ofcourse we know all Arabs will be a far possibility because they believed strongly that Somaliland is a part of Somalia so isn't something raises question of why a trade with them will be likely to happen if their leaders don't recognise our case. This time we have a thriving Economy, a sustained level of government and a lasting peace and don't think those arabs are looking after Somaliland interest but by theirs and they don't want Israel to have an influence in the Region – in Somaliland perspective what has to do with our own INTEREST?

  15. We don't really need the arab nations to recognize us. They've been putting obstacles in our way for a long time now and its time we turned away from them.
    If israel recognizes us then we will be recognized by the western countries and then we will be able to borrow money from the world bank and get our oil and gas drilled and then prosper inshallah.

  16. Mr.Ayanle,

    The Somali people be it Somaliland or Somalia have never been Arabs we are African first and foremost then Moslems just like many Moslem Countries who are not Arabs like Malaysia, Turkey , Iran and etc. As far as I know, even the Arabs masses do not consider Somali as an Arabs. You can call yourself an Arab that is your choice which I personally have no problem with but, please do not call me and many other Somali an Arab, I consider this as an insult to our intelligence.

  17. The moderators here allow curses against "Isaaq iyo gudubiirse", but we cannot defend ourselves from such filthy people. I am begining to wonder whether this place is a honey trap for SL itself coercing as into the wrong directions and waasting our time.

  18. Why are comments by Guest allowed because it does seem to be consistent with the rules placed upon everybody else. I hope to reduce my activities until further notice about this place's admin and owners.

  19. Somalilandpress as usual writing their Zionist Jewish propaganda __There is no meeting,same old lies by Somalilandpress.____

  20. No surprise that those Arabs are resorting to such medieval measures. They are out of touch with the changing times and threatened by the prospect of an independent Somaliland.
    However, they don't represent us in any way or form. Our national interest comes first and thus we should ally with any state that promises a mutual cooperation. To survive in today's ever competing international political arena, we should remind ourselves that all are rivals, and choose our allies wisely.
    We have nothing to loose to choose an ally, but Arab states have a lot to loose to choose to be our enemies.

  21. Good move Israel, Rattle the Snakes and make your own decision with regard Somaliland's desire for the recognition it deserves….that is what I would say. They haven't done nothing in solidarity or brotherly concerning Somaliland for two decades. Why should we be concern with their empty rhetoric and threats. Somaliland can determined its destiny, we can't have people who fail Palestine fail us as well. Let them take care of their own back yard and affairs first before they get involved in Somali Affairs.

  22. Kuwani waa Xaasidiin. ____If they are not willing to recognise Somaliland (becuase they think it is not in their interests, why don't they try to counter the possible Israeli influence. They should provide Somaliland with a clear alternative, not neccesarily recognition. The chance of Israel recognising Somaliland is very small, Djabouti would a better qualified alternative. Nevertheless, these 'arab' nations should support Somaliland in terms of Education, Economy, Security if they are such 'dear friends' of Somali people. They should also realise the role Somaliland can play in bringing peace in Somalia instead of waiting for it to come from the south. If Somaliland, in the long term cannot get recognition (and it's been 20yrs), they should setlle for the next best alternative 'a state that rules itself within Somalia ' but has a strategic partnership with Somalia.

  23. However, should Israel recognise Somaliland, Somaliland should grab the oppertunity with all four hands and feet. IF…, the conditions of the 'deal' or 'recognition' as other's put it, is acceptable, the benefits outweigh the negatives, and if it will help achieve the long term aims and ambitions. It has been long noted that Israel goes (often recklessly) after that which it want's, it often (at face value) acts alone in world (with behind the scenes support) and rcognition from this small country may put other countriess off from recogniting Somaliland, considering Israel's reputation in the international community.

    I call on the Somaliland diaspora to invest in their countries. Start businesses, there plenty of oppertunities. Employ people, help them to help themselves, sending money again and again has created the awful dependency culture which is the iron chain holding us back. Give a man food and feed him for a day, teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime. It may sound cliche, but it's true as ever.

  24. Yahuuda waan jecalnahay, Asal ahaan waxaan ka soo jeednaa reer isreal umadii ilaaheey doortay.

    SOmaliLnad + isreal = success

    we are there lost brothers

    • Akhas nacas nacas dhalay…orod oo adigu u tag afka afka hakuugaliyaane oo futadana hakaa fuulaane.

      Waxaad tahay kuwa khaniisnimada ku shaqeysta ee Muqdisho kabuuxa.

      Islam is for Somalilnad and Somaliland is for Islam.
      Shimbir nacdal baa korkaaga ah inaad dad Islaam ah ku tiraa waa Yahuud.

    • Waar kan Somalilander(ka) isdhigayow ka bax meesha. Reer Ishaaq Bin Ahmed, Bin Hashem baa nalayidhaadaa. You really need an attitude adjustment. Goosaan ku leeyahay, edeb ma qabtide.

  25. Somaliland could benefit from Israel, Arabs got nothing to offer to anyone, they cant even help this "Somalia" they "care" so much about. Arabs if you reading this Somalia was divided and inflames for the past 20 years, did you wake up last week?

    What did you do for Somalia? Did you even send them 20 police-men? The least you could have done was maintain your embassies in Mogadishu and define the rebels instead you ran before everyone else.

    See if Israel comes to Somaliland they will be standing along side Somaliland even if it was to fall apart. This is the difference, Arab are weak and lazy, Israelis are hard workers and even though they not united themselves they are united for one thing – Jews should have a state.

    They made it happen against the world, times when Europe was killing them.

    Somaliland can learn from Israel and for Israel, it can prove to 1.3 billion Muslims that Israel can work with Muslims and what its been said against them is just Arab propaganda and Muslims shouldnt listen to weak Arabs.

    Israel has a lot to gain from Somaliland, show to 1.3 billion Muslims, that Muslims and Jews can co-exist and maintain bilateral ties.

  26. Who ever said there is no meeting has made a huge mistake, there will be a meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. So Ali remember my name is Ruthless and there will be a meeting, ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also a lot of people know the name Ruthless in Toronto, ask around ok.

  28. the reality is that Israel is more respectful than any other think country to somaliland. thanks Israel,,,,, Arab get loss… SOMALILAND WILL WIN

  29. we somalilander lets work with israel,we dont care about arab league anyway we not arab if if israel recognise somaliland as a state that will be fantastic cos israel the got technology somaliland need that we dont care about arab they cant help theself do u think they will help somalis , i dont think so somaliland we need to be strong about our right somaliland country we dont want unification with somalia we dont want to reapeat mistake again never again never again never ever ever evr

  30. we somalilanders dont need these evil Zionist or these stupid Arabs
    somaliland has two be a communist state and gave china a military base in somaliland. look two the EAST somaliland look EAST we not need west or the Arabs or the Zionist,none of theme have our intrans .

  31. Manyira please shut the hell up and stop repeating yourself.
    We Somalilanders will work with any nation that recognizes us ( Arabs or israelis)
    After israel recognizes us then the west and china may follow and then we can also become allies with China then.I don't think you are a Somalilander anyway, your just a somali from the south that's come here to but mouth anybody that supports Somaliland

  32. If Somaliland recognition by Israel is not something you believe or highly doubt, then how come all your leaders from Al shabab, Darod spokesman to Transitional Government are talking about it? Did Somalilandpress just fool you all? Make up your minds.

    Let me quote your Debuty Prime Minister, Mr. Abdiwahib Elmi Omar:

    “Any country that recognizes Somaliland we see as one that wants to divide Somalia and we will hold them accountable,” he said, in reference to recent statement made by a spokesman for the Israeli foreign ministry, who said that his government will recognize Somaliland.

    They scared Somaliland will get development and maintain its peace and order, they hate peace, education and democracy.

    • If Israel recognises Somaliland I will personally donate some money for a student exchange program (students from Somaliland studying in Haifa) and ask the organisations my synagogue is represented in to ask for more donations for that cause.

      Somaliland needs skilled workers, especially in agriculture and mining and Haifa in Israel is the best place for such an education.

      Somaliland can then start exporting her goods to Europe via the Suez-Canal. And if Egypt doesn't let Somaliland ships pass, they can just travel under the Israeli flag.

      Remember that southern Sudan is becoming indepdendent too and needs access to world markets via Ethiopia and, ultimately, Somaliland, if Somaliland can offer modern harbours.

      This can be a win-win scenario for Christian southern Sudan, Muslim Somaliland, and Jewish Israel. Israel needs food and energy and Somaliland needs skills, luxury products, and weapons. Israel has what Somaliland needs and Somaliland has what Israel needs. Plus Israel has a world-wide infrastructure of supporters who can work for Somaliland as they have for Israel.

      Together we can make any desert bloom. Why not?

      You can believe Arab propaganda after your contry is rich and green. Your own country should come first.

      • Tel Aviv has more enterpreneurs per-capita than any where else on earth.

        Somalilanders are business people too but need a kick-start they also need to learn franchising, and corporateship. They often open one shop and never expand throughout the country. Now few of them have started to learn that.

        We definitely have what Israel needs. A Muslim alley that is not connected nor bullied by Arabs that switches sides every time the big beard guys in Egypt or KSA speak. Honest friendship based on mutual interest and common-understanding. Ports, access to the red sea, you can station your satelites in Berbera and follow the Arabs and Iran.

        You cant survive if you depend on the current statues, cant attack every nation that tries to build nukes eventually someone will and that someone will supply one of your enemies.

      • I agree with you there Andrew, I can also see your very familliar with the region and its affairs. You are the sort of friend Somaliland needs in Israel who can work with us by reaching common understanding.

        This Jewish-Muslim conflict is something Arabs created, our Prophet lived among Jews and treated them well. Muslims and Jews worked well together in Islamic Spain (Al-Andalus).

        Today I dont see why we can't work together again.

        Israel has what we need no doubt and that is 21st century education, technology, military capacity (for security) and enterprising.

  33. Almost all i want to say, people said it already. neverless i want to add onething and that is” isn’t egypt the one who broke all the rules of arab league when anwara sadat whent to televiv whitout any official invitation from israel, isn’t egypt recognised israel whit no arab consent. during that time all arabs got mad and cancel the membership of egypt. infact they being supported by somali goverment with tree other arab nations. to mention few iraq and sudan. on top of that isn’t egypt broke a union with syria?. Another question is how many arab countries has a diplomatic tie with israel? the last but not the least SOMALILAND HAS RIGHT TO CHOOSE SO HOW COME ARABS DONT LOOK @ THEIR BACKYARD?

  34. There is no one single article or webstie that talks about israel and somaliland’s recognition except for the somalis ones, some are citing Somalilandpress as their source while others Golisnews. A commenter above said that it was printed on Haartz printed edition and i searched and i ended up with a link that shows all the headlines of the printed edition inlcluding all the previous printed editions and there was NO headline regarding Somaliland at all. Somaliland press need to check the source of any article before posting on their website.
    Some commenters said that it was Haarts printed edition in Hebrew. lol what a game.

  35. If Somaliland allows the dialogue between them and Israel, it will actually cause more harm. Imagine – Al-Shabaab only want a reason to attack Somaliland, what better country to blame than Israeli zionist racists?

    Although these Arabs are being unreasonable – they have a point, Israel which is founded upon hatred and blood is the worst country to be recognised by..they'll do minimum to help the Somalis in Somaliland due to SL's inefficient gov't.

    The best option in Somalia is dialogue between its people, a federation of Somali states for starters. A fractured Somali state is uncalled for. Even Ethiopia your 'ally' in the region doesnt fully recognise you..Why? Because the US & Europe will stop sending material and monetary aid, they only rely on you because of the port!

    • Israel is not "founded upon hatred and blood" and is certainly not the "worst country to be recognised by".

      The only hatred and blood associated with Israel is due to constant Arab attacks. Nobody in the Arab world expects racist Zionists to do anything evil. That is why Arab shopping malls don't scan incoming customers for (Jewish) bombs and that is why Palestinians are not afraid of constantly whining about what Israel allegedly does to them.

      Any country in the Middle-East that declares its independence from Arab rule will be subject to blood and hatred. Look at Kurdistan, Lebanon and southern Sudan.

      Should an independent Somaliland be friends with the countries that want it to remain part of Somalia or with the country that survived being independent from the Arabs?

      Without Israeli recognition Europe and America will never even hear of Somaliland. I live in Europe. Most people here don't know who you are. But if Israel recognised you, you would have the Jews on your side.

      Maybe that isn't good enough and maybe it will create more enemies than it does friends. But do remember that if you side against Israel, you won't have Israel as an enemy because that is not the type of nation we are. And note that it will only create enemies if you remain the only ones who do it. Sooner or later everyone will make peace with Israel because G-d does not want us to wage war.

  36. The Siad Barre period is over, we cannot blame him anymore for our problems, we must unite and stop quarreling amongst ourselves. I knew from the start (and I know you'll agree) Somali people are all full of ego and have a hard head but hasnt enough blood been shed?

    To conclude, do not let Israel make SL a base to attack our muslim brothers in Gaza, Syria, Somalia and Iran these evil people are after control.

    • Israel has neither the will nor the power to attack random Muslims all over the world. But if those so-called Muslims attack Israel (screaming "Death to the Jews!") what do you think Israel will do?

      Your "brothers" in Gaza are loyal to the Arab League and the pan-Arab empire. They do not want anybody to be independent from Arab governments, neither Jews nor Somalis.

      The Iranians hate their own government and are admired by Israelis. The idea that Israel wants to "attack" Iranians is ridiculous. The Jewish people and the Iranian people have been friends and allies for 2500 years and even when the Iranian regime in 1979 cancelled the alliance Iran and Israel still fought together against the Arabs attacking Iran from Iraq. Khomeini trusted the Israelis and he hated Jews (who are second-class citizens in Iran now).

      The Zoroastrian kings of Iran in the past are widely admired in Israel. The Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) refers to king Cyrus as a "messiah" a king annointed by G-d. Kind Darius rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem. And the Sassanids, in 614 CE, helped the Jews capture Jerusalem from the Christians. (The Christians eventually re-took it and then lost it to the Muslims who allowed the Jews back in and so on until Jerusalem became a Jewish city under British rule in 1918.)

  37. It gets under my pin to see the Arab Leaders wake up at once to say that Somaliland can't have bilateral ties with Israel niether the State of Israel can recognise it so am asking this WHO THEY'RE to decide for our destiny. The Answer to that Question lies on squarely about the long 20 Years that Somaliland has been isolated and been imposed taugh sanctions on its livestock, worse yet to send their envoys to Somaliland to bribe them for a chep handout to return back from their decision but I guess Arabs are only wasting their time and the time of their people. Somaliland has already chosed its way and can do business with any nation as long as there's a urgency fierce, I just want someone pick that phone and say loudly that we Somalilanders are willing to have ties with the state of Israel and that from a Somaliland perspective we have nothing to do with Arabs.

  38. Let’s ask ourselves for the sake of argument, folks. Why do we have to yield to the Arabs pressure and threats? What is in it for us that we are going to lose if we go ahead having diplomatic relations with the State of Israel? The answer is nothing, zero. To add insult to injury, they are denying not only our sovereignty but they are denying our existence. They made it clear to us that they recognize Sharif’s government as the only legitimate Somali government. So be it, but they don’t have to push it into our throats. We don’t accept that and it is not negotiable at all.

    What is in it for us, if we have diplomatic relations with Israel? Everything we ever wanted: recognition, business, economic and education development, strong military to keep the region safe and in return we may give them what they really want. Lease them the Port of Berbera to monitor the movements of the area . That is what the fuss is all about.

    The Arabs are under-estimating Somalilanders. Let’s show the Arabs and like minded how to be means and go after what you.

  39. To Malik ( hope I pronounce it well)

    The threat of Al-shabab is not something will start from the state of Israel interest on Somaliland, let me remind u that it was Hassan Aweys who said and I quote " “People in Somaliland worship a deity called “Peace” and this deity is mirrored on Western ideology…” so from that date it never stop the lunatic attempts by Alshabab Zealots but I have a Message to say to Alshabab. that Somaliland don't worship a diey called peace but doesn't want to look like the old African story and we will not hesitate to take any action necessary to keep our security.

  40. The reality that the Arabs can't swallow is that a small nation that they have spent the last 40 years burying their history and wiping their existence of the Horn is still rising like a phoenix. What is more stranger is how Somaliland and Israel have both been subjected to hatred beyond humanity. All the Somali speaking nations do not want Somaliland recognised including Djibouti. The whole of the Middle East do not want Israel in the middle east though Israel who are children of Jacob(as) have historical heritage just like every other Arab that is living there.

    Somaliland and Israel must work together and learn how to survive in a hostile Arab nations that have stripped them both of their Abrahamic Heritage. Survival teaches you how to live creatively and it is time we bring back the heritage and rights of the brethren of David(as) in the Horn. Maybe it is more suitable to create and unite the 24 tribes of Abraham(as) as a separate Kingdom and test how it will challenge the Arab League.

    The Family of Abraham(as) will be united once again and their solidarity will only mean more blessings and peace for a hostile world that has forgotten how to respect basic humanrights.

    God Bless the Family of Abraham(as), Amen.

    • Amen, brother, and thank you.

      The 24 tribes… maybe that is the answer. Too long has Israel ignored Abraham's other children and too long have Abraham's other children felt resentment due to that.

  41. The issue of Palestine is national matter, its up to the Palestinians whether they agree to live in peace along side Israel or continue to wage war. Lets also remember Palestinians are the ones that sold their land to the Israelis in 1948.

    They should return that money first and stop screaming and playing the Islam card because all the Arabs are selfish and they use the Islamic card only when it suits them.

    Somaliland people are not foolish like the people of Somalia who worship Arabs, we have Islam and we do not need Arabs approving of our Islamic values. You are minority in Islamic community today.

    I prefer to listen to Indonesia or Malaysia than Arabs – those are real Muslim brothers living in peace with their Asian neighbors.

    Somaliland needs to live in peace with their African brothers and also do business with the world.

    Arabs are sick people, look at Egypt, they talking about Islam and unity yet they close their borders to the Palestinians, how hepocriate?

  42. Inshallah, the governments of Canada and Israel, recognising the independence of the Republic of Somaliland, Somaliland will return to the world stage as an independent nation state for the first time in nearly 50 years.

    This does not constitute an infringement of the frontiers of Somalia as the Republic of Somaliland will be acting in the same manner as Syria and Senegal did, when they ended their acts of union with Egypt as the United Arab Republic in 1961 and the Senegambia Confederation in 1989 respectively. Somalia being as it is an union of two states much in the same vein as that of the United Arab Republic and Senegambia did in the past and as Tanzania continues to do.

    Somaliland as we are all aware, received independence as the State of Somaliland from the Bristish on the 26th of June in 1960, was recognised as an independent entity by 35 nations (including Israel) and voluntarily engaged in an act of union with the Trust Territory of Somalia, itself newly independent from Italy, from the 1st of July 1960. It has acted as a de facto independent entity, largely consisting of the internationally agreed borders of both the British Protectorate of Somaliland and the independent State of Somaliland, since 1991 as the Republic of Somaliland and in this time has brought an island of homegrown peace to the Horn of Africa with little in the way of foreign assistance.

    In earning the title of 'Africa's best kept secret' through its local solutions for local people, Somaliland can list the following achievements of rebuilding its own country from political repression, neglect, civil war and ruin; created a national constitution and government; had 7 elections rated as being some of the freest and fairest in Africa; created its own currency and passports; and being the only consistently stable part of Somalia since the collapse of the Somali dictatorship in 1991.

    Inshallah Somaliland will return to the world stage and its unique approach to conflict reolution and transformation will be hailed as one of the most appropriate methods of attaining a lasting peace to protracted social conflicts.

    Inshallah, Somali's worldwide will hail this transition into a stable political entity and urge the world community to push for a similar peace process in Somalia that involves the political emancipation of the people of Somalia rather than utilising armed factions as a sole method of bringing a cessation of the conflict.

  43. Somaliland does not need Isreal. We should never ally ourselves with such an evil and repressive country. Somaliland may be unrecognised but at least we do not suffer the daily humiliation that Palestinians do, and we're able to live in our own country! We should stand alongside the Palestinians, not the Israelis.

    • If Somalilanders attacked a more powerful nation like Israel on a daily basis, Somalilanders would be humiliated too. Remember that it looked different between 1948 and 1976 when the Arabs thought that they could succeed in driving the Jews into the sea. Now they are humiliated, now, after almost a hundred years of trying to kill the Jews.

      Stand alongside the "Palestinians" and see Somaliland become part of a pan-Arab empire, because that is what the PLO stands for. The terrorists started as Syrian-Arab nationalists and then joined Nasser's and the Baath party's pan-Arab cause.

      If you want to be part of an Arab empire, support those who stand for the Arab empire. But if you want to be an independent country, support those who stand for independence from Arab rule and who know how to survive the onslaught.

  44. Arab states such the UAE aided Siad Barre by giving him money and weapons even though they knew he was killing Somalilanders. They tried to choke us by banning our livestock. We are looked as Arabs politically. Our leaders will be foolish if they don't explore every possible chance of us getting recognized, be it Israel or any other independent state. If Ethiopia is at the crux of Egyptian/Sudanese ire regarding the nile, what is with Ethipia's dormant view of the Somaliland recognition. In my view they should be the the first to reconize Somaliland in order to counter the rhetoric of the Arabs.

  45. ninka ayanle ladaho wanku salamaay saxib good point we need enlightened diplomats and SL govt should not entirely rely upon qurbajoog an waxba fahmeyne u digg> this issue is one that call for diplomatic tacticians. in anycase my opinion is that somaliland should not have officail diplomatic ties/recognition with ISR unless they want and are willing to have ties through american cover which happens in many countries. In anycase if Isr wants good friendships with any muslim country that should begin from the palestian peace process as stipulated in the offer that has now been on the table for a while. that way they can access far more resources in thsi countries directly thru mutilateral links. We have learnt from experience during the cold war that smaller countries like somalia which get used as pawns & are forced to take sides in a war they are not party to is always a lossing proposition. No real developement comes out of these moves.

    • That "offer" that has been "on the table for a while" has been on the table since 1947. The Arabs have already rejected it. What can Israel do?

  46. Kayse,

    You see the future I see.

    Also note that Israel is the only place in the world where students can get a western education in Arabic. I understand people in Somaliland speak Arabic, a Semitic language, as well as Somali, a Cushitic language. Some of Israel's highest-level military experts are also Arabs (and Arabic-speaking Jews) so there won't be any language barriers.

    The prophet of Islam has indeed lived among Jews and treated them well. Arab anti-Semitism is not caused by Islam but by Arab nationalism. And Muslim fundamentalist is based on traditions that are a few decades old. Just one hundred years ago Islam was still considered too liberal by European Christians. The "fundamentalists" simply made up an inherently violent Islam and Europeans and Americans believe that it is real.

    But it has nothing to do with us.

    As you perhaps know Judaism doesn't try to convert people (in fact we try to keep people from joining the Jewish religion) and Islam, as you will know, respects Judaism as a true religion. There is nothing in our religions that make cooperation impossible.

    And the Arabs can join us eventually, if they can live with being just one nation among many.

    • Andrew Brehm;

      Thanks for joining us, we Somalilanders always respect our guest and make them feel home. It is in our culture and our upbringing to behave that way. Having said that, despite Israel is small country; it has lot of clout, especially in the western world and USA in particular. We know what we can benefit from Israeli recognition for Somaliland as well the setback that goes along with that. My question is, can you explain to us, what Israel can benefit from having a relationship with our tiny country of Somaliland? Don’t tell us, that you will be able to cow more the Arabs, we know that and we won’t accept that. Waiting your enlightening reply.

  47. Maandhaw calaacalka iga daa carabi waa…………. Sorry ( I fully support equality- man and women). Of course Arabs brought civilization to Africa BUT they have destroyed our Believes, Culture and Traditions which were our own IDENTITY.
    Today Somalilanders are lost in the middle of no were. Some say we are Arabs others say we are Africans. Anyway the Arabs were our first Masters and they will never give up to rule you again. (that is the Arab dream).
    It is upto Somalilanders to free them selves from any out side Master.
    Books were brought to you ( Quran, Bible, Capitalisum, Communisium, Socialisum etc. and to day Democracy.
    Why should we always import some strange Believes and Ideas which are not based on our Culture and our way of life?
    Egypt which is a great Arab leader manages a good relationship with Israel. Many other Arab countries deal with Israel. Why not Somaliland?
    Arabs were not fair to Somaliland for the last 20 years. Instead of helping that suffering tiny nation, they were campaining to destroy the only and last pride you have fought for in this world – The Somaliland Flag.
    Somaliland must be progressive and open for business. -What counts in politices is Interest.

  48. When it comes to choosing isreal,ethiopia or our Arab Moslem brother it's clear that we are united by the doom but I read somaliland comments about the Arab and I find it shamefully for a Somalilander to say they choose isreal over Arab that is really sad just get independent. Well if 22 Muslim doesn't recognise you change religion as well then', ignored people u are

    • We want recognition. It has nothing to do with religion you making it like somaliland are selling their soul to the devil The Arab leauges point is mute Somalia will rise with or without them And if I'm honest I would agree with most here Israel are far better allies then Saudi and a few other Arab countries

  49. I am a somalilander and do not consider myself Arab. I believe a recognition from Israel would benefit Somaliland immensely. This would lead to relations with North America and Europe. Why cant we see this??? Forget the Arab league, they are useless. What would we (Somalilanders) get from them? Maybe, being treated like second class citizens within our own country?!?!? WE DON'T NEED ARABS TO GOVERN OUR OWN COUNTRY!!!! Look what's happening in some of the Arab league countries; Egypt, Bahrain, Syria. Why are we seeking recognition from a Union with politically unstable countries?