Somalia (Somalilandpress) Former Major General Mohamed Nuur Galaal who was one of the top commanders in the Somali National Army during the Mohamed Siyad Barre regime told the press today that Former Prime Minister Mohamed Ali Samatar gave the orders to target civilians in Northern Somali and therefore he should be held accountable for his actions.

Major General Galaal informed the press that what Mohamed Ali Samatar is being accused in the Supreme Court of United States is not a false allegation but rather a fact. General Galaal told the press that he was present when Mohamed Ali Samantar told the heads of the arm forces to target civilians in Northern Somali during the civil war of the 80s.

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Major General Galaal said “it was un-Islamic and inhumane to bomb civilians in the city of Hargeisa” and that it was an operation that Mr. Samatar played a major role.

Mohamed Ali Samatar or as he is currently known as Samatar Ali is now living in Virginia area where he is being sued in civil court. However before the case can move to civil court the Supreme Court of the United States has to decide if a head of “sovereign “can be sued. However the question that needs to be answer is if the sovereign immunity would apply to Mr. Mohamed Ali Samantar.



  1. Galal you are real soldier and the people of Somaliland respect a man with integrity and dignity who comes out clean and tells it all.

    We respect you and the many who refused orders from Ali Samatar and Siad Bare, thats the real Somali army. The army was to protect what then was Somalia from foreign enemies however it bombed its own civilian from its own airports and land. This is the Somalia most of us young Somalilanders know and this is why we refuse to be part of it.

    Hopefully the Supreme Court clears the way for the criminal (Ali Samatar) to face justice.

  2. no doubt there many honest and credible former somali generals who are willing to expose the evil and brutal actions of many other somali generals including mohamed ali samatar.

  3. Truely im a Somalilander who also alot family members in the bombading of Northern Somalia.. Im not against the campaing of trying to hold acaountable for what ALI Samatar did but what i dont understand when we have Dahir Riyale on our back yard.. The fact is we need to start from our own houses and begin with Dahir Riyale then start going for the brutal murders in uproad..

    • I agree with you Jamalk. In Somaliland there are a lot ex officers that have committed genocide during that time and are still living in Somaliland. They should be accountable for their actions including Dahir Riyale. They too should be proud justice.


    • Although I agree with you that there is some criminals among us, but I must say that such move right now will jeopardize the security in Somaliland. Time is a great factor we need to study every move and act upon it, and I believe that what we were doing for the past two decades.

  4. General Galaal was much worse than Samatar. Its also true that Samatar couldn't even hurt a fly let alone other clans. because of him coming from a powerless and minority clan. Samatar was a fly without wings! Don't beleive Galaal, he's the real criminal.

  5. Whether you like it or not Mr. Jamal, Rayale is a true Somalilander too and, I might add, a democratically elected president. Everyone can decipher your code words but, REMEMBER, Somaliland is for all Somalilanders — not for a particular group.

    • There is nothing to decipher here Odah. It is obvious that you are so blinded by your tribal relation to Riyaale that you are willing to defend his obvious shortcomings. Please don't throw rocks at a tank from your glass house.


  6. One by one they will be hold accountable for their crimes and in the future Somaliland will develop its own Task force to manage these sort of crimes in the Horn of Africa working with other nations.

    You will see it and we have million plans – nothing will stop this nation.

    Hate it or love it.

  7. well done general galaal you spokane the truth long live and i hope ali samatar will rotten in hell forever.i wonder how he sleeps at night when he knew what he did.they claim he is from minority clan that is BS and give me break murderers
    I hope others will follow general Galaal spokane the truth

  8. Somali

    Samantar was member of the Politbureau, first vice president, and the Minister of defence. The ministry of defence was responsible the death and destruction that all Somalis from south to North have experienced and, as a result, should pay the price.

  9. Under the rule of law, every officer should follow the order. Mr. Samantar was one of the Somali's top milatary. He followed the order from the president. Therefore, it is unjust to held accountable for him about what so many other Somalis have done knownly or unknonly. I think we should not waste our time for such bogus claims. All Somalis are victims of previous regime. Remember, charity begins at home. We need to move forward and forgiv each other.
    Thanks All.

  10. When you hit the justice road you’ll reach the justice base. If you follow the unjust road you will reach the base of injustices. What I can see now is like you’ve got allot of hatred and its time for you to take a deep breath and look your sides to recognize whom you really want to sue for the clashes of Hargesa during the 80’s. Samatar is a man of dignity and a roll model for us the Somali youth and he’s innocence until proved guilty.
    Abdirizak, University of JABI.

  11. M.N. Gallal is the kind of Somali General that deserves a thumbs up. Infact, not long ago he critisized the US for seeking the military advice of Ali Samatar on combating 'terrorism' in East Africa. Hopefully the big criminals of Somalia including Samatar, Morgan, Nur Gabyou, Abdullahi Yusuf etc will be brought to trial and face reality.

    • Having experienced Ali Samater brutality and his merciless bombardment in Northern Somaliland, i hope Ali Samater and his criminal allies are brought to justice . Long live Somaliland.

  12. I am for fair and honest justice but you pick and chose who to sue and who not to then it becomes matter of choice and you can't both ways Somaliland. You want sue General Mohamed Ali Samatar but not others like Riyale who of all people was head of the feared NSS in Northern Somali and is the one to actually to be brought before courts not this decorated General. Also why are Isaaq special when every other clan got the same treatment if not worst from the fair giver Siyad Bare? I think its time for Isaaq to settle their horses and quite this childish act. If you going to after people make it fair and go after everyone but not chose the easy win, if your really the victim go after the big one like Morgan and see what happens. So if you can answer this question I ill honestly will even recognize your independent from Somali and become subject of the Queen who couldn't protect you before from the Mad Mullah.