The Arab League secretary general has held a meeting with various
officials to discuss the situation in Somalia.

The Arab League Secretary General, Amir Musa has held separate
meetings with various African officials among them Kenya’s Vice
President, Kalonzo Musyoka and Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs Minister,
Seyoum Mesfin to discuss ways of supporting the Transitional Federal
Government of Somalia [TFG].

The League issued a statement in which it was said that the meeting
was to specifically discuss the situation in Somalia and ways of
supporting the TFG.

Amir Musa said the current Somali government is a legal and should be
accorded all the necessary support now which is a good opportunity.

The Secretary General said support given to the TFG will in turn give
the government a sense of accountability and it will take its
responsibility seriously.

Amir Musa also said his meetings were to also discuss support for the
African Union Mission in Somalia [AMISOM] troops who are in the
country and particularly in Mogadishu so that they can restore peace
and security.

Amir Musa said African Union troops have the support of the wider
international community to continue with their operations in Somalia.

Relations between Arab League and Somalia have been improving in the
recent past despite the deteriorating situation in the country.
Eritrea has meanwhile, rejected the current TFG and said the support
it is getting from the Ethiopian government is not at all beneficial
to the Somali people and that it will not support the TFG nor
recognise it.

By Abdinasir Mohamed


  1. Arab League or whatever it's called they are useless, Somalia is a member of the so called Arab League yet they didnt even deliver one water bottle to the needy Somalis in 18 years – just disgrace, I do advice Somalia to withdraw it self from such organisation and just stay focused with fellow African brothers stop serving Egypt and make peace with Ethiopia. The issue of Somali-galbeed (kililka shanad/zone5) can be resolved peacefully through diplomacy, development and by improving human rights.

    Somalia stop serving Egypt. Arab League is useless, its bunch of fat arabs in white dresses.

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  3. I agree with you Yonis and Somalia is not Arab, so forget the Arab league and stick with your African brothers. We somalis and Ethiopans as well as the rest of east Africans we need to sit together and talk at a round table. We can come up with new ideas to solve the current problems.
    Lets start east African organisation or some kind of united party lets solve the Somali problem first and we can take it from there.

  4. Arab league serves only Egypt.The stupid Egyptians disturb east Africa to their own advantage.For that Egypt leaves in peace the east part must weep for ever….an old Pharaoh time principle….