Berbera, 19 Jul 2009 — Somaliland authorities arrested an MP from Somalia’s transitional federal parliament on orders from Somaliland police Commissioner, Mr Mohamed Saqadi Dubad on Saturday.

Mr Abdalla Ali Ahmed, who hails from Somaliland, was also the former mayor of Somaliland’s port city of Berbera and returned after five years in Somalia. MP Abdalla flew from the Kenyan capital Nairobi on Friday after officially resigning from the weak government of Sheikh Sharif Ahmed.
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Upon arrival he met with local reporters and held a brief press conference at the airport describing the situation in Somalia.

“I arrived in Berbera airport today, I came back for good, I’m done over there (Somalia), I want to hold a separate press conference later in the day here in Berbera or Hargeisa, but the truth is I have just arrived from Nairobi,” he said.

He added: “I want to tell you little about the situation in Somalia, it seems the extremist rebels – Hizbul-Islam and Alshabab group have the upper hand and the government faces onslaught. It will collapse; the honest truth is the government is on life support.”

The threat, Abdalla said, goes beyond these groups to individual extremists and that Somaliland could become a target like in the past [October suicide bombings] and that the government in Somalia is non-existence; it is just a β€œname”.

The authorities in Berbera did not explain why he was arrested but there is long history of suspicious and political tensions between Somaliland authority and Somali lawmakers from Somalia.

Somaliland became the first independent Somali state in June 1960 and unified with occupied Somalia but that union failed. Somaliland restored its constitution and independence in 1991 after a bloody war with Somalia’s military Junta; however, Somalia has not recovered from the war and has not had an effective central government since the early 1990’s.

Rebels have been making gains since Ethiopian troops, who intervened in 2006, left the country early this year. Many efforts were made by the international community to establish an authority for the failed state but all were unsuccessful.

Source: Somalilandpress


  1. I support for his arrest, because of he was alleged a betrayal, unfaithfulness and disloyality to his country. I also urge the government to deport him to mogadishu, where he was nominated as a member of parlimanent to the what we call newly government in Mogadishu.

    Long live Somaliland for ever,

    Hargeisa, Somaliland


  2. Somaliland Hotel Maha .. once they want to leave they leave and once they want to come back they simply do..We do not want problems in the current time.

    We must take caution and beware of Somalia
    ______________Viva Somaliland_______________

  3. i would ask for his arrest even if he was my own brother he needs to be deported or put on trial

  4. Good Job Somaliland. they think they can harm then come back when they want.

    Indeed, Somaliland hotel maaha.

  5. People like Abdalla Ali, Mohamed Abdillahi Oomar, Osman Jama, Jama Yare, etc are either mercenaries, you know, "traitors for hire", or they are stuck in the mentality and myth of "Greater Somalia", so they head to Somalia seeking dollars and expecting to made minister, mp's etc, except what they fail to understand, is that there isn't and there won't for a long time something resembling law and order and a political structure is Somalia. The myth of "Greater Somalia" and the union between Somaliland and Somalia has ended. It is time to accept the realities on the ground, Somaliland has reverted to its borders of June 26, 1960, it is time for Somalia to get its house in order.

    There are Somalis in Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia and all over the globe. There are cultural, social, economic links between all Somalis, and that will always be the case between Somaliland and Somalia, but a political union, never again. It is a sincere belief that the people of Somaliland have held for the last eighteen years and will continue to do so.

    Irrespective of what these mercenaries from Somaliland have been told or paid, the one unavoidable truth is, that Somaliland is here to stay.

  6. He should be arrested because he already resigned his post. Therefore government of Somaliland can easily get more information from unstable south since Islamist is planning overrun Puntaland and Somaliland, government shouldn’t under estimate what is going on south.


  7. why he is arrested now to be released tomorrow? He is not indifferent the others.Do somaliland citizens know that going to Mogadishu and coming back is a big business and money making fortune.
    We don`t want Tom and Jerry cartons.

  8. The question is, why is he the only one that we heard arrested by Somaliland authorities? Where are others like him who joined Shariff Government and came back again?We would like to know whether they made a deal with the government and if so, what kind of deal?Or is this just selective justice where one is arrested and others were let go as government wishes.
    I hope the later is not true.

    May the truth always win.
    Long live Somaliland and it's people everywhere, Amin!!