HARGEISA,  (Somalilandpress) — Somaliland people are Sunni Muslims with Arabic roots. The origin of major Somaliland tribes like Samaroon and Darood are from Yemen, while Isaaq tribe is from Iraq and has connected to Al-Ahlu Bait (the family tree of Prophet Mohamed PUBH). The history writes that Isaaq Bin Ahmed, grandfather of Isaaq tribe in Somaliland, Ethiopia and Djibouti migrated with his family from Mosul and Al-Anbar cities of Iraq to Yemen after the collapse of Abbasid Empire.

The name Abbasid is referred to the uncle of Prophet Mohamed (PUBH), and was used for the empire after collapse of Umayyad Caliphate in Damascus, Syria. Abbasid ruled from 750 – 1258 of Gregorian calendar. Abbasid transferred their capital from Damascus to Baghdad on year of 762. The Islamic civilization witnessed development in all sides including science and trade. The Abbasid era is known as ‘Golden Era’ in Islamic history. The Abbasid Empire varnished after Mongol invaded Baghdad, Iraq destroying the Islamic civilization.

After collapse of Abbasid Empire and Mohamed Al-Abbasid (Ruler of the empire) was killed by Mongol invading forces, the killing of the close associates of the empire started mainly the Al-Ahlu Bait, which forced majority of them to migrate to outside Iraq. The family of Isaaq Bin Ahmed was one of these families who migrated to saver places. The family started their journey from Mosul City, Al-Samara City, Medina and finally landed Hadramout City of Yemen.

The father of Isaaq Bin Ahmed passed away in Yemen, and his brother Abdulrahman Bin Ahmed travelled back to Saudi Arabia and to Iraq. Isaaq Bin Ahmed continued his mission of teaching religion to the people in the region and traveled to Harare City of Ethiopia where he thought religion many years. Isaaq landed undisclosed location in eastern Somaliland, and later married from the people in Harare City. This is overview of the roots of the people of Somaliland. Today, the tribe of Abdurrahman Bin Ahmed is living in Mosul City and is thousands.

Somaliland established functioning administration from 1991 without outside support, and contacted the Arab brothers to support their call for sovereignty, however, no one response their voices of freedom. Arabs know that Somalia collapsed, and it’s impossible to force Somaliland again into another out-of-wedlock marriage with southern Somalia.

In other hand, Somalia failed to sort out their problems and violence continues taking lives of thousands and forcing others out of their houses in southern Somalia. This indicates that peace-loving people of Somaliland are serious of separating from rest of Somalia. Somaliland built strong and sustainable modern nation. They hosted free and fair elections, and country had three presidents in less than 20 years.

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Recently, the local Somali media published reports about Israeli interest in Somaliland, and the willingness of the Jewish state to recognize Somaliland and establish diplomatic relations with Somaliland. The fact is that Somaliland is eligible to gain UN membership because it met all the requirements of becoming independent state. However, Arab countries particularly Egypt and Sudan are suppressing Somaliland cause of independence. Both Egypt and Sudan vowed to walk out African Union meeting, if the meeting discusses Somaliland recognition. Majority of the Arab states realizes the stability and progress in Somaliland and that independence of Somaliland is public decision but continue neglecting.

Arabs, particularly Egypt and Sudan, has interest of keeping Somalia together because Somalia will always remain threat to the region, and violating the internationally recognized borders with Ethiopia and Kenya. This engages Ethiopia into war with Somalia, and it does not utilize its share of Nile Water.

The reports ensured that Israel is willing to recognize Somaliland and establish office in Somaliland that can serve its interest at Gulf of Aden water. This will bring Israel influence in the region of horn of Africa.

Arab countries, Egypt and Gulf Countries, should change their policy towards Somalia and recognize Somaliland; otherwise Israel is will do it. Today the Arab and Muslim world alienated Somaliland and failed to establish trade and diplomatic links. Somaliland students cannot attend the regional universities because their certificates are not recognized by the Arab and Muslim world. Somaliland people should use the fake and old Somali Passport, because Somaliland passports are not welcomed by the Arab and Muslim world.

Arab League and Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) should know that Somaliland will look for friends, because no country can stand alone. And if Arabs and Muslims continue neglecting Somaliland then Israel will fit in. Currently, Ethiopia is the Israel’s main ally in the region.

Arab countries should accept the changes in the region and that Somali unity theory of 1960 failed, and will never be again a united Somalia. Somaliland contributed 50% of the failed 1960 unity of Somali speaking people in the region, but today, after Somaliland realized that uniting with Somalia will not benefit them, they decided to go alone.

Arab countries, particularly Egypt and Gulf Countries, should face the new realities in former Somalia, and that Somaliland will prevail whether Arabs accept or not. Frankly, If Arabs reject Somaliland Israel and USA and European Union will accept it.

By: Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi
Email: az.almutairi@yahoo.com

Somalilandpress, 15 February 2010

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  1. War qabyaalada mar heerkan beey gaari kartaa. War Isaaq maa saan baa u dambeeysay inuu dharkaba dhigo. Somalialnd somalialyn war qabyaalada maad iska deeysid ina adeer shaqeeyn meeyso.

  2. There you go my fellow Somalis who are running away from their motherland Somalia and want to come up with cheap propoganda in order to gain the ever elusive recognition. What is so ironic on your article is that you are manufacturing a claim that the Isaaqs are from the Land of the Two Rivers. While it was reported that Sheikh Isixaaq Binu Hashim was migrated from Arabia and wactually the nephew of Sheikh Abdirahman Shiekh Ismail, what is not true is that the current Isaaq tribe are descendants of him. The Isaaqs are brothers of Garre, Ajuuraan, and several smaller Southern Somali clans. Habar Magaadle was resent in this part of the world (Horn of Africa) when Sheikh Isixaaq Binu Hashim arrived in this land to spread Islam. There are even reports that Darods were present in this land when Sheikh Abdurahman Shiekh Ismail arrived in this land to spread Islam also. All Somali clans were present in the Horn of Africa when those pious religious men arrived from Arabia to spread Islam. This is how Islam reached many parts of the globe.

    • You don't know nothing of Islam, if you did then you would have thought twice before appealing someone's genealogy which the prophet (pbuh) said was a way towards 'Kufr' blasphemy.

  3. Oh just a little thing, If he was from Mosul isnt that mean he is Kurdish and not Arab? If he was Kurdish it's great news for me hehehehe even though its irelevant to modern politics as personal thing I prefer Kurdistan.

    • Sheekh Isxaaq is the descendant of the 12 imaams – those who are saints according to the largest Shiite sect- he is Ahlu alBayet the most respectable and honorable – because every muslim prays for them at least once in every Salah- Arab lineage, non the less his descendants are proud Somalis.

      I have nothing against Kurds they are a great nation – that is marginalized by Arabs,Turks and Persians today- if they only contributed Salahudin that would be reason enough for them to be proud, but still Isxaaqis are Somalis of Arab origins.

      • Mate,we are Sunnis and that 12 imam Belief is a Shiite thing not what we have been taught by Prophet Muhammed (saws).

        The Ahlul Bayt is not juts 12 imams,his Family is more than that!! Its just a false belief to focus on 12 of Ahlul Bayt.

        The isxaaqs come from Ali ibn Talib however, but still this does not mean they get a ticket to heaven,because even the Prophets uncle died as kafir.

        I agree wew should be proud of our lineage but lets not think it automatically gets you to heaven.

  4. With respect to the separation that some Somalis in Northern Somalia seek, they should first understand that it is against the teachings of the Islamic faith to break up Muslim lands and this is the position of many Islamic countries. Secondly, not every Somali who lives in Somalia agrees with you. Many Arab and Muslim countries know that the breakup of Somalia will only benefit Somalia's arch enemies and will spare no effort to prevent it. They need to understand that there are international treaties in place that you are all overstepping including the AU, Arab League, United Nations, and Islamic Conference organizations. All of these organizations have to accept you before the ever elusive ‘recognition’ is realized. What is important is that you strengthen your institutaions and you create an economy that is viable as the current Somaliland’s economy is based on European and American handouts.


    • Believe if Somaliland was receiving hand out from Europe and America we will be very far in development or they might used as a weapon to force us back to that union. But, alhamud lilahi, so far we have been surviving on our own resources that is why no body can compel us to unite with people like, people who turn their country into a slaughter house, pirates den and international terrorist launching pad. And for your information, we are doing fine without any assistance and every day Somaliland is improving economically and socially, we are soldiering on without any help whatsoever or from anyone

    • For your information Mr embecilesan, there are 55 nation in the world with majority muslim population, 22 of these nation are ethinic Arabs in majority or they are Arab nation. So if religion, ethnicity and language are important factors in state formation, the first of these 22 Arab nation will have united and build one single massive Arab state. Dont bring those illogical claims, it is not pre-ordained in scriptures that people should build a nation based on ethnicity or religion. Infact, the most important factor in any nation formation is if different people or different ethnic groups get along togather, there are many example which attest to this point, for example Switzerland is composed of 4 different ethic groups, and they are Germans, French, Italians and Romersh. While Belgium is made up of two ethnic groups Hollandees and French. On the other hand, the Norwegians, Danish and Swedish ethnically they are same people with shared history, they to be organized under one royalty but they have decided to mutual seperate and build their own individual polities and still they love each other. So you moryan, pirates, alshabab, hisb jini, ahlul suna wajagdoon Somalis, why dont let Somaliland go its seperate way. You put your nation in a deep dark abyss of wretchedness, misery, slaughter and backwardness, why do you want to pull down Somaliland into that abyss, we are just trying to save ourselves self destruction you unleashed on yourselves.

      • One reminder Mr Gaalo Lover,

        The leaders of Al-Shabaab Godane, Abdirhahman Afghani, and Abubakar Saylaci are all from North West (Hargeisa). They visit Hargeysa whenever they want and many of the Al-Shabaab fighters are from the North West also. So, to accuse the rest of Somalia that they are Al-Shabaab is bogus. Keep in mind Al-Shabaab kicked the Ethiopians out of Southern Somalia while you were kissing the shoes of the Ethiopians. The Somali port Berbera is under the complete occupation of Ethiopia. The Somaliland Intelligence Agency is run and managed by Ethiopia. So, for some reason secessionists are running away from Somalia but found themselves under the complete dominion of Ethiopia. Ironically, they are running towards Yuhuuud. That is how how low and self hating a Somali can go!

  5. There is no personal freedom in Somaliland since any Somali who is unionist will find himself/herself in jail if he/she voices his views of wanting to remain part of Somalia. The elections that are much talked about are non-existant and the current sitting president can lock the Parliament and House of Elders if they ever threaten his seat. The security situation is deteriorating as it is evident the constant battles that are taking place in Las Anod and Gebiley and the mass arrest against children, old males, and even pregnant women in Las Anod, Sool region. As time goes on, the realities in so-called Somaliland is coming to the open.

    • Mr. Hassan,

      Give me a break, where did you get these garbage from? Pugland? If you think there is no freedom in Somaliland, why then don't you move to Pugland or Mogadishu, I am sure you will get more freedom to rape and kill Innocent people and that is the only thing you know how.

    • , Hassan, I have to say you are a sad individual or worst a sore loser. I thrown everything around you into this discussion. You went into every direction, not to show your disagreement on Somaliland's withdrawal from the 1960s agreement it has signed to unite with Somalia, but to show how spiteful you are of this nation. My brother, for your own health sake, drop this hatric and allow yourself to move on.
      No one is arguing here that Somaliland is perfect. We are a small nation (small but very capable and determined beyond your understanding), who are trying to secure their presence in the larger global community. We did not decide to take what was ours back from the, now stateless, Somalia to jeopardise the stability and developments of Somalia. No, you guys did that without our help. We took back our independence because being united with Somalia was not and is still not in the best interest of Somaliland and Somalilanders. What is happening in Somalia now is very unfortunate. Please, concentrate on improving the situation there, before you start to stir trouble for your fellow brothers and sisters in Somaliland. You try the later, you'll be wasting your time, bacuase the will of Somalilanders is hard to try.

  6. Just as I don't consider Eritrea as a country, I don't consider Somalland as a separate country. One Soamle

    • Who gives a damn what you consider, you are nobody in an empty sea full of nobodies. Nobody cares what you consider or you do not consider, that is your damn problem, you can consider whatever stupid thing you want but still it will be irrelevant and non essential. The bottom line is, the people of Somaliland have decided to take their own destiny into their own hands and they dont and they will never give damn about your opinion.

  7. My brother Mujahid Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi well said and well done my brother, you a really and true Somalilander, actually you are more than a thousand times asset for the somaliland cause, always, your balanced and well researched article are highly informative and equally appreciated by somalilanders and non somalilanders. I do really admire and respect your carauge and honesty, always you are working hard to give the people of Somaliland a voice in the international media, kudos to you sir.

    After having said that, I would like to add some few nuggets to your distinguished and well received article. We do share alot with Arabian brothers and sisters ranging from shared history, culture, religion, as you correctly mentioned geneology, and linguistically, as you might be aware that more than 70% of somaliland language is composed of Arabic words or terminolgies. What I dont understand why should our brothers and sisters in Arab world should prefer and favourise a section of somali people and chestise the remaining. And my brother you hit the nail on the head, you have enlighten us about the reason being most Arab nations like any other nation in the world are driven by their individual nations self-interest.

    Examining things from the above angle and taking into consideration about the issues you have raised in your article, I think Somaliland should pursue dimplomatic relationship according to the interest of Somaliland. If Israel is willing and ready to recognised Somaliland, I for one, the people and the government of Somaliland are happy to accept this extended hand of friendship. Since, our brothers in Arab and muslim world are adaamant not extend a hand of friendship to us. And beside, many Arab and muslim countries have dimplomatic relation with Israel.

    And last but not least, let me take this opportunity to urge the Somaliland government to seize this opportunity offered by the government of Israel, the government of Somaliland should grab the hand of friendship extended by the great nation of Israel. Please Mr Dahir Riyale Kahin, our president and our leader, I urge you to respond immediately to this gesture of friendship. This will be your litmus test Mr. Riyale if really you are commited to Somaliland independence or may be you are damming people waiting for recuperation defunct somaliweyn. We will judge your intent and commitment from this Israeli gesture, if grab it or if you will squander it, and mind you Mr. president the election are in the horizon and you are hoping for re-election. And a recognition from one member of the UN will highly boost the morale of Somaliland electorate and will assure your re-election.

    PS: This guys who are negative about this new development regarding Israel willingness to recognised Somaliland, I will answer you with one Somaliland wise saying which is "Nin daad qasey xuumbo cuuskadey" and I will translate in english a drowning person will hold on foam created by the water thinking it will help him from drowning. To all you Somalilind haters, somalweyn cause dead is has drouned trying hold on the foam will not you anything, first try to fix your broken nation then we can be two somali nation helping each other and contributing to each other's welbeing. Refusing to acknowledge Somalilnd quest will not help you in any way or form, but, it will only prolong your nation's continuing to stuck in that morass.

    • Garyaqaan,

      Where is the link that Israel claimed that it will recognize Somaliland as a separate state? I need proof. I searched the web and belief me I could not it in any reputable web site. I have even gotten to Haaretz.com and could not find it in there. Can you please provide the link in this forum?

      • It was in haaretz hebrew language edition so go put several different copies of hebrew language copies into language translation software then you will find Yigal Palmor's interview.

  8. This is just embarrassing. It seems to me that we don't learn from the mistakes of the past. A century ago, the Europeans came to our land to divide and conquer us, promising each clan money, arms, and support to wage war against their brothers. As the Somali clans were engulfed in warfare, the Europeans slowly moved in and conquered each territory at a time, without having to even fight major wars. History repeats itself, yet we are oblivious to the facts, and are making the same mistakes our forefathers made.

    If you honestly believe that Israel cares about Somaliland, or cares about your recognition, you are delusional. Somaliland, or Waqooyi , is a vital and strategic territory for the Somali people. Selling our land to the Israelis or to Europeans is not an ideal scenario. I have failed to see how it can be beneficial for one small Somali clan to break away from the other 5 major Somali clan families, and form their own nation. There is no mythical North/South divide, nor is there any conflict that is not clan based. This is one Somali clan breaking away from the rest, and if you refuse to acknowledge that fact, you are living in a dreamworld.

    • The only thing I am 100% certain about is, Israel as a nation cares more than anything else about their strategic interest. The Israelis have realised that, by recognising Somalilandit will be of great benef for their nation and to Somaliland as well. And this is the most important point, the Israelis see Somalilnd to be very important for their strategic national interest, equally important we Somalilanders see Israelis recognition to be beneficial to us, and it is in our own interest as well, that is why, majority of Somalilanders welcome the Israelis initiative with open hands, we believe it will be of a mutual benefit for this two nations Somaliland and Israel.

    • Ok, granted the Europeans did horrible things to us, but aren’t you conveniently omitting the horrors of AFWAYNE YOU FREAKING HYPOCRITE

      Enough with your kind. Go on with your life and leave us alone!

  9. Dear freinds
    The article of Mutairi warns what will happen if somalis do not accept each other. Those who call for greater Somalia, please stop opposing Somaliland, instead oppose those in the south who in the last 20 years, caused death, destruction and agony to all somali people. Please be objective and talk about construction and be fair. STOP BEING JEALOUS AND TALK THE TRUTH.

  10. Keep dreaming Somaliland is already gone, we will give them airbases in Berbera to control Bab Al Mendab as firmly as they could, they are already at Eriteria and Djibouti and now they are coming at Somaliland. Israel was the country who condemned the Afweyne's aggressions in the UN, while arab nations were giving him mines and ammunition's even Sadam Hussein tried to give him Nerve Gas, thank to Israel who stopped the tyrannic dictator to obtain that.
    Egypt is the worst Somaliland enemy.

    • You forget to mention that Palestine was also there shoulder to shoulder with the Arabs and the regime of Siad Barre

  11. Israel has good relationship with many Arab and muslim nations so why should Somaliland be different. Somaliland was isolated for decades and now they have gone their way no one should shed crocodile tears.

    As muslims we should respect all nations including the nation of Israel. The name Israel is prophet Yaqoub's second name peace and blessings be upon him which means that we should be careful how we use his name. Hatred is not good and Somaliland's success case should not be sabotaged just because they are getting on with their affairs.

    Somaliland is a nation that has established peace and security in the Horn not to mention the best democracy that the Horn has to offer. It is sad that most of the Arab nations are busy killing each other and are dragging the horn with their messy killings. Somalians are somehow blind to this

    The relationship between Israel and Somaliland is a good thing one that should be decided by Somalilanders only. No one has gone through what Somaliland has gone through. Anyone who is missing this point does not understand about Somaliland.

    If we talk about clan issues many Somalilanders do have Hashemite lineage which means we should even welcome Israel, as the family of Banu Hashim were from Abraham(as) which means they are related from the father side. Could it be the two nations that are left from the family of Abraham(as) could be Israel and Somaliland which has both gone through decades of tough survival in regions that are supposed to be brotherly. Somaliland and Israel both have suffered in the regions they live in and are treated like aliens in their own soil.

    We live in the 21st century and nations now have international laws and treaties so it is good news to hear that Somaliland has attracted a good friend from the global community in times of need. Somaliland and Israel have similar experiences which will compliment each other, a positive force for 21st century peace for Africa and the Middle East I guess.

  12. Now your whimsical dreams guided you towards alshabab, it is important to note neither alshabab nor pussyland(or puntland) or any other entity can derail Somaliland quest for sovereignity. We know all these entities inside out, we know what they can do and what they cannot do, and Somaliland is not scared of any ragtag terrorist alqaida wannabees alshabab, neither are we scared of pirates den of pussyland. Somaliland is here to stay like it or not, we dont give a damn. What we want is developement and good life for our people, we want to build and we are on the way of building a polity administer through justice and democratic principal, furthermore we want is to sever, de-attach ourselve from the culture of slaughtering and blood letting which is the norm in the Somali speaking pennsula, in short we want civilisation and a chance to compete with other nations in the 21st century, and that is our cherished dreamed.

  13. Somaliland rules 4 life and stop being jealous
    fix ur own country and stop crying after us somalia.
    S.land is completely different to somalia there is:
    And security unlike u guys like i said before S.land is a different country.

  14. Nobody is scared about alshabab, as a matter of fact alshabab will never move beyond mogadisho. We are well informed about alshabab's capabilities, we know what they can and what they cannot do. Alshabab overrunning somalilnd is wishful thinking which will never meterilised.

  15. Looks like many 'Somaliland' secessionists are empracing the Talmud and falling in love with the ZION boys.

    May you and the Zion boys rot in hell.

  16. Dont you just love how the ignorants from Somalia excell at runing their dirty mouths about the state of Somaliland when their own country tops the list of the most failed states 21 years in the row.wow the audacity of these fa.qa.sh has no limits

    • It is so only in your derange mind, but reality on the ground speak loud and clearly. Somaliland is a functioning polity better than majority of banan republic ruled by tin pot dictators in Africa, Arabian world and even in the muslim world. Somaliland is a shining example of a truelly democratic state, it is a de-factor state, the state apparatus are fully function controling the entire realm and all angles of its territory. Somaliland has the capacity of entering and keeping its commitment to any international agreements, it has done several times before and it is capable of doing the same in the future.

      • Why don't you just ignore this Neo-Faqash… He's obviously dillusional if he thinks Somaliland doesn't exist… You should simply laugh at a clown…

      • I used the 'F' word and it got me deleted… I was trying to tell you now to let this Neo-F get to you and that you should simply either ignore or laugh at a madman… He is clearly delusional.

    • Salam Alaykum

      Dear brother,

      We Somalilanders are all Muslims (sunni), so for others to use Islam as an excuse to attack their brothers is a joke as well as haram. What I find disturbing is how Islam has recently become a tool for the achievement of politically motivated goals. The so called "Islamic" groups of the south are constantly at each others throats, so how Islamic can they possible be.

      Furthermore, both Arabs and Israels have traditionally served their own interests; which never encompassed the well being of the Somali people as a whole. How many millions has the Arab league invested in the reconstruction of Somalia? How many ambassadors have the Arabs sent to Somalia? How many Arab NGOs are there in Somalia?
      In addition, why aren't the Egyptians, Libyans, Sudanese and all the Gulf states sending peace-keepers to the South, if they care as much as they pretend to? Based on actions and deeds, I would say the UN is more deserving of our respect than the Arab states.

      Somalilanders, dear brother, are a peaceful people. We believe in development, self-betterment and peaceful dialog. We like all peoples have a right to self-determination. We do not hate the south, we merely believe living apart to be more conducive to peace. There are many smaller nations that have succeeded despite their size. For example, Djibouti, Bahrain, Fiji, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and many more African and European countries. So why then shouldn't Somaliland give it try?

      In conclusion, my advice to you dear brother and all southerns is to put your home in order first and stop wasting your time and money trying to destroy a people who only wish to be left alone. Every dollar spent on attacking Somaliland is one less dollar that could have fed someone in need.

      Wasalamu Alaykum

    • Somaliland est un état ishaak, libre, indépendant depuis 1990 et sans aucune dette diplomatique. Merde à toi, à la ligue arabe, et à tout ceux que cela géne. So long Hargueisa et shalom.

  17. First Shabab has to overcome those who accupied their country Somalia. Why would they bother Somaliland who maintain its security unlike these Somali groups in the South who had nothing to give their people accept guns and sending its people all over the world in refugee camps.

    They always says defeat when small African soldiers enjoying their own backyard that no one knows what they are doing there. They should free there sisters who maybe enjoying by these soldiers, look only Allah know what these men are doing. There is no accountability and code of conduct to for them to follow.

    Sharif's government would need these African soldiers if Shabab give them a chance to inforce law and order; atherwise, you will get what these African soldiers did to some other Africans while they hide behind A.U. You people are the lowest today's world and it's only you who is responsible. All of you Shaba, Suna Wajamaca the acting government would go down unless you stop harrassing innocent Somalis including the elders, children andwomen.

  18. You guys talk about meaningless things it does not matter if Sheikh Isahaq came from Arabia, Ethiopia or plante Mars, all humanity came from Adam and Eve (Hawa) and eventually spead out and evolved.

    This is irelevant to today's politics.

    Somaliland is firstly Muslim then secondly African then thirdly democratic, it is strategic region and significantly important, why do we always have to talk about Somalia that we left 19 years ago in limbo? And why is it Somalis dont have any thing to do but cry after Somaliland while their people slaughter each others?

    Move on people.

    Wherever Sheikh came from is irelevant to today's modern politics.

    • shame on this website for deleting my comments for the fifth time, i guise you are fare and balanced huh,

  19. This isnt limited who benefits from who, no nation on earth is entirely 'independendent' they all demand on each others, however this goes down to the basic of natural laws that always existed since the creation of Adam. That everyone has the right to: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

    And how this relates to Israel and Somaliland is very simple, Somaliland has the right to: "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

    …continue below:

    • Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Isralis got their land back by any means, and now we shall as well, Plus the cush could never stand tyrant leaders, we shall wait indeed. So tell your johns to do their best in manipulations, we like a good challenge.

  20. Thus Somaliland does not want to be part of Somalia's continues endless, meaningless tribal, religious fanatic, warlord, pirate wars.

    They rather build and restart the old values and foundations which they stand firm to and believe – Somaliland. This isnt about "race, religion or language" as many argue for us Somalilanders its all about values and beliefs. We have no common values, interest or personal beliefs with the people of Somalia.

    We also respect Israel right to exist as the children of Abraham (Ibrahim) and Isaac (Isahaaq) and the 12 tribes of the Jewish people that lived on that land since the days of Prophet Musa (Mosses).

    If the Jewish State has collected this long lost people around the world, is anyone stopping Arabs from doing the same? They have created their own 25 nation so called "Arab League" many of which share no blood relations with the Arabs of the desert.


  21. Yes I do not support Israeli's aggression in Gaza and West Bank, even its closest allies and majority of the Jewish people do not approve of it, however it is hard to live normal live when Israel is getting attacks from left, right and centre and Arabs refuse to control their militias or build strong institutions that denounce violence.

    This is the bases of Somaliland and Israel and the two nations share and soon or later they will forge ties, the common values, history, ideologies are there and Jewish and Muslims can co-exist, always did, always will. Somalia we hope you discover the real Islam, blowing each others and being anti-semitic is not Islam.

    Anyways it's good debate, remember to speak as Africans not as Arabs. Arabs did not help you when your people were dying of hunger, did one Arab nation offer to send peace keepers to Somalia? How come Arabs continue to throw your people in the Gulf of Aden, hundreds drown every week???

    • What about the fact that Allah said that the Jews killed all the prophets and are the cursed people. Can we still co exist with these jews. Or r u gonna side step those Ayahs in favour of "modern politics" LOL.

    • I'm still wiv da jewish side because not all
      jews r bad u no, and sure if they want 2 recognize us
      they r welcome right and 1 question 2 u my friend r u somaliland or somalia ??

    • MAJORITY of israelis are supportive of bombing Gaza and palestinians mate.

      We should not sell our Values and Beliefs for something called Recognition.We can survive for now like Taiwan and later get it .Supporting israel means we support the killing and ethnic cleansing of a whole nation of unarmed peoples.

      Siad barres government tried to ethnically clean the Isxaq completely in the Somaliland, how can I help someone else do the same to another nation. Its haraam.

      Besides its false that the jews OWN the land just because their holy book says so,the Arabs lived in peace with jews before this cursed state of isreal came to exist and countless number of lives have been lost.

      As for the Arabs,they are weak and can't even save their people let alone Somaliland,but hopefully in the future things will change for the better.

  22. I love Somalilandpress. They come up with the best stories. Not only do these stories inform and captivates us, but they also bring in all those people with extreme and, most of them, interesting thoughts. I just found out for the first time that Sheik Isaaq Bin Ahmed is from the tribe of our prophet S>A>W. And we still have relations in Iraq. Masha Alah. However, I still don't like the Arabs. All these revelations will not matter to them, because we are not light skinned Arabs, but instead we are the ofspring of two races. Somaliland should not let the lack of support from Arabs and even Somalis i the South hinder their determination and effort in maintaining peace and security in the country and getting Somaliland on the world map as sovereign state.

  23. Somaliland politics is in dangerous territory at the moment and the decision made by Somalialnd politicians today is vital and will affect the future of not only the present generation but also the forth coming future gerenations.

  24. If this is what it takes to get the attention of the Arab League, let it be. You cannot ignore Somaliland forever. We cannot be held hostage to Egypt and Sudan's national interest; Somaliland has it is own interest. What is the Arab League for any way? lets remember Libya left the Arab League for a reason. I would rather have the support of the EU and USA.

  25. And by the way we the noble Duriyada Sheikh Isaxaaq are not related to the zulu bantu peaople of Somalia with weird names like Darod Koomba Kablalax lol

  26. Somalilanders stop crying after Arab and Muslim world. We don't have the right to force any body to recognized us as long as we respect eachother and keep our country peace. Somaliland is home to many Somalis from Samaron in the west, Isaq in the centre and Darod in the East. Somaliland isn't limitted to these three groups there are other Somalilanders including Madhiban and many more.

    Somaliland wouldn't survive if one group of these three reject it. It's the Arab and Muslim community that still helping us to servive. Don't forget we send our livestocks to Saudi Arabia and anyone who says Arab and Islamic world neglected us is mistaking. Just because they don't want to break up Somalia, doesn't mean they dislike us.

    I disagreed the author that Somalis in Somalilands are Arabs not historicly point but how people look will tell you more about any people. I see many blacks from Somalia and Somaliland who says they are Arabs but they are black. You don't look like Arabs whey people tell them, they usually say they are Arab Mahamud Salax. Hey, you look Somali to me and they even darker than 70% of Somalis.

  27. May I just jump in this hot issue of Somaliland’s perceived origin that it belongs to Iraq and other Arab descendents while it is trying to run away from its very next kin of Somaliweyn only to support its secessionist idea of becoming a recognised and independent state. Well, this idea is certainly behind by the Ethiopian colonialists yearning for years to see poor Somalis scarambled into fifedoms inorder to keep them apart as long as each and every Somali part or so called LAND is kept under the scrutiny of its master, Ethiopia. Be aware of the Ethiopians!!!!!!!!!!.

  28. The author of this article needs a crash course on anthropology and the history of the Somali people. I have no idea who started the notion that any of Somalia's clans descended from Arabs. But according to the World of science and academia, Somali's have been present in the Horn of Africa for at least 10000 years. As shown by the analysis of our genetic materials, the Somali, Oromo, Afar, and Eritrean, among other in the Horn are closely related to each other and are classified as Afro-Asiatic. Yes Arabs came to Somalia to trade, settle, and also to spread Islam. So there was a degree of Somali-Arab assimilation going on for centuries before and after the advent of Islam.
    Other than the clan description of the author, he is right about Somaliland pursuing its own foreign policy even if that means engaging with Israel.

  29. First of this is a Somaliland website, why are all of you who hate us coming on here, then again its democracy so we will leave that one.

    I think we are all brothers in Islam and second to that we all have a Country and a region we come from, Somalia was never part of Somaliland in History, We met for the first time in the 1960's so I don't really understand the concept that we should all be in one country whilst there are man similarities, there are also many differences. Its like saying we are all muslims but we should all be under a Caliph. The reality in todays world shows that many muslim countries sharing the same language, religion and culture background, run the affairs and their own interest from the own country, therefore Somaliland is no exception.
    You cannot be part of something that doesn't exist and right now Somalia does not exist.
    As for the independence issue, well to be fran Somaliland does not need this from anyone and in my view this was already granted when the SNM took over.

  30. i a very sorry to see somalilandpress reporting about israel's recognition of somaliland. i am from somaliland but very sorry to see my fellow brothers talking about the israelis. They are the ones who kill our brothers and we do not need them. In fact they are our enemy.
    If it is the end of the world and somaliland needs the israeli recognition i would ask help to israelis ever in my life.
    somaliland exist in reality. no other people can force as to be with the murderous somalis who killed our people in 80's.
    normal somali people are our brothers. one man i want is Genaral morgan the head of 26 devision of somali army at the time. i would eat him alive.

    • Welcome to the club.. I’M ALSOOOOOOOO FROM SOMALILAND.

      Isn’t funny a lot of ppl claiming they are from Somaliland, and at the same time sail against the wind to prove their cleverness that they can see the unseen, and even though that in Somaliland we can disagree without being disagreeable, but yet that doesn’t explain the idea to emphasis who you are. And certainly that coz you just said you are form Somaliland doesn’t make you a one, and for sure it doesn’t give you a get pass through our mind, and don’t expect when you say the word (I’m from Somaliland) that suddenly everyone will follow your stupidity… I wonder what cold they do more those monsters from Somalia. get over it we already know about this approach or strategy, and I wonder what next the hatred of Somaliland can come up with?

  31. Many people confuse between been Somali with ARabic roots and Somali with Afro-Asian roots… Both are correct, because there are Somali tribes mainly in the southern parts who are Afro-Asians and they came to horn of Africa during Phirones of Egypt, that was thousands of years ago…

    However, there are other tribes with Arabic roots who came much after these Afro-Asians like Isaaq, Darood. They arrived in Somalia and married from the existing Afro-Asian tribes. Somali tribes with Arabic roots came different times… For example, Darood came to Somalia 60 years before arrival of Sheikh Isaaq Bin Ahmed Bin Hashim.. Both from Yemen and From Iraq.

    The author is right and we should accept the history.

    • I don't belive in Arab heritage bullshit, look at Habehsa, look at Tigrinyas, most of them know Arabic and they look more Arab than somalis, they also speak a semetic tongue (somali is cushitic), but they think there Tigrinyans, not Arabs. While we (somalis) were Arab, yes there were intermarrige, but were somali, we have extensive history and in lingustic, cultrele terms were closer to the anchient egypitans.

      • Mate, there are history books that talk of the origin of Shiekh Ishaaq…beiev me he was and Arab. Don't be racist we are all from Adam and Adam was from dust. Neither are Arabs better than Whites nor are Arabs better than Blacks and Vice-Versa.


  32. Excellent article. As for the comments or rather the negative trash by those who have harted for Somaliland is hardly surprising; they are the same people who support or are directly involved in one of the factions responsible for the human tragedy that is Somalia. Truly the scum of the earth.

  33. Typical F.Q , I’m not surprised about their hatred mentality and stupidity. But I’m always astonished about the level of desperation and madness they can reach. Those from Somalia can go to heal, and they should know that their hatred words will only make us stronger.

  34. I’m not surprised about their hatred mentality and stupidity. But I’m always astonished and curios about the level of desperation and madness they can reach. Those from Somalia can go to heal, and I hope that this message can reach them. Those who hate the people of Somaliland should know that their hatred words will only make us stronger.

  35. Isn’t funny a lot of ppl claiming they are from Somaliland, and at the same time sail against the wind to prove their cleverness that they can see the unseen, and even though that in Somaliland we can disagree without being disagreeable, but yet that doesn’t explain the idea to emphasis who you are. And certainly that coz you just said you are form Somaliland doesn’t make you a one, and for sure it doesn’t give you a get pass through our mind, and don’t expect when you say the word (I’m from Somaliland) that suddenly everyone will follow your stupidity… I wonder what cold they do more those monsters from Somalia. get over it we already know about this approach or strategy, and I wonder what next the hatred of Somaliland can come up with?

  36. War afduubka ha la joojiyo .
    Wuqooyi beelo badan ayaa dega iyaga ayeeyna ka go’daa talada gobolkaas .
    Waryaara – Waa la doogiye yaan la dacaroon .

    • Much has been said about the origins of Sheikh Isaaq and Sheikh Darood. It is said Sheikh Isaaq is a descendant of the Prophet (Allah bless him & grant him peace) through Husayn (Allah be pleased with him) and Sheikh Darood is a descendant of the Prophet's cousin Aqil ibn Abi Talib. Does anyone know the sources for this? What do Somali genealogists say?

  37. Well,Iam quite amazed by the amount of energy and precious time that you are all wasting on political cosmetology .
    Honestly, I find most of the works presented in this forum very cunning and well-analyzed, nonetheless, I wish we could have similar constructiveness to address the major factors hindering the progress of Soomaali. To mention just one or two, for starters education which is defined as the attainment of desired skills , knowledge and attitudes that enable one to survive in his or her environment.(imagine we do not pursue studies connected to our main source of income; our natural resources).
    While it is quite true that most of Soomaali depend on AID, it is worthy noting that most of the donor countries depend alot on Soomali (illegal fishing, dumping toxic waste, blackmailing the media, stealing even our coral reefs! etc). Furthermore, the aid provided is donor-driven and poorly implemented which may suggest to some the intuition that a conspiracy to block the attainment of education amongst Soomaali has prevalence. Millions of Dollars have been spent on Education programs which do not fit the definition of word. I am so angry at all of you for having fallen for the bait.

    Can anyone tell me of any geological, oceanological or marine related courses in the country or countries of Soomaali? How about all the shit we import? How about all the lives we export in dire circumstances across vast deserts and dark seas? And all the money our social safety-nets (Qaaran. etc) collect to send patients with mild sicknesses to neighbouring countries because we do not know how to carry out efficient quality control to protect poor Soomaali taxpayers.

    Y'all high on some next level fad. Lets talk real here.

  38. its madness….waala cebobey…we still fighting … sadness…ISAAQ, DAROOD , HAWIYE …who cares..Israel…Arabes…. honestly!! people lets think !!!

  39. thank you sir for this amazing article… i used to wonder for years were we migrated from… its clear we came from somewhere… how on earth did we just land in africa? european historians are working hard to erace my roots…. but i thank the author for this aritcle… i am going to save if for my grand children.

    somalis better know your history.