This article will analyse the recent report of possible Somaliland recognition and how Somaliland independence is often perceived in Somalia. The future of the Somali nation will also be discussed.

Israel’s possible recognition of Somaliland has recently been a popular topic of discussion among Somali news websites. The idea seems farfetched, if not wishful thinking, for in reality the possibility of Israel recognising Somaliland is only marginal.

Nevertheless, assuming these claims are correct, bilateral ties with Israel could have some serious implications on Somaliland’s quest for nationhood.

This is undoubtedly a great prospect for the recognition Somaliland has been waiting for, for decades. If it handles it correctly with due diligence, this could be the master key to unlocking many new opportunities with either the Western/Israel or Arab nations. Recognition from Israel could encourage other nations to recognise Somaliland. This partly depends on how well Somaliland articulates its case.

Ties with Israel could have some serious implications for its ties with Arab nations on which Somaliland depends for much of its trade. However, Israel could prove a strong partner with regard to being a possible export market and exploitation of Somaliland’s resources.

Israel’s recognition of Somaliland would not come without strings attached as the previous Somaliland press article touched on. One benefit to Israel is the strategic position of Somaliland opposite the Arabian Peninsula, at the door of the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait. A military base there would enhance Israel’s military capabilities and give them the upper hand if conflict were to occur in the Middle East. However, Djibouti is a more realistic alternative for the military base. It has often displayed its sheer desperation for foreign investment in trying to earn some foreign currency. It currently hosts a number of foreign military missions and is far more pliable, secure and accessible.

Another reason is Somaliland’s unexploited resources which will be accessible to Israel probably within an agreement giving them preferential if not near exploitative conditions. The truth is that Somaliland has very few friends, Israel wants to exploit a poorly governed, poorly informed and poorly defended enclave in which it realises potential to fulfil its own aims and ambitions.

Nevertheless, Somaliland should actively seek ties with Israel. Recognition will be conditional on certain agreements (as described in the article and above) designed to enhance Israel and achieve its wider strategic and political aims and ambitions (particularly in the Middle East).

If and when Israel is content with recognising Somaliland, the Somaliland government should use this to lobby the (more numerous) Arab nations for recognition. If not recognition, Somaliland could usher greater support and perhaps even investment from Arab countries. Considering the historic conflict between Arab countries and Israel, the Arab nations would a risk to their national security. This may spearhead the nations standing in the way of Somaliland recognition to reconsider their view and see the other side of the coin or support Somaliland more. Maybe it’s time to stop the sweet talk and play hardball.

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The Arab nations may feel they have greater leverage over Somaliland as exports, foreign exchange and tax earnings consist of mainly livestock exported to these Arab Nations. A renewed livestock ban would be a real possible pressuring technique employable by the Arab nations to prevent it from establishing a relationship dangerous to them. Also any recognition of Somaliland by Arab nations will be due to their own interests rather than anything else. Therefore Somaliland needs to understand the strategic interests of foreign nations it is trying to lobby for recognition and take a cost benefit analysis when redefining bilateral relationships. When they realise this and learn to master the art of politics (deception?) (formerly only a forte of the Darood) is when they will succeed to achieve their aims.

A very important aspect in the case of Somaliland should be the case of Somalia itself. Somaliland currently is a government, a people and a power in limbo, imprisoned by those fearing what good it might achieve/do. Somaliland is trapped along the sidelines, unable to partake in activities so vital to its existence. This is the last hurdle of the revolution.

Somaliland and Somalia are perpetually linked and the people, government and conscience of Somaliland owe it to the suffering children, women and elderly in Somalia to establish peace. Somaliland can do more for Somalia as a sovereign country in the political arena (than as a spectator) to balance the negative influence of Ethiopia.

It is unquestionable that foreign forces, of which most notably Ethiopia, led to the downfall of Somalia. And my instincts tell me now that the seeds bearing the anarchy and chaos prevailing now, were planted by those same foreign forces. Somalia or the rebellion didn’t need a downfall, just a change of government, they fell fool to their enemies. This once proud nation has been fragmented and divided.

Somali regions have no benefit in each other’s failure, and the only realistic conflict visible to the naked eye is potential conflict over resources in Sool & Sanaag. Somali regions should not try to control/rule each other as history has taught us that that is doomed for failure. Walk not in front of me, walk not behind me, but walk beside me as best you can, for together we can achieve so much more.

Any future government that is going to succeed will be a decentralised, coalition of parties from different parts of Somalia who co-operate to achieve their wider political and economical aims in the environment of the greater political arena. The foundation stones were laid in Somaliland, Puntland and peace was moving downwards to Galmudug and lower Somalia when those same outside forces acted to defend that which was in their interests (war & anarchy).

Somaliland should not be seen as deserting its Somali identity and conforming to western/Ethiopian the pressure but rather be a cornerstone to a new era in Somali identity. One not associated with death, destruction and anarchy but where peace, prosperity and development flourish.

Even between Somaliland and Puntland Ethiopia has created conflicts. It is a normality that politicians from both entities travel to Addis Ababa for ‘meetings’. This reminds me of the UK Channel 4 documentary entitled the ‘Israeli lobby’ depicting how UK politicians were flown to Tell Aviv for similar ‘meetings’ after which they were more favourable to Israeli interests. Such meetings often, overtly or covertly, aim to achieve the goals of one party as there is always unequal power in a relationship between two parties.

Somaliland’s de facto independence has been hard-won and should be nonnegotiable in such a volatile region. Somaliland furthermore needs to be careful in its international dealing and should foresee the pressures of being internationally recognised. On the fine road to peace all Somali entities need to co-operate and establish strategic partnerships.

Somaliland is one of the few peaceful Somali regions and should be an example for others to follow. The intense disapproval of many Somalis towards Somaliland is unfounded; Somaliland should not be regarded as an opponent but given a chance to prove herself.

Views expressed in the opinion articles are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the editorial.


  1. This is a good article although I have to disagree with the little ''Darood '' comment in the brackets. Not all Daroods are politicians and not all politicians are deceptive.

    • I have to disagree with on that my friends.If they were not all deceptive ,look were we at in somalia today.

  2. Let me add I think it's important to have dialogue and you people from Somalia have destroyed Somalia we tried to unify it and sacrifice our own recognition for your own freedom, yet the best pay back you gave us is kill thousands of our innocent people and deny us the right to stand alone again.

    You can not get along and you will never the best thing Somalis can do is let go Somaliland and hopefully Somaliland can rescue Somalia again however because of your hostility towards Somaliland right now and in the past, we have kept our guards up.

    We have done every thing right by the people of Somalia and God has seen this and will continue to protect us from the devil that hoants you.


    • so kayse the hargaisa atrocity in the 80's was done by southern somalis huh? you ignorant fool, those crames were committed by siad barre regime and those who refused were killed on the spot, and plus that war was against a dictator, after the hargaisa revolt mogadshu residents started to revolt as well against the dictator and that how siad barre fell, those crimes were done by the former dictator and his marehaan henchmen not the other Somalis in central or south

      • Siad bare was not alone in those atrocities. He was supported by the entire darood tribe, even the ogadenis from ethiopia and NFD were behind him and supported his policies of genocide against rer woqoyi. His most trusted luetenants were seleban dafle a dulbahhante, adan gabio from ogadeni clan from kenya, morgan a majerteni, gani marehan, hassan turki and in ahmed omar jees from ogadeni clan from ethiopia, the entire darood tribe were behind the dictator because of clan affliation.

  3. If Somalis in Somalia understand, you are going no where, no point holding back Somaliland and any Somalis who want to restart their lives there (including refugees) – its time to let go and hopefully one day when both of our people reach the intellectual level needed for dialogue, fairness, transparency and openness we might open the gates for union again.

    At this moment all the shame is on those Somalis in Somalia. We shine, we rescued you and it's in the history pages, we stand proud while your falling, coffins closing.

  4. Or perhaps you oppose peace being established in Somalia because you think this could be a threat to Somaliland sovereignty? As Muslims and human beings we owe it to the Somalis suffering to do the best we can to achieve peace. In the Article I said:

    “Somaliland’s de facto independence has been hard-won and should be nonnegotiable”

    In the article I was suggesting that the Darood had a disproportional amount power in the former Somali government.

    I am disgusted you managed to use my article to attack Somalis and the Darood By doing this you cause nothing but animosity between Somaliland and other factions and you in fact damage the case of Somaliland. Perhaps it is you who has this mystical, myopic ‘hidden agenda’.

  5. Somaliland is going to an all time low seeking recognition from jews…Honestly before somaliland gets its "independence" you ppl need to get your act together your govermnet and daily lives are dictated by ethiopia a large part of your population is aginst the idea of "somaliland" and yet you countiue on with this bs about recognition and even worse your government illegally hands over ogadenis to ethiopian army's the same ppl you "somalilanders" ran to during the 80's shame whalahi

    • eeey abdi during the 80's the people of hragaisa suffered greatly under siad barre they suffered just like mogadishu is suffering today, so your comment is really unsympathetic to fellow somali blood, and comment like your its not helping our course to success for the somali race

      • This kid knows nothing about Somali politics. Dude Somalilanders did not seek no shelter in Ogaden villages infact Ogadens were the main forces in the Siad Bare regime who were killing Somalilanders. Siad Bare told them he would eventually settle Ogaden nomads in Somaliland cities, they took it to the heart and many of them joined his forces as well as Oromo people.

        The people of Somali fled to Hawd, a 400-sq km of land that Somaliland preserved for it's nomads under the Anglo-Ethiopia treaty that England signed with Ethiopia.

        Ethiopia open the door for the Somaliland refugees not only that made sure aid agencies responded fast at the same time Ethiopia shared all the Somali government dirty secrets with Somaliland freedom fighters as well as arming them.

        Ethiopia and Somaliland have long history, and will always stand shoulder to shoulder.

  6. Hello mr abdi. Who told you that the Somalilanders run to ogadenis for help in the 80s? No, we did not run to the ogadenis, we run to our land and our people in the Ethiopian side of the border. The ogadenis were in fact with Siyad and trying to wipe the Somalilanders out. Even there was a guy nick named 'Isaaq tirtir' among their ranks but God Almighty made their effort futile.

  7. Why those people including this guy, Ahmed who supposedly wrote this article are denying and distorting the fact and what happened in 80s? No doubt in any Somalilanders mind that Siad Barre and his Darod tribe affiliates including those lived among us who caused the most damaged to us were trying to exterminate Isaaq to replace them with their Ogaaden cousins who were refugees in Hargeisa at that time. We fed them and welcomed them in our country and all this time they were planning with "Habaar qabe" Siad to take over our cities. Some of the stories I was told by people who lived through it gets to me. They never say that wrong. On contrary, they are still taunting us, provoking us, threating, insulting our intelligence like nothing happened. What a strange and weired way to win back people lost thousands of lives, whose livelihood have been disturbed and whose country was leveled to the ground. It is easy for you guys, to shrugs it of, like nothing happened! But it really comfirms to us what kind creatures you are. And if you think we have forgotten it, you are absolutely delusional. We are gone, get use to it.

  8. I was Ogaaden people were shoulder to shoulder with Siad Army. They set check-points around and outskirts all the major cities concentrated by Isaaq and taking their possessions.

  9. I am astonished you managed to use my article to attack Somalis and the Darood By doing this you cause nothing but animosity between Somaliland and other factions and you in fact damage the case of Somaliland. Perhaps it is you who has this mystical, myopic ‘hidden agenda’. Somalia’s population needs to be shown that Somaliland means them no harm, wishes the best and can actually assist them in achieving peace. Only once they realise this will they release Somaliland enabling it to achiever international recognition. Somalia is one of the main obstacles standing in Somaliland’s way, this is what I was trying to say in the article.

    You say: “hopefully one day when both of our people reach the intellectual level needed for dialogue, fairness, transparency and openness we might open the gates for union again. “

  10. Look what had happened in the 80s was committed those people who was holding on to power without thinking the consiquences of their actions. Let me put it this way, eventhough it was Drd government at the time, it's unfair to think all Dorads did this. It was people who had no clue how to govern other than mistreating their own Somali bothers.

    You don't have a sticker on your forhead that says you belong to this group or another;therefore, it is a time all Somali community forgive and forget what had happened and make it shure it doen't happen again. Somaliland doen't need Dorad and blaa blaa since there are proud Dorads like Dhulmahate and Wersangari who are real Somalilanders.

    Somaliland need to revise it stand before recognition. Forexaple, it shouldn't have entire security forces that made from single city to dispatch to any place that conflict arise. If you take forces are originally from Burco and take them to LasAnod that would be seen as an accupier forces. Instead you should take mix security forces that made of all cities and send them conflict zone. Or Somalialnd should trust the locals to do the job on it behalf.

    • What you talking about Ayanle? Burco and Lasanod are both within Somaliland and in Somaliland jurisdictions. There doesn't have to be any conflict at all. Those who want to be part of Hartism should cross the border to Puntland and leave Somalilanders to live in peace and build the country.

  11. Let's call a spade a spade, people. The word "Somalilander" has become synonymous with one small Somali clan. There is no mythical north/south divide, nor are there two different Somali "nations", no matter how much you folks want to delude yourselves. This is one Somali clan trying to define itself as a nation, with the other 4 Somali clans being grouped together as "Somalia".

    I've been to Hargeysa, and I've been to Mogadishu, and I can honestly tell you the only difference is the lack of warfare in Hargeysa. Crushing poverty, lack of education, business, and lack of a viable governmental structure, are both found in Hargeysa and Xamar. 18 years of civil war in Somalia does not and will not cause the balkanization of a nation of only 10 million. We've all seen how far Djibouti has gone without a Greater Somalia (no where), yet we seem to be keen to repeat their mistakes. How does an Israeli military base in Berbera benefit the Somali people? We are repeating the same mistakes our ancestors made a century ago, with each clan selling their land to foreigners in an attempt to gain an upper hand on another Somali clan. The result? Colonization and oppression for a century. Too many Somali boys died fighting for our freed from Gumeeysi, and it pains me to see we haven't learned from our mistakes.

  12. I have always known that the SomaliLanD thing is Qabill based and hatred for the Darood tribes.

    Do you expect that we Yes Darood will alow you to rule our people with this hidden agenda of revenge.

    You(Isaaq) either join one Somalia where we live peacefully as brothers or you take your own land excluding those areas that the Darood inhibit .

    • I’m not surprised about your hatred mentality and stupidity. But I’m always astonished, and curios about the level of desperation and madness that your kind can reach. Those from Somalia can go to hell with their Somali wayen(ruled by Darood). And I want you to know that I have Somalilanders darood friends who support their country Somaliland …

  13. ''join one Somalia where we live peacefully as brothers''…… hmmm where have you been hiding when your Darood brothers from Pirateland led by the devil Abdulahi Yusuf were butchering the residents of Mogadishu as a revenge for the conflict of the early 90s? If you think Somaliland is foolish enough to fall for Pirateland's ''brother'' talk, then you are mistaken. InshaAllah, never again will Somaliland be a victim of arrogant clan obsessed people.

  14. I have always said that there will be social, economic and cultural ties between Somaliland and Somalia, but there can never be political ties. That point is not negotiable. There will always be cultural, social, and economic ties between peoples in East Africa or for that matter across the globe, who claim Somali ancestory, but Somaliland will never, ever, again go into a political union with Somalia, or whatever remains of Somalia.

    As for the term Somalilander, It is does not refer to a qabiil. That is a fallacy. Besides, in this day and age, the term Somalian has become synonymous with "pirate, terrorist, a political failure", don't get me wrong, I am proud of my Somali heritage, as a Somalilander, but I have nothing to do with Somalia.

  15. If all these Southerners care about Somaliyen (greater Somalia) why don't they cry over Djaboutie? I don't see anyone saying ohh lets bring Djabouti back, however when they hear Somaliland they all get emotional for Somaliweyn.

  16. The Myth of Clan-Based Statehood ? or the illusion to create a clan-based state in the 21st !. The northern secessionist saga is still puzzling the minds of the concerned and the spectators alike. . Lost in oblivion, the Northern intellectuals continue to maintain a stony silence on healthy and constructive criticism towards juntan´s callous is a virtual taboo. Any justifiable sound criticism is erroneously feared to entail adverse effect on the quest for international recognition. Likewise. The intellectuals are also losing sight of the downhill slippery slope that Northern secessionist is fatefully and gradually being propelled to. Alas, apathy and indifference are the order of the day__The best way forward for north Somalians is to unshackle itself from the yoke of dictatorship and solidify it self from this mad arbitrary so call themselves government.

  17. Here are the facts of 2009 ( 4th Fisical Quarter )- Extending to 2010 ( First Fiscal Quarter )

    – Somaliland still stands unrecognized and violence in the upcoming election is inevitable

    – Somalia is in chaos. Sheikh Sheriff is not the right leader, and the TFG System will need to be demloished for their to be any kind of equal peace among people

    – Radicalism has arrived in Somalia for the first time. Any new govt system will not make radicalism disappear. Radicalism requires a unified fight.

    The victims= Somalis from Burco to Kismayo. From street protesters and Somaliland govt officals being killed to TFg Govt soldiers and innocent people in Xamar.

    Israel vs Arab States will continue till Allah rolls the great rug.

    So what fool will ignore these facts and still cling to seperatism? Why not drop the contridicting flag that has the shahada as a banner ( Islam doesn't promote seperatism, not at the family level not at the macro level ) And sit down and walk through these problems as civil people?

    • Again hiding behind the religion, we can see your agley teeth, and nasty smell is all over the place. Don’t bring religion to your idiocies tribal’s minded. But as I said those from Somalia will always bark over the wrong three…

  18. Whichever way you put it or phrase it, there is an impenetrable obstruction to this Somalia you so seek. The obstruction is the war and anarchy that has become Somalia's Siamese twin.
    Now the question is where the solution lies for Somaliland and Somalia, where do their futures lead them.
    First of all the Somalis claiming to be arguing the case of a unified Somalia has to renounce any prerequisites they may have, any ideas of how the solution will look. Let's start from ground zero. Only then can we see sense.
    What Somalilanders want is independence. Ask yourself, why do they want this? How were they treated by the so called previous Somali government? How fruitful for them, was the Union of 1960?
    So far, this new path they have chosen has brought them peace, prosperity and development. As any other developing country it is far from perfect, but then what country is? What alternative do they have? Joining ‘Somalia’?, what 'Somalia' may I ask you. Giving up the little, hard-won peace for a fallible concept of a nation.

  19. As it stands now, to ask or advice Somaliland to join Somalia would be nothing short of spiteful indifference. What difference would it make to anything if today Somaliland said, we are one with Somalia. Would the world stand still and in Somalia a magical peace break out? What exactly would be achieved? The government in Hargeisa (which has brought some sense of order) would be abolished and chaos and anarchy would truly be endemic.
    So Somaliland should remain independent, in charge of it's own affairs. Then what some of you will say is; untill a Somali government exists. Then let me ask, what exactly you mean by a 'Somali' government. A government that rules from Mogadishu ? Would it suffice if the current Hargeisa government relocated to Mogadishu? Strip the flesh from your argument, at the bone, what do you really want? It seems to me, the southern Somali opinion is if i’m going down your going down with me and when i climb up im satisfied with knowing you’re not above me.

  20. For those who accuse Somaliland of being clan based. If not clan based, what then is Puntland ? Also apparently Puntland is not and seeks not independence. Well I say if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…
    De facto, Somaliland is independent and in remaining so inshallah will achieve great things for it's people, with it's people. In the future Somalis south of the border achieve peace, the two nations can become sister nations that co-operate at a very high level in terms of the economy and defence (and many other things). If unity is what they truly want, if countering Ethiopia is what they really want, this should suffice. Look at the E.U, look at The UNITED states of America (U.S), these are examples. But if to rule Somaliland is what they want, NEVER AGAIN.

  21. I don't mind SomaliLand doing great things for their own isaaq people but brother leave us out of it. we stick to our brothers in the south we here meaning Sool, Sanaag, Cayn.

    • Those from Somalia can go to hell with their Somali wain (ruled by Darood). And I want you to know that I have Somalilanders darood friends who support their country Somaliland …

      • And besides, there many non darood clans who live in sool sanaag and buhoodle and they dont want to be part of somalia.

  22. It never ceases to amaze me that some folks try to compare the stability and progress in Somaliland, to the mayhem and anarchy in Somalia.

    Instead of wasting your time on Somaliland, which you neither support nor belong to, your time can be spent better trying to get your own house in order.

    Somaliland has determined its own destiny, and no amount of belly-aching in these forums in going to change that.