HARGEISA, 16 February 2010 (Somalilandpress) – Terrorism remains one of the major threats to global stability and security, it is also worth mentioning the global disagreements on its definition, furthermore, it is none the less imperative to, categorize Somalia as a failed state without laws that define terrorism and within that scope, of terrorism, clarify a situation in Eastern Sanag of Somaliland.

Allegations and counter allegation pertaining to terror networks are rampant in Somaliland and Somalia in general and, Puntland region in particular.

Mohamed Said Atam, a lone ranger, with a powerful clan militia got an international attention, when reports surfaced depicting him as Al-qaeda. Hence, before we engage ourselves in assessing “Atom”, his categorization as Al-qaeda should be treated as a campaign by Puntland clan, to paint him as such.

United Nations Somalia Arms Monitoring Group reported that, Mr. Atom, a businessman from Somaliland’s Eastern Sanag mobilized militia to fight off Puntland. That is correct for Majiyahan, a Warsengeli turf is an area rich in mineral deposits and Puntland’s intention of exploring and mining areas that aren’t in their jurisdiction, caused an armed struggle that brought death among hundreds of residents.

The same report also mentioned Mr Atom’s importation of arms. Potentially, the coastal areas on the Gulf of Aden could be a hub for any illegal transactions, but in actuality it only happens in Puntland. But on a fair note, Atom’s coastal strip of poignant lawlessness, free from Puntland’s claim as a domain and his turf war with that State, clearly makes him an arms trader and importer; but doesn’t necessarily make him a terrorist.

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The report also implicated him as a trans-shipper of arms to eastern Ethiopia and precisely to ONLF. However, his unadulterated mechanisms of delivering arms shipments to ONLF in Ethiopia is quite unrealistic, for it is possible for someone to ship arms to different parts of greater Somalia, we would question, however, the authenticity of the report, of involving ONLF; it is murky because the logistical parameters don’t support that option.

There is an opportunity cost to his emergence as a powerful leader; the Al-qaeda implications depicting him as a threat, is without a sound attestation on the part of Puntland, thus is a pure vengeance that needs to be brushed off.

Mr. Atom imports arms and is Union of Islamic Courts supporter, fighter and member with various shady affiliations of individuals of different backgrounds and political views. His means of diversifying “Atom”, in this observation makes him a very dangerous man.

Links to Piracy and Kidnapping

Mr. Atom and his affiliates lately demonstrated capabilities that transcend the intelligence circles of both Puntland and Somaliland. In this view, his dealings with Yemen and his unadulterated ability to cross over Somali made borders categorize him as a latent trouble that is about to explode.

The UN should consider him as such, only with an un-biased report on him with facts.

Therefore, we should look at the manner by which an act of terror or a terrorist is characterized accordingly.

Written By: Mohamoud H Ahmed


  1. Atom sounds a bad boy, a trouble maker and danger to Somaliland's cause. However, I don't understand why Somaliland is letting loose of this guy, unless this is just a myth.

  2. Mohammed Atam is making a living, he is a businessman. Yes, he sells arms and weaponary but he never ordered anybody to kill anybody with his products.

    Therefore idiots misuse them. If i sell daggers it doesn't make me to be a criminal, but makes me a businessman.

    Thank before u blame others.

  3. Despite, his lust for wealth and power he is also a dangerous man. Capturing him should not be taken lightly. I think that beside Ethiopia, Somaliland, he poses threat to the peace loving countries in the region as well as the International Community.

    Besides, being a terrorist the weapons he trades with kills innocent people on a daily bases in Somalia and he needs to be stopped.

  4. Keyse, what you would have said, seeing the report by the UN arms monitoring group to the security council? After finding that the report deliberately concoted false stories linking him with alqaeida. Harti boys in Bossaso hate him so much becuase of his heroism in Majiyahan and therefore, became a retribution on their part, to depict him as Alqaeda.

    As a Warsangeli, I see this report mostly fair, compared to what Bossaso liars and braggers reported. Warsangeli were always Warsangeli and never were under any ambrella, so keep the harti and darood options out of Warsaengeli domain, coz we had it that way for long.

  5. The UN should write report about those who pose real dangers to the security of the region and aid Al Qaeda. And those are non other than all the politicians of Pirateland. Its no secret that they harbour, encourage, and support the piracy that take in their territory and use the millions they rob from the shipping industry to support even more piracy and buy weapons for terror groups like Alshabab and its Las Anood wing. Mr Atom is like any other murky weapons dealer and not a terrorist.

  6. Who is more dangerous, arms dealer or al-qaedah member ?

    I think Atam being in that region and providing arms to whoever pays him is more dangerous. He can supply to Alshabab, as well as others including the pirates.

  7. Ninku waaa ma daarood ahaan baad u weeraraysiin iyo inuu idiin diiday inaad dhulkiisa timaadaan. Tan waxeey cadeeynaysaa ineey wax somaliland ah jirin bal eeg dhulka aad sheeganaysid baad ka hadalaysa mana tagi karitid

  8. Waar bax, doqon yahow. Orod sida loo hadlo soo baro oo nacnacda nala dhaaf. Waxaad ka hadlaysidba garan maayee.

  9. Orhan Dhahar maadaama aan aad u aqaan atam uuna ahaa kii dhulkiisa diiday in sun lagu aaso ayna yimaadaan kuwii soo gubay hargays aburco iyo koonfurba faqashtii kiriminalka ahayad ma uusan aha argagagixiso , burcad qaaducul driiq kufri iyo kuwa amxaarada u istijeeya

  10. Atom is a Warsangeli hero and anyone who called him such a dealer or boy would support the cheap propaganda against the people of Warsange, especially the well known National army of the Dubays tribes.

    Plus, whether you bring with your Xabashi or anyone will else they'll this guy will teach them the unforgetable lessons.

    My God protect this legend and his people.