HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — The President of Somaliland, Mr. Dahir Rayale Kahin has established a National Archive and Public Records Office in a presidential decree that was announced on Monday at the Presidential villa, Qarannews reports.

A press release issued by Presidential Palace Press Secretary, Mr. Saed Adani, stated that: “After taking section 3 of article 90 of the constitution into consideration and determining the public need for a national agency to maintain and preserve all the documents and information relating to the government of Somaliland, census data, works of art, cultural records, national register and other vital national data, the President of Somaliland has hereby, on Monday, 15th of February 2010, created by presidential decree, the Somaliland National Archives and Public Records Office.”
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Mr. Ibrahim Dirie was appointed as the first head of the new agency. The president said Mr. Dirie met the expectations and was experienced and qualified for the job.

The Press Secretary did not say what percentage of records the National Archives plans to hang on to annually.

Picture: Somalilandnation

Source: Qarannews, 16 February 2010


  1. We need a national library too for all our university students and teachers to use. I am willing to contribute some academic literature if it is established and i can find people to take them to Somaliland.

  2. I hope that this is not just another job creation for some of Riyaale's inner circle.

    Our historic archives were destroyed by the Faqash Army because they were planning to erase our existence but copies of a historical importance could still be found in the UK and the USA for the archives.

  3. A national agency/ministry for citizenship and immigration will be useful too. A national picture ID, in any form, will deter any future political strategies for "Yuu KU SHUBANE, KA SHUBO !!"

  4. We need so many thanks, but since we don't billions and this agency will be supported by international donors, one thing at a time eh!..We need to repair so many things, the national theater, a national library, a national sports centre/stadium, if only we had Bill Gates billions, think of the things we can do. But, the cup is always have full, if you remember the wasted 30 years with Somalia, and the destruction between 1988-1991, Alxamdu Lilaah.

  5. A seprate section of this National Archieving must solely be created for the records that we have about the Genocide that took place in Somaliland.

    This is important.

  6. Its important institution and we really needed one, I hope it keeps records of the nomads so we can look back 200 years from now and see where each citizen really came from (nomadic society) by 2200 I reckon Somaliland will be well into the high technology urban society.

    Nomadism is our strongest identity.

  7. That is your opinion, dude. Yeah, you are scare because of Isaaaaaaaaaaaq's intellectual superiority!! That is why you hate us. Here we come, so get use to it.