HARGEISA, 17 February 2010 (Somalilandpress) – Reports close to the Somaliland government say that Yemen is planning to open a new diplomatic office in Hargeisa. As part of the growing bilateral relationship between the two governments, San’a is now interested in setting itself in Somaliland.

Sources told Somalilandpress that the Yemeni government is sending an official delegation to Hargeisa in the coming few weeks to discuss the issue with the Somaliland authorities before the office is launched.

It is believed that the office will mainly focus issues concerning the relationship between the two countries, piracy, terrorism and trade.

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There have been increasing common interest between the two governments since the Islamist groups in Southern Somalia threatened Yemen and vowed to bridge their fighting beyond the gulf waters to join their Yemeni Jihadists in the country. Struggling an increasing Islamist movements in Yemen, the government is now looking for other partners in order to tackle the Alshabab’s expansion to its country.

There is no official statement from Somaliland government so far.



  1. Yemen was one of the first countries to supply arms to SNM but at the time I believe Yemen was two (north and South (Communist).

    Yemen is poor country like Somalia and Somaliland and has little to offer to Somaliland, I also heard Egypt wants to invite Rayale but we will see now days Somaliland media writes crazy stories hehehehe.

    The Arabs want to bribe Somaliland and also make sure Rayale wins the election, the West in particular UK is aware of this (I will not the person) and they are monitoring it.

    Egypt told Somaliland to drop the election in return for relations and also to give up the independence however they will gain much greater powers in unified Somalia including perhaps they discussed it is said, moving the capital to Hargeisa.

    The Arabs want to please Somaliland but dont want to hear about independence, Saudi Arabia also said they going to send aid worth millions if they stop the election and other things.

    This is also why they removed the so called banned on live stock.

    Lets what and see what happens in the coming weeks.

  2. I don't think so, because Yemen is in the beginning to read the uniion book while Somaliland has already finished all the chapters and contents of that book nad they are in different level of understanding.


  3. as i thinking this year i called the year of somaliland so we must wellcome open hands every country interested our country __somaliland long life__berbera is mother of somaliland

  4. All prais to Allah. I love the people of yemen Saudi but not the goverment. should you like siyad barre/ Hitler. People of somaliland have work hard for their freedom. Somaliland is open muslim sociaty that want a good future in this life and the heir after in Jannah. my allah give us
    Yemen Saudi most be desperate.
    Insha Allah somaliland wil stand strong.

  5. I don't think Yemen is here to control Al Shabab that's big joke, if Yemen is coming to Hargeisa its for two reasons, one, the Saudis ordered them and the Saudis will use them as front office to carry out it's dirty missions in this part of the region.

    2: Yemen still allies it self with Ethiopia and thinks a united Somalia would properly take the Socotra Islands from. This island was part of Somalia originally.

    Personally I think its just rumors I dont even like Yemen.

  6. the ties between somaliland and Yemen is is based on diplomatic issue which is really opportunity in somaliland to discusses their recognized for Yemen.
    while Yemen is suffering somali insurgent al shabaab

  7. ^ Beside the fact of you hating Yemen – why I might add- I agree Yemen is totally against Independence because Somaliland under Egal had mutual recognition with South Yemen republic in 93, and since the south are already protesting for secession I don't think Yemen will even consider any kind of relationship with Somaliland.

    It is also a well known fact that the people of Somaliland share a long history with the people of south Yemen especially Eden, that even predates colonial era.

  8. We don't need Yemen and this relations will not do anything if at all it is true. Yemen will not support our independence since they are opposed to South Yemen to go its way out. How could we believe that Ali Abdalla Saleh will support our destiny, while they support TFG.

    Yemens are the one who robbed our livestock dealers during the embargo and we will not forget that.

  9. i do not know what are benefits to make relationship with country like yemen , it is not stable country ,there are so many problems in yemen
    even we are better than them…

  10. Very funny, everyone or every country that come to Somaliland is the right one we think would recognize Somaliland. We need to learn how to wait and keep building our cities and roads. Why don't Somaliland ask Ethopia, South Africa and other African countries to welcome them rather than chasing down those who are unreachable. It's Ethopia who had history of supporting you from Snm to present time and it is using your seaport, then why don't it be the first? It is also your next door.

    South Africa also another one since it has interesting democracy and also african nation. What you looking for so long maybe it is not far from you. You always says Ethopia is your friend but that is not true and I don't blame it since it would be against its interest to see any Somali group to have a chance. Now either you are misleading International cummunity when they know Somaliland has a problems and you don't want people see the dark side of Somaliland.
    Some Somalis always hide things and pretending that everthing is perfect when it is not. We don't want what happened in 1960 happend again.

  11. This should be great news to all. Let us remind us that all of our courtiers have both something they want and something to offer. We should play the game and take whatever is on offer and AT THE SAME TIME MAKE SURE that we obtain a fair price/exchange for whatever other countries want from us.

  12. North Yemen has done to South Yemen exactly what South Somalia has done to North Somalia/Somaliland. They have been cheated out of their sovereignty and like Somaliland the government in the South has been completely moved to North Yemen.

    I don't believe they are interested to recognize the break way of Somaliland because if they do they have to also let South Yemen stand of its own, but perhaps they want this partnership to control together the security of Bab Almandab and to monitor the movement of the piracy and the terrorist in the area.

    Life is give and take. So, let us see what they want and what is in it for us. I think we have to be very very careful about any agreement Somaliland is getting into. We don't need to rush into anything out of desperation and frustration. We have to study the contents and conditions of any agreement, read between the lines and see if there is any loopholes, pitfalls, and hidden agendas. As the saying goes: once burned twice shy!

  13. Yemen had tried so many time to bring somalis together as one nation, but now they realize that the southern somalia is controlled by alshabab (which is part of alqaida), and there are no strong people in the somalia government (the south) to sort their mess out. Therefore, yemen came into their mind atlast by having a deplomatic ties with somaliland.

    This will good for yemen too.

  14. As a true supporter of Somaliland, I would welcome anything that brings

    Somaliland closer to recognition. But,this is just a rumour, even if Yemen trys to do so, it can not open a diplomatic office in Somaliland, why? this will make Yemen basically, recognize Somaliland as an independent state.Therefore, this will encourage and give an opportunity for South Yemen, to declare themself an independent state from Nort Yemen,and the flood gates will open and who will stop them?
    Because of these and other fear, yemen will not be the first to open an office in Somaliland capital.

  15. Like I said these are just rumors however since that video from National Defense University (US Government) it seems there's been huge interest in Somaliland.

    Also some time in the coming weeks Somaliland delegation from the government, both chambers of parliament are expected to travel to Washington on Obama gov invitations.

    What our media don't also report is that South Africa stands firm and ready to recognize Somaliland, it was just two weeks ago when a conference was held in Pretoria, where ship owners, insurance companies and South African intellectuals called for the recognition of Somaliland. South African Defense Minister, Ms Lindiwe Sisulu also join there and stood behind Somaliland. She said they plan to send a letter to the South African parliament about the case.

    The chairman of East AfricaRe, also ICEA and number of other insurance firms in Kenya, J. P. M. Ndegwa, a MA graduate from Oxford University also said Somaliland was the solution to the piracy.

  16. It is also worth noting that South Africa refused the Sheikh Sharif government of Somalia an embassy in it's country, they said South Africa would not allow such however they can have a diplomatic office or special representative but NO EMBASSY.

    This was also the case with United States, UK and most EU nations. As you know recently Sheikh Sharif appointed a man to represent them in the US, was he called Ambassador? or representative? The US refused embassy.

  17. Interesting news, indeed. Ayaanle, Somaliland has come a long way and has a long way to , commpared to the non-development during the wasted 30 years union with Somalia and the developments of the 20 years, are night and day. Besides, the fact that Yemen may open a diplomatic office in Somaliland may help in building more roads, etc. This could be beneficial to Somaliland, and the issue of de-jure recognition will take care of itself.
    It is interesting that the discussion on Somaliland’s de-jure recognition, is not a question of “if” but of “when”
    That says it all, there is no turning back.