The capture of Kismayo by Kenyan and Ogaden militants last month was received with mixed reactions. The international community led the US welcomed the defeat of Al-Shabab, which became an obstacle to Somalia peace process for so long.

But on the other hand a major concern after the fall of the city is emerging with possibility of a new cycle of regional conflict. Kenyan ministers, being so inexperienced on Somalia affairs, gave inciting interviews to the international media, in which they justified their move of siding with one clan, among the clans struggling for the control of Jubba regions.

Somali government stance

Somali newly elected president; Hassan Sheikh Mohamud also welcomed the victory of Kenyan forces in Jubba regions, since they are part of AMISOM. But Kenyan government seems to be distancing its forces from the African Union Mission, since being under the peacekeepers will jeopardize Ogaden clan agendas orchestrated by Kenyan state minister for defence Mohamed Yusuf Haji, his son, Nuradin Yusuf a senior intelligence officer assigned and other government officials from Ogaden clan.  President Hassan also opposed the so called IGAD move to form regional administration in Jubba without the permission of his government. The Ethiopian born warlord Ahmed Madobe from Ogaden clan, who led the Kenyan forces to Kismayo, accused the Somali president of meddling Jubbaland affairs, as if the area was not part of Somalia. Another Ethiopian born warmonger Mohammed Abdi Gandi, who also hails from Ogaden clan visited Mogadishu to convince his close friend President Hassan to approve the Ogaden clan project, but in vain.

Somali president denied claims that he had hidden agenda against Ogaden clan, allegations made by Ogadeni clan members in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. He said the people of Jubbaland are fed up with bitter civil war that claimed lives of thousands and made others to flee their homes. He admitted that the people of Jubbaland are peaceful people and that all the wars that took place in the past 22 years were exported from other regions within Somalia or abroad. The comment of President Hassan is clear evidence that clans from north eastern region of Somalia (self-proclaimed regional state of Puntland), Ogaden clans from Ethiopia’s Zone Five and Kenya’s North East Province were responsible of Jubba atrocities, with the aim of capturing land that does not belong to them. The president was hailed my many peace lovers people in Jubbaland on his comment.

 Kenya’s ill-advised policy on Jubbaland

 After the fall of Kismayo, while praising Kenyan forces, Prime Minister Raila Odinga, said his country had over the years invested immense diplomatic energy and financial resources in the search for a stable and secure Somalia. But his deputy Mudavadi and other ministers spoke as if Somalia was part of Kenya, without evaluating and even thinking about the risk that can befall on Kenyan citizens. Corrupt Kenyan government does not satisfy the needs of its forces, and this explains why Kenyan soldiers will not accept to leave behind their families, knowing that no one will even take care of their beloved children. Its obvious that no single Kenyan minister can explain what is going on in Somalia, specially in Kismayo, leave alone making peace.

Plans of war by Ogaden clan in Jubbaland

The Ogadeni armed refugees who started to arrive in Somalia since 1974 failed to maintain their take-over of Somaliland and Hiran region, despite huge support from Siyad Barre’s government. The fall of Barre’s regime was the end of their dream in those regions, but taking advantage of Somalia’s clan politics; they remained in Jubba regions with the support of other Darod clan invaders. Bearing in mind that the local people of Jubbaland will resist as those of Somaliland and Hiran region, the Ogadenis have come up with military plan that involves Ogadeni men in Kenyan army and Ogadenis in Ethiopian army to join forces in Jubbaland and eliminate all the indigenous clans in the region.

The key figures in this plan include Mohamed Yusuf Haji, Kenya’s defence minister, Farah Moalim Kenya’s Deputy Speaker, Nuradin Yusuf Haji, Mahbub Moalim (Secretary General of IGAD), high ranking officials from Ethiopia’s Zone Five region, Ogadeni MPs in Somali parliament and many others.

Members of Wagosha community from US and Somalia who posed as delegates of the shoddy IGAD meeting in Karen, Nairobi gathered crucial information about the Ogaden conspiracy. One of these members told Wagoshanews that Nuradin Yusuf Haji makes frequent visits to Mogadishu to meet Ogadeni and other Darod elders at Mogadishu airport to brief them on the military plan. The source added that Nuradin disguises himself as a member of Shiqal clan to hide his real identity.

In UK, the Ogadeni clan members from Ethiopia hold meetings in North London (at a restaurant near Finsbury Park and at Finsbury Park Mosque). Where they donate money for war and incite war against all clans opposing the settlement of Ogadeni members from Ethiopia in Jubbaland. A man called Abdirashid is the organizer of these events. He always appears in UK Somali TV stations, with abusive language against some Somali clans and President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. Similar meetings take place weekly in Europe, North America, and Africa.

The Wagosha members who were at IGAD meeting also noted that Nuradin Yusuf Haji coordinates settlement of thousands of Ogadeni clan members from Ethiopia and Kenya, who are taking over lands in Jubbaland , so that they can claim being the majority clan of the region.

He is also responsible of moving ONLF forces and Ogadeni militants from North East Kenya to Somalia to fight for, what the Ogadenis call the liberation of the golden land.

The leader of Majerten region, Abdirahman Farole also showed his willingness to join Ogaden forces in Jubbaland invasion. He claimed that thousands of Majerten people who fled from Jubbaland will be settled soon to Kismayo,since they currently live in Puntland region as refugees, as he put it. His conspiracy includes sending thousands of Majerten militants to Kismayo. It has to be noted that Farole had in the past admitted presence of Ogadeni refugees in Somalia, who should go back to their country.

Local people in Jubbaland, according to the international laws of their civil rights will have no any other option than defending any aggression against their land, human rights and properties. Already many clans in the region have mobilized their men for expected war against the invaders.

Human rights violation in Kismayo

History repeats its self, as Ogadeni militants in Kismayo continues atrocities against civilians. With the help of Kenyan forces, the Ogadeni militants’ torture, kill loot and rape civilians by labelling them as Al Shabab sympathizers. This acts which violate universal human rights laws, will also incite animosity in the region that witnessed genocide and all sorts of atrocities in the last 50 years.

The international community has to be cautious about inexperienced Kenyan leaders, who will simply put the Horn of Africa under fire, if they do not stop their blind move of favouring one clan against the others.

The Kenyan forces in Kismayo have to be fully under AMISOM commander, and not under Nuradin Yusuf Haji, who is the real man in control, rather than General Karanja, whom some Somali clans call him as the yes man of Yusuf Haji family.

Wagoshanews Desk

New York , USA



  1. President Sheik Hassan must address the deficit within the Somalia constitution to prevent Ethiopian and Kenyan nationals from claiming ownership of Somalia soil. Regardless of clan affiliation If Maddobe and Ghandi were indeed born in Ethiopia's Kilil region then let them seek political positions within the Ethiopian government.

    There are huge inconsistencies within the Somalia constitution which allows foreigners from Kenya and Ethiopia to create political divisions among the people. Anyone unable to proof their birth in Somalia must be denied political power within your country if you really want a country.

    I don't understand why you didn't just keep Ina Godane in that case at least the FUFU were afraid of his gang.

  2. Ethiopia needs to know that kismayo will be port for the ONLF to inport their weapons.

    Let ONLF use it as long as they use it to benefit them and greater somalia. then kenya next and it just started.

    • IF ONLF have a port to bring in Weapons Ethiopia is finished. It won't be long before every Nomad Somali has an AK47 and an armored tank.

      • yea-yea,what a diluted camp ,atleast ONLF stand their ground and fight whetrer lose or won but never keep winging greiving cry till doomesday.

  3. The problem is that the people in that area are farmer and fish eater so they are kind num (freesed blood). if they were meat eaters like north they would not take that insult for the rest of their lives. or may be this how god want them to be. I don’t know. someome please do someyhing for those poor people.

  4. mohahahaha and these are the envious thugs who delude themselves about somaliland when their own house is not in order
    well i for one have no interest in what happens here

    • abdiwahab

      they think if the issaq lead them or join them it will automatically solve all of their problems, hence all they care about is somaliland . They believe issaqs are their saviors

  5. why is everyone threated by the OG's why don't u people let us be, we are peaceful and loving people, we do not mean no harm, but kismayo and jubbaland belong to us, NFD belong to us and Ogadenia belongs to us, it is our god-given right to unite our people, and insha allah we will be victorious.

  6. Kismoya and Jubbaland belongs to darood it's a well know fact. These Bantus if they dnt keep thier mouth shout we will sort the, out.

  7. The person who calles himself Amal, Somaliland geezer, SNM, Somalia, master ley is one person an impostet

  8. honest question what's Wagosha mean? are they what we call ''Aboow'' in the North? p.s. I'm not trying to be rude or anything.

    • they are jareer they are related to bantus from west african. arab traders brought them as slaves into somalia in 18 century. Look up google Somali Bantu.

      • I know what is annoying the se called Puntlandgeezer. Its your so called Majerten who were brought as porters or Xamaali to work in Kismaayo port by the Italian, after the Bantu elders refused to provide their sons to work for the Italian. The lands tells its self. Almost all the names in Kismayo are Bantu Swahili names. A Majerten elder in Bosaso awarded the Italian administration with Majerten boys from the small sub clans of Majerten to work as Xamaalis in Kismaayo. That itself was like slavery, because the Majerten elders sold his men from the smaller tribes to Italians in Kismayo, I cane even nention names of those brough during that time, may be my brother here is the descendant of those poor families.

        • @Ibrahim Abdighafar …… Are the woman still practising the african dance where they put a plate in their lips and dance half naked? Cuz after the establishment of jubaland you will entertain us.

          • so basically they're not even Somalis, they are not the majority in Jubbaland but I believe they should be included in decision making.

          • We all know the original of your people, but it does not make sense wasting my time to talk about people who put on fire the blessed country of Somalia. You better read the time, we are not in 15th century. We will never allow refugees from puntland,kenya and Ethiopia . No one is going to consider your crap history of claiming to races that you do not belong and the day dream of the failed majertens. Jubbaland has a history with King Nasib Bundo and others who traded and signed international treaties, while mj shepherds entertained us with their unique skills of goat slaughtering. I m sure that time all your people struggled with the hot sun back home. Time has come that we speak the language that u understand quickly, which is war and make u run as you did in the past. I do not want to say when, but people know how fast you people are when it comes to run from freedom fighters sweet bullets

          • brother abdighafar soon jubbland will become semi-autonomous state so we can start our QUBO business.also,Bantu family will be part of new addmin in jubbalnd as long as they bring moryaan cuz they will pinch our QUBO in broad daylight.

      • Do not forget we are the fathers of some of your children, may be you are one of them. So be careful because a father always knows how and where to hit his son. I think you understand what I mean, so try to behave, otherwise we will come to claim our sons including you and the land,,,

        • PuntlandGeezer fear Allah don't treat him like that walalo seriously, imagine if you were from the minority clans and people treated you differently. Wallahi I have a soft spot in my heart for those people they call ''minority'' I always defend them.

  9. Somalia is currently in deep tatters, confronted with this Azania(Jubbaland state) created by
    Kenya NFD top OGs-Absame leaders? The Article gives absolute true story of the conspiracies?
    The new Govt of President HSM faces real dangers as reported by this Article? Bad bad bad?


    First kismayo belongs to somalia no one else.those people who think kismayo was taken by the kenyans they should look own backyard,mogadishu under control UNISOM Hassan NGO 90% his guards are UNISOM,Hargeisa council and garoowe also firm hands of ethiopia.

    Today hassan NGO and his leadership is treath to somali society because in anytime civil can irrupt.folks in kismayo have spoken and made their point clear no interference jubbaland local affairs other wise expect full scale war.the IC,IGAD welcome progress in jubbaland selecting own leaders they also told Hassan NGO to stay away jubbaland selection process ACCEPT consulting.

    The author this artical keep mentioning repeading ONLF will stablish base in kismayo and so forth it's all nonsense baseless story already in kismayo they are two hundred ethiopian forces monitoring. no way ONLF will come to kismayo for number of reasons.first ,rebels usually they don't like operating from big cities.secondly,most of their weapon medicine supply Eritrea and north sudan.third,ONLF is veteran rebel movement those who are able to fight they are in bush not hide cities.

    Wagoshanews highlighted some Ogaden clan moving from ethiopia to settle in kismayo,what a BELONY,again this's untrue fabrication MYTH.currently in jubbaland there are more than 2.7 million people live there 87% Darood clan it has BEEN this way before even the creation of somali state.

    Jubbaland arm forces are mix clan well discipline becuase of divercity tribes live in this region.yusuf haji he was hired by his goverment 2008 well before kenya went to somalia he has no direct influence kismayo situation.the stupidity of wagoshanews"Ogaden arm refuuge try to take over somaliland region and hiiran with barre's help".it's lunatic idea to write this type of comment and below journalisim.Ogaden folks have land in jubbaland,70% reserve area in ethiopia and 75% NFD they don't need to conquer any land from the way i am not ogaden, but SOMALI person who's keen to see somalis respect each other territory confront major issues such as saving somali race and their dignity sharing things as they done hundreds of years ago.

  11. We fully support the liberation of Kismaayo from
    Militants and Qabilish agenda. Now Kismaayo is under control of the original inhabitants of that land with the help of our friends Kenya and Ethiopia. Insha’allah very soon Jubbaland government will be established. Whoever oppose it, such as Hassan Muqdisho won’t effect the will of the people of Jubbaland, Puntland, Ogadenia, Khaatumo, and Somaliland. There will be no barriers between our regions and We wish luck all the States of the Somali Federal Republic.

  12. This is an easy fix and Kenya knows what is coming its way. As for Ethiopia, all we need to do is sign a peace treaty with them that gives the Ogaden region 100%. Let them occupy them forever and keep them.

    Somalia no longer wants anything to do with them. The land belongs to Ethiopia and if they not happy to live under Ethiopia, they should expel them to Eritrea or somewhere else. Somalia will seal its borders. The refugees it took 1977 are already selling the country.

    It's time to set the record straight.

    • Let's be frank and forward here once for all .this is what mess up somali society from the top to bottom always tribe driven Agenda.well,those days are over Every region in somalia will take incharge own destiny if real somalis wants to keep their country intact accept secessionist.

      Current condition situation in somalia they are in no postion sing treaty with ethiopia .remember creation of somali state was and is coalition of somali tribes,if that cease to exist there will be no somali state as simple as that.also ethiopia see's irrelevant singning treaty since they know who it belongs reserve area.we are talking about here big Portion of somali society's not only Ogaden.

      The word "selling" rings bell to ear,who sold somalia and still selling last twenty years? we know who did,i don't need to go into details.

      Folks controling jubbaland are local indigenous not refuuge,Mogadishu NGO'S leading by hassan NGO him self creating unfound stories, but jubbalanders no concern about that.

      • Using threatening languages like "creation of somali state was and is coalition of somali tribes,if that cease to exist there will be no somali state as simple as that" will not wash.

        The Ogadenian refugees in the Jubba region if they want to do anything constructive is to go free their place of origin where they truly are a majority the cowards. Look whats happening in Garissa the Bantu looted and then burned one of their biggest market now the question is what are they gonna do about it like usual nothing or start fighting back instead of focusing on a region that doesn't belong to them or is killing them or raping their woman's.

        • hahaha, looks here You KEEP repeating the same line"Ogaden refuuge in jubbaland",there's no refuuge in jubbaland.infact Ogaden represent 30% total Darood population live in jubbaland rest are other Darood tribes.

          Garissa problem started when folks from mogadishu came to garissa,the hospitality given these people by the locals are now threat to garisa region,they are the one causing current instability in garissa SOON all will be captured and deported.

  13. Where there's no fire there's no smoke. About 5 years back, a man who belongs to Jidwaaq sub clan whose settlements widely known to be in Jigjiga region told me that his sub clan are now the majority in the middleJubba region. When I asked him how it happened, he told me that they settled there as refugees after 1977 war.

    So, when we are really talking about what was formerly known as Lower Juba, the Awlyahan of Ogaden sub clan were predominantly lived in Afmadow district, whereas, a notable MJ also lived in Kismayo and its surroundings mainly along the coastal areas. However, the majority of former Lower Juba region used to live by mixture of various other Somali clans. My last trip to Lower Juba of early 1970s, I even found out some clans of Somaliland origin (Isaqs, Dhulos and Warsengali) living there for a long time although their numbers were minimal. Of course, Cawromaleh did not belong to Warsengeli at that time, kkkk.

    As we have now understood that there was some kind of dilution happened in that particular region for whatever reason, nevertheless, the important question is, is it possible to find other ways that these Somalis can live together in peaceful manner without playing tribal cards or hidden agendas? I think, yes it can, if the concerned groups are sincere.

    • hahahah,chachacha,it sounds your comment same old garbage recycle lyrick"refuuge from eithiopia moved to kismayo",if you don't know the history of this state than don't talk about because your imparising yourself.

      WAMO folks are in control jubbaland no one else if you know the meaning (WAMO).absame alone not incharge jubbaland but various other clan lnhabit this regoin majority Darood clan.ofcourse kismayo city was always and still is multicultural must be reading the wrong information dholus,warsangeli don't live somaliland region but nothern somalia.

      Peace harmony very reachable all parts of somalia if people respect each other territory and stop break entry entruder style.

  14. What these Ogadenian refugees are trying to do in the Jubba region is exactly the same thing they tried
    to do in Somaliland and Hiiraan (with Barre's help) and you know what happened to them there no need to go into details except say they failed miserable.

    I even heard that the indigenous Ogadenians in the Jubba region themselves call these people Galti meaning someone who doesn't belong there. There's even a video where Morgan and his cronies were advocating the extermination of the non Daroods primarily the Wagosha people from the region (you don't even wanna know what they said they were gonna do to the Hawiye people had they won) in order to create a pure Darood state like Puntland cant remember if Punland helped.

    Guess who was helping them also that time (no you didn't) Kenya who had a Ogadenian called Mohamoud Mohamed as their chief of their armed forces because Moi didn't trust his own Bantu anymore after they tried to topple him in 82. Now guess again whose in charge of their minister of Defence DEJA VU or not .

    These refugees if they want to rule anywhere they need to go back to their occupied regions to free them instead of cowardly abusing the hospitality of Somalia when its on its knees. Do any refugees from Somalia have any say in these refugees original regions no because one day they will return and so should they. This plan failed before with Siad Barre and then Morgan and it will fail now under Madobe and his ONLF/Kenyan Somali/Bantu soldiers even if Somalia at its weakest in its history has to go to war to keep its integrity.

    Now people might say ain't Somalia for all Somalis yes but that don't mean you can try upsetting the
    balance of power by forcefully making the indigenous people into a minority NO. The people of that region wouldn't of liked it but they at least would of understood if the indigenous Ogadenians were in charge but
    instead ended up with foreigners which isn't acceptable in any sort of way. JUBBALAND/AZANIA = FAIL

    • Well, here we go again selling fiction storty at all cost .since the collapse the central goverment whole of jubbaland including kismayo was under the control local people mostly Darood most of the time accept small period of time from1992-93 warlords from mogadishu came to kismayu looted everything,they even use sell water from the well to locals who own these wells indigenous folks took arms kick them out warlord thugs.

      Refuuge this that,did you know 40% Ogaden tribe lived in jubbaland before creation of somali state.Ogaden never interested occupy someone's land they have enough land to live blame anyone or anything on their sight once said Oromo wants to take our land and now ogaden.hiiran case"abaartii dabo dheer "they were some somalis mainly women and childern including folks from hiiran regoin given temporary shelter by the goverment.

      in hiiran region most xawadle believe" Magic stuff or FAAL".so,one day of the magician went open plain land and drew FAAL,and said we need to kill all the children,women seeking shelter or we will not get rain next season lose all livestock,they kill more than four hundred innocent women and children.even Hassan NGO his abtiyaan is xawadle they sent him couple of FAAL drawers currently reside villa somalia.

      No such thing call pure one tribe state in somalia every region in somalia have majority and minoirty clan mixure live in their state jubbaland is no different the majority will lead.

      Your comment said"indigenous people not incharge jubbaland affairs" that's basless theory with them kenya can't move one the way do you think mogadishu,somaliland region,Puntland controls own affairs?the answer is NO, because whole of somali territory is in very bad turbulent weather it will become much worest if Mogadishu NGO's not stop unnecessary meddling local regional affairs.

      • I've explained it once not going to do it again for you and your brain to comprehend the truth people
        like you are not debaters but are arguers for the sake of arguing

        You talk about 92/93 but what about before and after. That region had power struggle between the Daroods
        the same way the Hawiye did in the capital ? after Mogadishu Kismayo was the second city in Somalia that saw the most fighting and still is.

        Anyways what i said on top is the truth nothing but the truth and the whole truth

        • when debating you need to have facts not fabricated stories or stop debataing completely,becuase it looks you stack the past very confuse person.

          Read my lips BEFORE 1991-1993 somalia had GOVERMENT.there were no tribal fight kismayo area but after moryaan imported from mogadishu came to kismayo that's when the problem started local people decided get rid of these moryaanos and they did it.

          • Bahah are you forgetting the Harti/OG Somali Patriotic Movement (lead by Jess and Nuur by the way Nuur got released from the prison by the USC) that was formed in 85 after splitting from the SSDF fighting against the Barre regime ?

            Who then in 91 or 92 split with the Harti under Nuur supporting Morgan and the OG's lead by Jess allying with Aideed. It was because of the SPM friction that brought the massacres stop using the the Hawiye boogeyman excuses.


  15. @ hawiya warrior. So what your saying is ogadens are refugees from the bush and the Bantus are the owners of jubbaland? do you even know who are the bantus? The bantus are people from congo. I am going to ask you a very simple question how did these people from congo ended up at jubbaland the most natural resources region in somalia? If u still insists that the congo bantus should have a land than give them a piece of land from mogadishu. puntland will help the ogadens, marhan's and harti darood to set up a federal state in kismoya and if you interfere in our Internal affairs we will come to Mogadishu.

    • @Puntlandgeezer(PIS)
      Buddy you are in deep trouble with Mogadiscio and Hargeisa? Puntland having terrorizing issues with
      democratic Somaliland? Mogadiscio also faced with similar conflicts acroos their borders with Ethiopia/Kenya through K/5aad/NFD leaders? These MJ,Ogaaden,MR (Darood) conspiracies against Hargeisa and Mogadiscio Govts, if allowed to gain ground would endanger the political dynamics of whole Horn-East African/Igad block countries in the arena? Repeating the despotics of the past
      Darood Regimes are no long term lasting comprehensive good solutions to look forward to?

      • PuntlandGeezer(PIS)
        Be logic man! I'm not concerned where the Wagosha come from at all, but what we all know is that they had been part and parcel of Somali people, therefore, they have every right to stand up and seek their share of the pie in Somalia and at the same time be given all the respects that any noble person can expect to receive.

        I tell you what! Do you know that the parents of UK's current Labour Party leader came to Great Britain as refugees during the 2nd WW and now he's expected to become UK's next Prime Minister? What about President Obama of USA? Please let's try to think wisely.

        • @Dhufuse. this is a hidden plot by hawiya to control jubaland. historic ogaden are the rightful owner of jubaland Not some tribe from congo which is fabricated by hawiya. The harti darood are many business people they own most of the houses, shops, farms in kismoya. Hawiya are sitting ducks if they mess with Ogaden, marhan and majerten we will root them from mogadishu altogether.

          • Get it through your thick head in the Jubba regions there are the indigenous minority Ogadenians and then the majority refugees Ogadenians.

            Do you even wanna know what the indigenous Ogadenians call the majority Ogadenian refugees
            exactly that refugees. So using the for the 1000 times washed Hawiye shirt is not gonna work the color is fading my friend its time to throw it away and by a new one.

    • No i'm saying there are indigenous and refugees. The Bantus were just an example (a major example but none otherwise a example) and yes i know who they are former slaves not from Congo but Tanzania Mozambique and Malawi.

      My friend we all know who initiated this Federal BS and also know why and if you don't i'll explain.
      It was Puntland reason because that was the only option left after realizing they couldn't defeat the Hawiye
      into submission and knowing the Hawiye are the bigger tribe compared to them in Somalia.

      Bahaha you're going on like you haven't tried to come to Mogadishu on multiple occasion latest in 2006
      stop beating your weak chest just hope its not the other way round your people are playing with fire and you know what happens to those that do they burn.

      I've always defended the Daroods against the Isaaqs on here but you MJ's and now Ogadenians are staring to change my mind. I could of understood coming from the MJ's but the Ogadenians (not the indigenous but the refugees) is not only a surprise but a slap in the face against the Hawiye people. The only real genuine people that were supporting their cause against the Habashis while its own Darood MJ's were returning their fighters back to them.

      All in all a lesson learned is a priceless gain so thank you for showing your true colors time after time we the Hawiye forgave well not no more.

      • listen Samaale. i D not believe you are hawie first of all. secondly if you are one, you are playing right in to the hands of separatists because in their twisted heads they believe their only hope of gaining recognition is if hawie and darood fight and Somalia becomes unstable again.

        regarding the issue of kismaayo. if you look back history, we all know 1960 when we had a hawie president there were 4 darood MPs elected from kismaayo. for the last 22 years it was darood groups fighting over kismayo. there were no Bantus or sizeable hawies in the picture. gaal jeel are a minority in kismaayo something like 4000 mostly brought from hiiraan region by MJs business men to greater kismaayo as sheperds and to work in the Farms. it is also notable that the mjs came as business men in 1924s and ahad a disagreement with the local ogadens mediated by the colonizers. the Bantus are brought by colonizers to work as farmers mainly in the jammaame region. all in all juba regions and Gedo are darood majority and what ever they decide will be final period.

        • For the last time i have nothing whatsoever against the Indigenous Daroods but these OG refugees
          you look at the back ground of every of these so called Jubbaland leaders and you will realize that
          99% are OG refugees from Ethiopia .

          • I agree with you. Wagosha are more Somali than the fleeing Ogaden refugees. We Somalis have no obligation to free them nor host them but we have obligation to treat the Wagosha as one of our own because they are.

            If Daroods want to host them or free them, they are alone on that and for almost a 100 year they did nothing.

            Let's focus our energy and resources on Somali people not Ethiopian refugees whether they are Oromo or Ogadens. They should toughen up and stay in their lands.

        • Listen buddy! You can't have two opposing ideologies in a same pocket, as we had watched that show before from your old uncle and it's foolish for you to re-run it once more. Either be a man who really believes nationalism (Somalinimo) or tribalism (Daroodnimo), every fool knows these two beliefs never go together, no way.

  16. I think the Isaaq clan has a condition called Ogadinism that needs to be cured. Why is this site posting a grabage articles like this one. Kenyans are bantus that do not care about Somalia or the Somali race all together. The same Kenyan soldiers that captured Kismayo recently have been involved a massacre and rape in Garrissa. The Kenyan bantu have been killing the Ogadens in NFD, raping children so one will make an argument that Kenyans are not friends of Ogaden. Madobe is a power-hungry warlord that does not represent Ogadens at least not all. Kenyans are in Somalia for their own interest. Finally Bantus don't belong Kismayo, they inhabited Jilib Jamaame homeboy, Sheik nuur hussein, mareerey, beledul amiin, kamsuuma, the farmlands. I was raised in Juba area we all lived in peace with no one clan claiming these area, but to be fair Daaroods were the majority in Kismayo afmado, khookhaani, liboi, while the rest including Bantu lived the rest of Juballand.

  17. Same Kenyan forces are killing, looting and raping the residents of Garrisa and other Ogaden towns. But that's okay with the Ogadens because they know they can't beat the Ethiopians nor the Kenyans so they trying to force themselves into Somalia where they hope to take shelter.

    It is like Palestinians who occupied Lebanon after they failed to liberate their own country.

    I'm afraid in Somalia they will be under occupation too and indeed they are the Kurds of Africa.

    Let them come to Somalia with the same forces raping their own people across the two borders, a colonial master trying to flush them out will not establish them a new base. Let them know that.

    The Wagosha might be Bantu but they are Somali nationals where as Ogadenis are foreign Kenyan and Ethiopian nationals. We urge the two neighbours to keep and control their citizens.

    So let the Wagosha know they have the support of the real Somalis, the Irir family. If Daroods want to free their Ogaden cousins let them be no one is stopping them but the game of pretend ends here.

    We will not host fleeing refugees forced of their land or being outsmarted by their Bantu colonial masters.

    Garissa is on fire but they rather worry about Kismayo.

    "Kenyan army and security forces clashed with locals in the predominantly ethnic-Somali town of Garissa on Tuesday, leaving scores wounded and many residents fuming with accusations of arson and physical abuse."

    There's nothing the Daroods can say or do about that except turn blind eye and change the conversation to Kismayo.

      • So how do you southern Irir folks feel about signing the Ogaden region away for good so we can maintain good relations with Ethiopia and establish friendship free of mistrust and suspicious?

        As the Northern Irir, I know if Hawd and Shinnile region is taken out of the occupied zone, the support will be overwhelming even in Djibouti.

        It is time to drop the game changer. We know those folks can't free Las Annod let alone lands from Kenya or Ethiopia.

        • Loooool last I checked LA was run by Dhulos who are pro-Somaliland, why would any Darood should get involve Dhulos internal conflict when they have bigger fish to fry like Mogadishu, Kismayo, etc. hmmm

          Daroods gang up on Hawiye worrier here, I'm glad you still have his back reer ''Irir riyo soo-maale. hahahaha

          Irir Samaale, no hard feelings walalo, we might all have political difference but we are one Family.

          • Just coz is run by Dhulos doesn't mean we agree with them, I believe they should be left alone to sort out their problems without interference from Puntland or Somaliland.

            plus since when women's name became wax laysku caayo, I thought you were smarter than that. hmmmmmm ''rolling my eyes''

          • looool Mo Cheers (Cheesy) I don't know what you mean by Shanba Cayn laakin waan kuu fiicanay walalo 🙂

          • If Dhulos run it, there wouldn't be so many bombs and so many mothers behind bars. It was yesterday when mothers refusing to dance for Xaqsoor were rounded up and thrown behind bars.

            Very friendly way to treat Dhulos by Dhulos. They are under occupation just like Ogaden.

          • for the last 20 years Mogadishu was run by Hawiye warlords, killing, looting and thousands of families had been displaced. LA is also run by Dhulos warlords funded by the likes of Siilanyo therefore I don't blame non other than Dhulos. there is no single Isaaq officer in Lascaanod expect few soldiers in Ganbadha camp and is led by Dhulos commander (ina Canbashe). what happened in Kalshaale and Sool-joogto that I blame on somaliland but then again it's all sorted now no need to hold grudges forever, Somalis have been killing each other since Ahmed Guray 🙂

          • @Khaatumo Citizen the blame game of blaming everything on Mogadishu is like the West bank Israel and Gaza. Every time Israel gets blamed by the world about what they doing to the Palestinians especially in the West bank they direct the attention away to Gaza.

            For goodness sake didn't Somaliland Puntland go through civil war wasn't Kismayo after Mogadishu the most violent city because of the Daroods power struggle.

            The Hawiye should take a proportion of the blame but not all its time people started looking in their clans mirror more offend also what do you mean with bigger fish to fry ?

          • @Khaatumo Citizen

            They can come at me with more than hundreds of Daroods and i will still defeat them intellectually
            ;- )

        • You miss calculating this,what happens if shinnile taken out occupied zone eventually nothing will cuz ethiopia see's this small part of Hawd EMPTY.ethiopia is interested where the real fighters live not somewhere HABAR-CANBUULO lives.

          Las Annod issue can be solve overnight if all dhulos focus on flushing out unwanted guest without help from rest of Darood.we know Hargeisa council couldn't capture Buhoodle, the reason Las annod deep trouble too many horseman running different directions.

        • I believe in not making rash decisions under anger but the way its going on the OG's are not doing themselves any favor also the Liban zone of the Somaligalbeed is inhabited mostly by the Degodia Hawiye and Garre who are described as Rahanweyn but their own elders dispute and say they're Hawiye

    • Killing is happening all over somalia not only certain places as you mention here.Garissa small issues will be solved soon,once they flush them out trouble makers from mogadishu everything will go back to normal business as usual.

      Garissa and kismayo are totally different position.kismayo is facing minor challenge ahead without doubt they will succeed local folks wants to stablish own.leadership while hassan NGO and his entourage wants to bring Moryaan Governor to kismayo from,the moryaan governor can sell to local people their own water wells charging by the liter,that will not happen in a miilion years to come.

      Wagosha people are very small community in jubbaland less than 5%, they know who's their freind and foe.

      The best way to describe samale is, one is Moryaan ready to loote at any time and the other one separatist wants to divide somalia all cost.these two are far from real somalis

      • @ali Kismayo at this moment is the same if not worser than Mogadishu.

        Reports are coming out from that city that the Raskamboni and so called SNA soldiers who are mostly recruits from the NFD OG's and are trained/paid by the Kenyan government are terrorizing none OG's specially the business men.

        What is going on in Kismayo right now is the reminiscent of the of Harti Nuur lead Somali Patriotic Movement vs OG Jess Somali Patriotic Movement

  18. I heard this speech president Hassan Gurguurte Culusow saying let the people of Hiiraan build their administration but not the people of Jubbaland ( Hiiran ha suubsadaan maamul, Jubbaland unakaa u subinaynaa) lool that itself is pure qabilist and he should be apologizing, However, I don't know how things work in Somalia but in real world ( federalist countries) the president has the executive power for all of his state to pass laws, deny or accept foriegn involement within his state.

    Today in somalia we alienate our leaders and listen to foreign leaders, I disagree with president 's appointing state leaders, but I am also not fan off kenyan deciding what we should do about our country, we all know how Sanwayns (Kenyan) killing innocent people and looting their business in Garrisa and Nairobi.

    Majority of Somalis whether they are educated or not tribalism is in our DNA and it is certainly playing big role in our politics but we need to unite when foriegners are in our land, support our troops, we can simply solve our differences, whether it is in Kismaayo, Mogadishu or Hargeisa.

    just think about it, If you can be best of friends with people of different race, religion, language,& culture, how dare we not get along with other Somalis?

    • I forgot to mention also Waqosha need to start living in the real world and STOP claiming to be the majority in jubbaland it's like Dhulbahante claiming to be majority in Hargeisa, loool (Mareehan + OGs + Harti) are the majority .

    • Somaliland is my country. Let the Somalis of Somalis of Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti and Ogaden take care of their respective countries. It is as simple as that.

      If venerable Somalis seek help in Somaliland, we should try our best to help them as fellow human beings – no more, no less. I don't buy these nonsensical trash – we Somalis this, we Somalis that; we are brethren, which we are definitely not; we should unite against "our common" enemy, whatever that means)…..

      Move on guys and grow out of these meaningless pathetic infantile cliches.

    • If that's true and you've got evidence to proof it instead of hearsay then he should be condemned to
      the fullest.

      About federalism someone needs to tell these uneducated fools to read what you just wrote. They think anyone can grab any region and call themselves the leader without the consent of the government also the problem is not the indigenous Marehaans OG's and Hartis but these OG refugees.

      Imagine a clan coming to a Dhulbahante territory in so much numbers that they made the Dhulbahante from a majority into a minority how would you feel. These refugees need to stop running from the Bantus/Habashis and face them that's their real enemy's + everyone knows that this Jubba initiative has been hijacked by one not even indigenous but refugee clan.

      You only need to look at the background of their so called leaders 99 are OG refugees what happened to the Marehans forget even mentioning the others ?

      • without the consent of the government? and what government would that be? the hawiya regime holed up in mogadishu with protection of Amisom? The president of somalia is Abdirahman Mohamud Farole and the capital of somalia is Garoowe. if you don't deal with it

        • yeah it's true. check it out his speech when he was in Baidabo, but I believe in second chances,

          I don't know if you know Saado Cali, she's a Somali pop singer and part of PMs who also originated from the Somali region in Ethiopia. not to mention there are countless Dir, from Djibouti, Kenya and Ethiopia and still are Members of Somalia's parliament so I don't see why OGs from Kenya and Ethiopia should be any different.

          also President should work with people from different regions, e.g. traditional leaders, politicians, women and etc and unite his people under a common goal of advancing their country rather than ''unakaa u suubinayna'' coz no single tribe will be able to accomplish that. believe me.

          • She is from Somali region in Ethiopia, a city called Bookh, near Buuhodle, I know her personally.

          • Ma anaan garan adhiga geela laayey! Wel well, you wanted to take up Saado Cali's position and that's why you are so obsessed on Somali politics kkkk.

          • hahahaha Dhuguse, I'm not related to her or anything, she knows my Eedo so we went her concert one day .
            I've got a position already, I'm a spy, soon Hargeisa imaanayaa, I'm going to spy my reer abtis, to know their weakness and everything.

          • @Khaatumo Citizen

            Because there's a difference between a few that you can count with your fingers and thousands and the few in the government are not the leaders were asin Jubba 99 are.

            Your saying our president should work with all but what if those are hostile just because he comes from a different clan than them ? look at the disrespect that happened in Kismayo no matter what excuse you come up with it would not do.

        • LOOOOL PuntlandGeezer I wanna see Somalia to get back to its glorious days,

        • PuntlandGeezer(PIS)

          Was their not an election where Puntland ended up being the losers ? no more excuses you've participated and lost big time its time you dealt with it and started respecting the elected government.

          We the Hawiye didn't even want federalism Puntland did but for the sake of unity obliged its time your worser than the secessionist government returned the favors


  19. To those who dumped such absolutely nonsense, imbalanced, baseless, incorrect, stereotyping & full hatred comments, shame on u… you need to read history correctly. The history will guide u who was liberated Jubaland from Ajuuran state & European colonies click here.
    Yes, it is true, Ogaden n Puntland are sharing a common interest & we share a common future, but we are not over taking any land from its inhabitants. Kismayo is our home, will remain that ever, n we will pay any price. it’s like Jigjiga, Bosaso, Garrisa & Garowe.
    We are not greedy; we are not asking u Mogadisho or Hargeisa

  20. Folks, listen, The Kenyan Military forces that invaded Kismaayo and Jubbaland are purely
    from the NFD Somali leaders misleading the Kenyan Govt policies towards Somalia?
    These Somali kenyans are from the all Ogadenia ONLF/Absame of Kenya/Ethiopia together
    conspiracies? I support Kayse's comments which are true stories?

  21. At the beginning I used to support the cause of the ONLF against the brutal regime of Ethiopia until I wised up and did some reading about the region. I see now clearly how they manipulate the realpolitik of Kilinka Shanaad; the destruction perpetrated by the fake liyuu police in certain districts in Somali-Galbeed; the summary killings of OGs by OGs at the behest of Addis Ababa; falsity of Jubbaland claims. I then asked myself, if this is how they treat each other, there is no snowball chance in hell they will ever get along with other clans in Somali-Galbeed. The ONLF must change their geo-strategic mentality to confirm to the facts on the ground. The days of MOD are over, dead with Siyad Barre – wishing for omnipotence, or more aptly the perception of it to return is a hopeless endeavor and it is long gone into the dustbin of history.

    Equally, there are some Isx@q here who post that are very clannish. Any disparaging remarks about their land?, "president" or even the mere mention of Somaliweyn is sacrilegious and shall not be uttered. To those I say, you are no different than a two-bit, back-stabbing munafiqin. You do not have monopoly in the future of Somaliland or North Somalia (call it what you want) to yourselves. I for one, an Ciise, do support Somaliweyn concept but with reassurances. I believe there was one U.S. president who said and I am paraphrasing his statement: I trust the Soviet-Union, so long as I can verify their claims. I am all for Somaliweyn but with checks and balances.

    • well well,mr frech boot camp ONLF are the only rebel group fighting while rest somalis in reserve area sitting somewhere like a duck.i pernonally give credit ONLF standing own ground whetther they win or lose.why there's no any other rebel movement in reserve area beside ONLF? this shows ONLF ready to fight not lip one is claiming jubbaland accept the rightful owners of this land ( WAMO PEOPLE ) not folks from ethiopia or other parts of somalia.i hope this cleares things up.

      What Djibouti done for greater somaliweyn to repay back since all somalis help them get rid of french boot camp they were into NOTHING.they held more than five different meeting in Djibouti about somali reconciliation rebuilding statehood nothng good come out all failed because they were one sided.also,Djibouti addmin collected big FAT checks from westren donors and even few weeks ago Djibouti foreign minister said"SOMALIA needs $45 billion for reconstruction",it should be channell through Djibouti what a far as i know Djiboutini are banned caming some parts of southern somalia.

  22. @Ibrahim Abdighafar,

    As a Somali who hails from Djibouti, I consider you and your people part and parcel of Somalia and Somaliweyn. You have as much legitimacy to Jubbaland as any other person who claims it. To me you ARE Somali.

  23. They are trying to do what they can't do yesterday with the help of the Kenyans. History is written and we know what happened in Qoryooleey, Hargaysa, Hiiraan, and even in Kismaayo area where these people were resetled as refugees during the Somalia-Ethiopian war. Of course, they are Somalis by blood and they can leave among other Somalis but one will not accept the greediness and the self-centered agenda where they are trying to oppress other people and take away their rights. By the way, the Jareer whehter they are from Congo or Tanzania are Somalis like you and have the same rights like you or even more as they are the natives of this land. A good Jareer with nationalism is better than a more Somali looking who is serving the enemy to take the land of Somalia. Dalxa is Jareer and he is one of the best citizens and very nationalistic individual.

  24. Oce upon a time, the tartle did not have a skeletal cover so it was a pray of the birds. One day, while slow moving turtle was on his way to home, a rapid came to him and told him that the birds were in agreement to eat the flesh of the turtle. The turtle's response was astonishing and he said, "wasn't God listening to their deception." The rapid said, "yes." The turtle then said, " As far as God is there, I am not in danger."
    What I mean by this is that these guys are snatching the land of innocent people but God will bunish them for that and I have no doubt that they will regret either sooner or later. Xaqu waa soo baxaa xitaa hadii ow daaho marka taa ogaada. Maxay xaq ka qaranayaan dad geel la dhaco lagu soo koriyay waa xaalka Soomaalida oo dhan marka Soomaalidu waa dad ku jira xaaraan xaaraan ku gaar.

  25. Ragga ku andacoonaya Muqdisho waxaa jooga Ugandheys waxaan leeyahay Yugaandhees waa nin dhul dheer ka yimid oo beri tegaya laakiin Kenya weligeed hamigeeda ayaa wuxuu ahaa inay qaadato Kismaayo hadana waxaaba usii dheer iyadoo damac uga jiro gaaska ku jira badda Soomaaliya ee ku aadan Kismayo. Sida iminka laydinkugu dulaysto dhulka NFD ayaa la doonayaa in laydinkugu dulaysto Kismaayo ee naxariis ha umoodina. Anigu waan maray gobalad Soomaalida waana meel aanay nolol ka jirin sidoo kale waxaan maray dhulka ay kenyaatigu deganyihiin waxaana ka jirta nolol wanaagsan. Intaa keliya maaha ee maalin walba sida la doono ayaa laydinka yeelaa oo la kufsadaa gabdhaha iyo weliba xaasaska Soomaalida iyadoo cid ka hadli karta aanay jirin tii ugu danbaysay waxay ka dhacday Gaarisa. Waxaan talo idinkugu soo jeedina lahaa Soomalidiina dhinac ka raaca oo gumaysi kaba uqaadka iska dhaafa. Iyadoo Itoobiya ay ka cabsanayso Soomaaliiya oo aan dowlad lahayn ninki u fududeeyay wuxuu ahaa Cabdulaahi Yusuf oo ay marmarsimo kasoo dhigteen. Marki danbe tii lagu dhigay waa la ogaa oo waa tii xabshidu ku tiri ka deg kursiga. War taariikhda wax ka barta oo sharaftiina ha iibsanina.

  26. Guy's, stop misleading yourself and the upcoming generation. there is only one Somali country and its called ''The federal Republic of Somalia''. The word ''Somaliland'' is not and was never a name made exclusively for north Somalia. The south use to be called '' Italian Somaliland'', Ogaden region use to be called ''Italian Somaliland'', Djibouti use to be called ''French Somaliland''. Somaliland means THE LAND OF THE SOMALI PEOPLE, and it is for that reason why they were all called ''Somaliland''. Before the colonial times the people of north like the south had different empires, therefore the concept that the north was separate from the south is propaganda at its best. The likes of ahmed gurey and the Sayyīd Muhammad who died defending the south and north, died trying to prevent the colonials separating somalis. The SNM (Somali National Movement) was created to fight injustice against a regime, it was never made in order to separate from the south. Although some self seeking interest individuals took advantage of the situation and flipped the whole SNM agenda when the civil war started. Ask your self this simple question.. IF SNM WAS MADE IN ORDER TO SEPARATE FROM THE SOUTH, WHY WAS IT CALLED ''SOMALI NATIONAL MOVEMENT'' AND NOT ''SOMALILAND NATIONAL MOVEMENT''? Pleas do seek real information guys instead of being remote controlled by individuals who don't care a dime about the people of north Somalia. Peace!