Commander, Combined Maritime Forces

Office of Public Affairs

PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                   21 November 2012




Turkish Navy warship TCG Gemlik, the flagship of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Combined Task Force 151 (CTF 151) has successfully interdicted a suspected piracy skiff 400 nautical miles East of Somalia.

The skiff was first detected by a EUNAVFOR Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) in the early hours of 21 November 2012.  It was monitored throughout the night and at daybreak TCG Gemlik was tasked to begin a search with their embedded S-70B Sea Hawk ‘Cheetah’.

Commanding Officer TCG Gemlik Commander Serkan said:

“Taking into consideration the speed and location of the skiff and our direction of passage, we knew we were in the best position to get ‘eyes on’ the skiff.  Our helo detected a vessel matching the description and with Cheetah continuing to monitor, we proceeded towards the skiff.  When the skiff began to alter course and speed in an apparent attempt to evade, we hailed it via VHF without response. Within an hour the skiff finally stopped and our helo remained on scene as our boarding team approached the skiff.”

Following the successful boarding, TCG Gemlik handed over the skiff and 9 suspected pirates were transferred to EUNAVFOR Romanian warship ROS Regele Ferdinand.


Commander CTF 151, Rear Admiral Oğuz Karaman said:

“The highly trained and efficient efforts by the Ship’s company of TCG Gemlik were commendable.

Keeping the sea lanes free from piracy and therefore maintaining maritime safety is the reason we are here.  The big winners are the legitimate fishermen and merchant vessels of the area. Today, CTF 151 and EUNAVFOR have demonstrated an effective operation to detect and interdict a group of suspected pirates.”

The combined effort of CMF and EUNAVFOR working in counter-piracy operations continues to result in significant increases in successful disruptions. Commodore Simon Ancona Royal Navy, Deputy Commander CMF said:

“Through the combined efforts of multiple nations and Task Forces we have ensured the safety of the maritime environment. We will continue to patrol these waters and demonstrate our commitment to regional security and stability.”



  1. With PirateLand Captain Faroole sidelined in the political process of Moqadishu for the foreseeable future beyond year 2020 in addition Moqadishu government being the first legitimate SELECTED government which has total authority over Somalia-Italia "PART" of the former Somali-republic. It has been public knowledge since the SELECTED that Bari, Nugaal and Mudug regions of Somalia will enter a state of unrest and return to total anarchy. In the next 10years we will witness a significant increase in piracy, human trafficking and unrest in the Northern parts of Somalia as these parts are further sidelined out of the political process in Moqadishu.

    The Preventative measure required to offset these escalating CIRCUMSTANCES is the successful conclusion of the 2-STATE dialogue process established between Somaliland and Somalia. When and IF the UN and IC support this 2-STATE process to conclude in an effective manner the RESULTING 2-STATE relationship will make it possible in creating the cooperation between the 2-STATE in eliminating Piracy and human trafficking.

    The Government in Somaliland has 22 years of preventing piracy on it's shores and FACILITATING a GOOD working relationship between the neighboring STATES will result in outright eradication of piracy once and for all.

    The converse will result in the expansion of the piracy afflicted zone.

    2-STATE dialogue is the KEY to peace and harmony in the HORN.

    • Don’t be naive you silly Faqash. Somali government is nothing but a name. It’s has no power what so ever.

      • @Buuxey…..Somaliland can not even provide its people with water let alone piracy. It failed to sell the idea to the people of the region excepts ''Is@@qs''. Pleas before you even dream further, get recognition from the people you claim t represent (beside Is@@qs), let alone recognition from the International community.

      • @hadhka… You mean Somaliland exist by name. Its not even recognized in wikipedia let alone internationally. Furthermore it's not even recognised outside the ''Isaaq'' clan, let alone by the people of the North.

        • Puntland is on Fire Pirate Faroole was stoned and chased out of Qardho today 🙂

          Faroole has ZERO control of the Pirate Dingy and it is sinking fast 9th Jan 2013 all HELL is breaking loose in Gerowe.

          Coup d'etat is on the horizon Silaanyo and Hassan simply need to supply the bullets and sit a watch the fire works.

  2. “Through the combined efforts of multiple nations and Task Forces we have ensured the safety of the maritime environment. We will continue to patrol these waters and demonstrate our commitment to regional security and stability.” This statement shows their is no excuse for ignoring lawfull ways to face any problems. Piracy is wrong and unexcuse for being too weak to use the law to show you're issues. Instead others are today showing you it is possible.

  3. Before i came to this site, I never care for that tribal shiiiit, but here I am starting to feel hostility towards S/landers for one simple reason because stupid shiit you say in comment section.
    This is none but a tool for the non existing Somaliland Republic.

    Somaliland State of Somalia is the only thing I and rest of the nation is willing to recognize, and if we do decided to let you go your own way we will make sure we take SSC and AWDAL STATE.

    I am and always well be a support of a Strong untied Somalia and I support the Federal System, and if you stupid Somalis would throw this tribal shiit out window. Greater Somalia would exist and it it would the greastest place to live.

    We the Somali nation are Entrepreneurs, Poets, Warriors, Farmers, Fishermen (owner of the longest in Africa). We have many Shcolars, and many Religious Scholars. We have what many poor nation wish they had to become successful.Yet here we are in this sick condition.

    May ALLAH helps

  4. Puntland and Jubbaland do not support the Federal government of Somalia and i suppose when the 2-STATE dialogue is being conducted this fact should be considered and Somalia reduced to Galgaduud-to-Banadir minus the ASWJ-Mareehan degaans who will be joining Jubbaland?

    If Darood leave the Somalia project then i suppose there is no reason the Rahanweyne have to remain and as such Bay, bakool and all the D&M degaans should also be removed from Somalia…

    2-STATE solution that respects the borders of the 2-STATES that formed the UNION in 1960!!! each state regaining their own state borders without any compromise is the most viable option.

    Khaakhtuf and Awdal states were formed by Dayusbara with ZERO legitimacy and as such have no credibility to be considered during the 2-STATE dialogue process.

    Somaliland is ONE.
    Somalia is federations but we will consider them as ONE.

    2-STATE is a reality and Nobody can stop it not the UN, AU nor Arab league 🙂