London, 22 January 2010 (Somalilandpress) – A new book named “Politics of Cain: one hundred years of crises in Somali politics“ written by Prof. Hussein A. Bulhan was recently launched in London. The event which was organized by Kayd Somali Arts and Culture was attended by a number of people who came from different places.

Having met with Prof. Bulhan in Hargeisa, I was privileged to have the opportunity to meet him once again, only this time in the United Kingdom. Among the guests were Dr Mohamed Abdilaahi, a special Somaliland ambassador with useful comments about nation building and Dr. Sa’d Ali Shire as well as the Somali Mayor of Tower Hamlets, London, Mr. Ahmed Omar.

The launch was opened by Ayan Ashur and chaired by Mr. Mohamed Mohamoud. Introducing Prof. Bulhan, Dr. Mohamed Aboker gave the audience some background information and set the scene for the book itself.

Mr Abdiqani Saban gave a brief but insightful review of the book explaining the meaningful content of the book and how it sheds light on some of the issues that are still affecting our nation and its people around the world. Mr. Mohamoud Sheekh Dalmar headed the discussion that led to the audience interacting with Author and having in depth discussion about the book.

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This book and Professor Bulhan’s words will be no doubt be quoted for years to come in order to help understand the disruptive affect elitism within the clan system has had on Somali society. The book gives those who wish to understand the causes of this cataclysmic explosion of violence & implosion of rage must delve into Somali history from the late nineteenth century to the end of the twentieth century. If I look into the message of the book from an anthropological perspective, having in mind that Professor Buhan’s previous publication mentioned the kinship and clan system, this book certainly goes one step further in explaining the loss of social organization that Somali society has undergone due to the rise of elitism.

Professor Bulhan was received well and made welcome by the audience. He shared his experience both in the USA and now in Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland. Professor Bulhan also encouraged people in the Diaspora to get involved in supporting and developing the country.

Professor Bulhan spoke about the fact that we need to bring change ourselves stating “we have to look at the situation, we need to do critical analysis, we need to look into the clanship that we are using, we have to do the change ourselves”.

The audience commented and got involved in the discussion and in particular the women that attended gave their perspectives of the political and clan based issues that are affecting the Somali youth in the Diaspora. Mr. Ali Senyo made a valuable comment regarding the breaking up of communities and the clan borders that are affecting us both in society and in terms of applying political choice.

I certainly gained great knowledge by attending this event and I am sure it will be seen by both the Professor and the audience as a milestone on the road to healing a fractured nation.

The Author:

Professor Bulhan studied at Wesleyan University, Boston University, and Harvard University. Following service as a tenured professor at Boston University and the Director of the Family Therapy Program at Boston University Medical Centre, Prof. Bulhan started a health consultancy firm whose annual revenue quickly grew to $25M USD.

He returned to Somaliland to mediate conflicts in 1994-1996, subsequently remaining in the country to help in socio-economic rebuilding and trauma treatment. At present, Prof. Bulhan is the President of the University of Hargeisa and the Chief Clinician of the Maan-dhaye Clinic.

The Audiences
The Audiences

Mr. Abdiqani Saban
Mr. Abdiqani Saban

Written by:
Kaltun Osman


  1. Cool Kaltun but I'm not a fan of politics as whole or the subject of politics, however Mr Bulhan is a bright man and I congratulate him for all he has done including connecting University of Hargeisa to international universities.

    So Mr Bulhan is millionaire, if the company he started grew to $25m, what does that mean?

  2. It is great book I think you should Rames, as for Dr. Bulhan he is good author and contributed academia which is excellent.

  3. This is great Kaltun. I shall get a copy of the book as well. Prof. Bulhan is one of the few Somalilanders i admire and he has a good knowledge about the subject.

  4. Horta Shirkan gabdha qaban-qaabisa miyaysan xishoon

    Waxaan ka yaabey gabdhan mar-waliba qaban-qaabisa bandhigyada sida ey qabyaalada ugu dhaqanta iyadoo adeedsata magaca Soomaaliyeed, waxaa nasiib daro ah in gabadh yar ey qabyaalada ku milanto bal eeg bandhiga ey qabato kuli dad reer Hargeysa ah ayay u yeerta iyadoo isticmaaleysa magaca Soomaaliyeed waa arin nasiib xumo ah waxaan kula talin lahaa gabdhan iney iska deyso qabyaalada kana raacdo danta guud ileen Soomaalinimo waxey ku weydey ku heli meyso reer hebeil