Djibouti, 22 January 2010 (Somalilandpress) – The other day a friend of mine sent me an email about a new internet-based Radio station about two weeks ago: (The voice of Djibouti). The message of this Website announce: ‘a group of young Djiboutian Diaspora opens up a free and independent Radio station. It doesn’t say where exactly this Station based at and who’s financing it. To make the matter worse; it’s difficult to reach them. But when I tuned in, though with their last two programs the actual broadcast says otherwise –despite of what the young Announcer claimed that la voix de Djibouti to be. It was indeed far from impartial nor is the voice of all Djiboutians.

It speaks on the language of the so-called Djiboutian oppositions –I say so-called because it becomes a custom that a Djiboutian nowadays turns a political opponent against the President Ismail O. Guelleh’s government; only when he/she loses their jobs, government contracts or thrown out the train: elite. Also usually what motivates half of these self-proclaim political opponents unfortunately is tribal animosity-or- personal vendetta against the President of the Republic itself; not with his policies? Needless to say Djiboutians certainly needs an alternative voice than the Government-run Radio and Television in Djibouti.

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For example, it’s funny when one hears a person like Mr. Abdulraman Borreh, the home-grown millionaire, who despises the Djiboutian- when he publicly called the Djiboutians ‘lazy and don’t want to work’; and brought foreign workers for the construction of the new Port, Doraleh and the Kempeski Palace, the new five stars Hotel. And yet, today he joined the opposite camps as well just because he has a personal problem with his old friend: President IOG. Not long ago he was die-hard Guellehism and even his new found allies used to label him of being business partner of the President – today his arch enemy.

And also, Mr. Ali Abdillahi Iftin, self appointed leader and mouth-piece of pretentious opposition party in Belgium-was once the privilege class-when he was demoted from his previous position as a Presidential Guard for the former President, Mr. Hassan Gouled Aptidon; he then switches as political opponent and fled to Europe. Mr. Iftin was recently interviewed on “, Radio Station”; he advocated violence and claimed there’s a civil war already into Djibouti. Upon verifying with this fabrication –there’s no such think. That’s typical Djiboutian political opponent of the day: (If I won’t get the lion share, let the entire country be doom). And sadly no one condemns this sadist, especially by his peers. He definitely reminds me the reactionary and monologue, Mr. Ali Couba; and the demagogue, Mr. Daher Ahmed Farah.

Since when these guys and their likes realized things are bad –only when they lost their privileges? What’s so disturbing about these phony individuals is their naked arrogance. They think that the Djiboutian people are stupid. Or blind! They actually believe they could use the Djiboutian as a latter in order to gain the power and the wealth of the nation. It’s seems they are grossly underestimating the Djiboutian Citizens. Interesting enough these individuals the only thing they have in common is- their hatred towards the President of the Republic.

It’s true that Djibouti needs an independent voice; and at the same time responsible and constructive opposition parties that challenges the current Administration inside the country; and sacrifices their lives for their people. And present to the Djiboutian Citizens alternative policies and inspire the people to a better life: bring to the end of this constant blackout of the electricity and the current lack of water, especially the largest and Capital city, Djibouti-city. And more so putting to the end of the foreign working visas of the Indians and Yemenis taking the jobs for the young Djiboutian into the private own-businesses; and speak against Mr. Guelleh’s policies to sponsor Philippines, Indians and Chinese workers while the Djiboutians themselves are qualify to do the jobs into the Ports and large constructions projects. And expose the Ministers, MP’s and higher Military and Police Officers-who are snatching the transportations, constructions and other Government contracts away from the local contractors.

“La voix de has an especial responsibility and opportunity to inform, educate and defend the national interest and integrity of the Republic of Djibouti and his Citizens. I hope they will be fair and balance; if they want to be part of the family of the professional Press.

Written by: Mohamed Awaleh, freelance writer


  1. I agree with Awaleh…that's! what djiboutians do only when they lost their privileges as the author says. I was there few months ago.

    Said H

  2. Seeing Djibouti's media, it reminds me of the radio stations in Mogadishu where the only thing they talk about was Siad Barre. It was a pure propaganda for him and his likes.

    The same is happening in Djibouti now and if you watch or listen to the country's TV and Radio, you will be reminded of the Soviet Union in its early stages.

  3. LA voixdedjibouti , the voice of djibouti in english is the geatest tool ever for free and independent information for djiboutian people.I do remember a couple of years ago back in djibouti when the then true oppsostion asked the govermenent to have a free station radio .The USA official event supported this idea .But the response to this request was a flat big NO.the only reason they put forword was that it would divert people was this request accepted.Did they mean this free raio could divert people from knowing the wrong things the government was doing ?If that is the cas serve them right now.Now they have aginst their will and for the sake of the people a free radion which will make them naked.A as many of my djiboutian follow country. men I do welcome this new radio.I am dead sure it will free us from this nasty regime soon .lLong live the voice of Djibouti then!y You are nothing else but the voice of voiceless.
    mohamed houssein

    • Concratilatoin for you Mr Mohamed Hussein
      This clear he's nothing but the voice of voiceless and he's a ?

  4. ecouter on s enfout de vos charabias anglais a djib on etudie francais. si vous etes des etrangers ecrivant english on s interesse meme a vos inepties.