LONDON, (Somalilandpress) — After holding successful meeting with American officials and Somaliland Diaspora in the US, KULMIYE’s top diplomat, Dr. Mohamed A Omar, has arrived in London on Friday and said his party is best placed in advancing Somaliland’s interest on the international stage.

Speaking to the media on his arrival, Dr Omar stated that the delegation led by KULMIYE’s Chairman, Mr. Ahmed Silanyo, of which he was a part of, was warmly received by the Obama administration, Congressman Donald Payne, US aid agencies and institutions in Washington.

He added that the discussions they had with the US officials mainly focused on Somaliland’s need for economic and political support and finding a viable solution to the security issue in the region – Horn of Africa.
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KULMIYE’s Foreign Affairs Spokesman said that their delegation had presented their foreign and security policy initiatives to the US officials ahead of Somaliland’s upcoming presidential election and had asked for increased US aid to Somaliland.

“In a well attended conference held in Washington in honour of the delegation, Mr. Silanyo has talked about Somaliland’s achievements as well as challenges ahead, and requested the international community to double the support it gives to his country,” Dr Omar told reporters.

While in Washington, the delegation has met with the former US Assistant Secretary of State, Hon. Princeton Lyman, Congressman Donald Payne, Mr. David Shinn, former US ambassador to Ethiopia, senior officials from US-AID and State Department as well as members from the Foreign Relations Council and the National Endowment for Democracy.

In a concluding statement, Mr. Omar said that he was astonished by President Rayale’s accusation of the American administration and Congressman Payne of being anti-Somaliland. He completely rejected the accusation and said both the US administration and Donald Payne are friends of Somaliland.

He added that Kulmiye party has ties of friendship and cooperation with the United States and the international community and thus Kulmiye foreign policy is best placed in advancing the interest of the Somaliland people regionally and internationally.

Source: Somalilandpress, Saturday 23 January 2010


  1. The world and the Somaliland people noticed that Kulmiye takes care of our interest in the world. Thank you Dr. Mohamed A Omar who has engineered this noble diplomatic work under the wise leadership of Mr. Ahmed Silanyo.

  2. Am I missing something or didn't Mr.Siilanyo recently state after 20 years of Somaliland's independence he still beliefs in "federal Somalia".

    If this is true and KULMIYE champions "Somaliweyn", then no true Somalilander will vote for KULMIYE

      • Egal never believed in Federal and Kulmiye will never support that. UDUB is trying twist things because (geed ay qabsadaan bay la yihiin) and it back fired on them big time. And now the man who spread this outlandish news is trouble, although, he maybe made a escapgoat.

    • Not true this is UDUB party's propaganda, they are lossing every thing – they know they are gone. Their foreign policy failed in all areas so if someone engages with regional players and international think tanks your basically pro Somalia.

      In their hearts and mind your pro-Somaliland if you dont have friends, lock your self in that former Morgan house and cant even visit Borama. Sad isnt it? Well thats UDUB.