Hargeisa, Somaliland (SomalilandPress) – The leaders of Somaliland’s opposition parties visited those who were injured during the recent protests at Hargeisa hospital today.

The Opposition leaders, Mr. Siilaanyo and Eng. Faisal spent several hours with the injured civilians and their families. They said most of them are wounded because of gunshots. They also provided some financial assistance to the patients.

The visit which came after three days when the incident happened is believed to be one of the opposition’s cards to gain the people’s support during the expected elections. In a brief press conference during the visit, the leaders called the government of releasing those who were arrested during the protest.

Government officials did not visit those who were injured during the violent demonstrations on Saturday. The oppositioin leaders said it is against the Somaliland’s constitution to arrest people because of demonstration as they were supporting democracy in the country.

Source: SomalilandPress