HARGEISA, 15 September 2009 (Somalilandpress) – The Somaliland parliament resumes its normal sessions today with the presence of 70 MPs. Today’s session which was chaired by the parliament speaker, Mr. Abdirahman Irro was attended by a large number of Somaliland traditional leaders who have been mediating between the two sides.

The parliament said they have only two days left for their extra-ordinary session. The speaker said they will vote if they should go for a month holiday or make an extension to their session. After the voting, 36 members voted in favour of the extension while 32 others voted for the holiday. The speaker did not vote.

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The speaker then informed the MPs that the traditional leaders asked the parliament to halt their sessions for two days in order to finalize the mediation process which the MPs agreed.

In his opening speech, the parliament speaker condemned the government of not letting the press cover their sessions. He said the press should be allowed to attend the parliament sessions as they have to right to exercise their freedom and serve the nation.

The press was then allowed to go inside and cover the news from the parliament.


  1. what happend to free of speech? I though you were begging riyaale to get the free of scpeech. why didi you delete my comment?

  2. Just listen to the silence of those who were rejoice at Somaliland's recent difficulties. When will they ever learn that Somaliland is here to stay, and the strength of the nation is its citizens.

  3. S.land still is part of Somalia like it or not. Somaliland is better and peaceful than Somalia untill recently. Somaliland is half democracy nation in Africa. Somaliland is also my home but for me there are no different between the two. I’m somalilander by location and Somalia is also my country.
    To be honest, it look like you see S.land as relegion. Because it was were I grew up, i don’t want anyone to harm S.land. When government igrone the rights of it citizen, sometimes you ask does it worth it to support S.land at all.
    Riyaal iyo Dowladiisa waxa lagu haystaa dadkii Hargesa Polici ku toogteen iyo safarkii la jarjajer oo dalaabo laga qaadin.

  4. Omar, pick one, Somaliland or Somalia, because the union is over, dead, gone, finished, kaput, maafish, sheekadaasu way dhamaatay.
    Somaliland is a sovereign state. Somaliland is here to stay. Somalia is another country.