Haji Mohamed Saeed Duale, the chairman of the Dahabshiil Group companies, last week cut the ribbon to a brand new modern bridge build by funds donated by the Dahabshiil Group of Companies in the city of Burco, Togdheer region.

The New Bridge will ease traffic which is usually interrupted for a few hours because of a roads in the city is either impassable or destroyed by water during the rainy seasons. The demand for another bridge has been long-standing, with residents and commuters highlighting the need to bridge the gap between Bridge and other roads.

The various leaders who spoke during the opening ceremony of the new bridge noted the need for the construction of this bridge and expressed their gratitude to the chairman of Dahabshiil Group, Haji Mohamed Saeed Duale.

The Governor of Togdeer region speaking during the opening ceremony of the newly constructed Dahabshiil Flyover Bridge said, “I would like to thank Haji Mohamed Saeed Duale and the Dahabshiil Group of Companies for their monetary contribution for the construction of the bridge promises increased connectivity, reduced traffic congestion, and improved travel experiences for the resident of Burao town as a whole.

“The day Haji Mohamed Saeed Duale pledged to build the new bridge, it was raining heavily and it took me forty minutes to reach my home which is situated not far from Masjid Huda but I also remember passing more than 400 vehicles which were stuck on the road for more than two hours. So it is really a joy for the people of Togdheer region and the city of Burco to be here today to witness the opening of the new flyover bridge that the Dahabshiil group has built, and we ask other businessmen to follow suit. May God bless Mohamed Said and the Dahabshiil group of companies,” the Governor said.

The Deputy Mayor of Burao speaking during the occasion said, “On behalf of the local government, I would like to extend my gratitude to Haji Mohamed Saeed Duale and Dahabshiil group for responding to our appeal in assisting in the construction of the new bridge, and with the new bridge the Road transport is expected to become more convenient, especially during the rainy season, as the new bridge will allow for easy traversal of the numerous roads the city of Burao.

Finally, the general chairman of Dahabshiil Group meetings, Haji Mohamed Saed Duale, speaking during the ceremony said,” I would to use this occasion to thank all who are here today and I will also like to remind you that, I spent most of my youth living in this town and many things have changed since then till now thanks to Allah Subhanallah who has blessed us with peace and prosperity.