Dahabshil Bank International (DBI) is committed to implementing apt suggestions made by its customers.

This was revealed during a dinner that DBI hosted for its clients in Hargeisa during which the inaugural Customer Service week was also officially brought to a close.

The weekly even,t which ran from the 23rd to the 29th of November, brought together participants from prominent business personalities and companies who exchanged ideas and suggestions with DBI officials with a view to enhancing services.

The DBI  customer Service week closure was graced and addressed by the Dahabshiil Group General Manager, Abdirashid Mohamed Saeed “Abdirashid Dahabshiil”, the DBI Chief executive officer, Omar Sheikh, accompanied by several senior officers. Also participating were Representatives from the East African Bank of Djibouti.

To kick-start the event,  Dahabshiil Group General Manager, Abdirashid Duale, thanked all participants for not only participating but, also, to contributing ideas and suggestions during the week.

According to the GM, the objective of the customer week event was to avail DBI clients a forum on which their ideas could be integrated into the bank’s operations with a view to enriching services.

“We are committed to ensuring that our development agendas accommodate suggestions and recommendations by clients,” said Abdirashid Dahabshiil, adding that this emanates from the fact that the bank can only succeed if its clients succeed too.

The GCEO stated the customer service week event elicited a lot of recommendations following broad discussions which the DBI shall put the more imperative among them on practice.

Abdirashid Duale, Dahabshiil Group overall CEO

Pointing to a large number of senior DBI and East Africa Bank officials in attendance, the Group’s General manager said that all of these officials were committed to ensuring that clients are availed proper and apt services which were geared towards the enhancement of diverse commercial activities indispensable to business development as suggested.

Stressing the importance that Dahabshiil Group, the parent company of DBI, puts on the wellbeing of its clients as can be exemplified by the week-long meet in which customers were listened to, Abdirashid Dahabshiil promised not only to boost clients morale but target investment areas brought to light.

In conclusion, Abdirashid Duale said “as we continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients without bias to gender,  still we are proud to underline that a growing number of women are not only clients but beneficiaries our various services”, adding that youth entrepreneurs, too, are not only urged to pursue various services offered by the DBI but that job creation for them is, also, at center stage of activities.

Dahabshilk Bank International (DBI) CEO, Omar Sheikh

According to the CEO of Dahabshil Bank International, who assumed duties recently, Mr Omar Sheikh, provision of customer-tailored business incentives is a priority of his management team.

“In pursuit of this objective, we are strengthening communication between the bank and its clients,” said the CEO adding that the ultimate goal is to enhance customer activities.

The CEO announced that DBI shall start offering better service solutions and reward best clients as a result of the customer service week.

Haji Adan Baradho

Speaking on behalf of local business personalities in attendance, Haji Adan Ahmed Diriye ‘Adan Baradho’, commended the DBI for initiating customer service week program while urging the institution to create a mechanism that shall alleviate difficulties encountered by importers as they purchased goods abroad.

“As it prevails now, importers have to carry large amounts of cash abroad especially to countries like China and Turkey,” said Adan Baradho thence urging the DBI to establish mechanisms of providing LC licenses as well as a partnership with corresponding banks outside the country.

Aisha Ibrahm Deerogaad (Sugan)

According to businesswoman Asha Ibrahim (Caasha Sugan), benefits accrued
locally from the largesse of Dahabshiil are many as exemplified by her experiences which she narrated.

“Following end of the civil war,  I returned from my refugee status with only $60 but thanks to financial and moral support by Dahabshil today I am the proud owner of numerous companies”.

Mahad Ibrahim of Nuradin schools

Stressing that Dahabshiil bank does not discriminate on a gender basis, Madam Asha Sugan urged women to pursue services offered by the institution.

The proprietor of Nuradin schools Mahad Ibrahim took the opportunity to thank Dahabshiil for the support provided leading to his school’s becoming the leading ones in Somaliland.

“The Nuradin Girls School was made possible courtesy of $1m loan from Dahabshiil,” said Mahad adding that it was not the loan that he is actually grateful for but the manner of acquisition.

“When I applied for the loan I was asked to provide a guarantor for the $1m but unfortunately that was impossible for me at the time,” said the Nuradin Schools proprietor, adding that thanks to the intervention of Mohamed Saeed Duale, Dahabshiil founder, the school has become one of the top girls schools in the country.

Dee Abdi of Star Group

According to the general manager of the Star Group of companies, Deeq Abdi, the DBI needs to review its commission of bank loans thence make it accessible for many to accrued benefits.

Mohamed Abdi Ahmed ‘Ilig’, Director General of Horn Cable TV, proposed that as youth and business start-ups were not financially solid, to begin with, the Bank must come up with packages commensurate with the situation, providing them terms that were less stringent, more conducive and – certainly – not the same as big businesses. the idea was widely welcomed by particpants as well as the Bank.

Dahabshil Bank International, first inaugurated in 2014, has quickly branched out from Hargeisa to Bossasso, Mogadishu, Kismayo, Galkayu and many more key cities to render its much-commended investment services as large a beneficiary base as.