HARGEISA, 19 October 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Nairobi, Kenya, October 17, 2009 (SL Times) – Puntland administration recently announced that it allowed Voice of America (VOA) broadcasts in its territory. Under normal circumstances this should be considered good news, until one reads the news release by the Puntland regional administration in which it states that the reason it gave permission to the VOA was because US Ambassador to Kenya has agreed to attend a conference of the Puntland diaspora in the US.

In other words, according to the Puntland authorities, there was a quid pro quo in which the US ambassador was supposed to attend the conference of the Puntlanders in exchange for Puntland allowing voa broadcasts in its territory. If this is not blackmail, we don’t what is.

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Anyone who has closely followed the behavior of Puntland’s successive administrations, would not be surprised that the current Puntland administration has engaged in pure blackmail. But what is surprising is that neither the organizers of the diaspora conference nor the American ambassador have repudiated the Puntland administration’s statement.
Just to dispel any doubts, here is the relevant part of the press release by the Puntland government:

“His Excellency, the President of Puntland State, granted the VOA Somali Service to resume its news broadcasting operations in Puntland today as a good gesture to US Ambassador to Kenya HE Michael E. Renneberger’s participation at the Puntland Diaspora Forum Conference to be held in the US State of Minnesota, 10 – 12 October 2009.”

Source: Somaliland Times


  1. Just because Puntland has a bigger International profile on diplomacy doesn't mean you can base your accusations on a press release which there is NO hardcore facts of any blackmail that could have taken place. I advise the editor to focus more attention on the President of Somaliland who doesn't want to see a fare and free election instead of focusing on Puntland who had a PEACEFUL transfer of power earlier this year. KU DAYO!!!

  2. No body that knew the history of Pugland will be surprised with these kind of behavior when it comes to black mailing. I do not think the region would have survived this long if not for Human trafficing, piracy and black mailing others. However, you can fool the world once but you can't fool twice and their days of criminal activities are numbered.

  3. Afri_Boy

    am not from puntland but am loving how landers are stressing about puntland
    the creaton of puntland wasone of the greates strategic moves ever made in somalia

    "Puntland who had a PEACEFUL transfer of power earlier this year. KU DAYO!!!"

    puntland the base KU DAYO

  4. Puntland had a peaceful transfer of power between cousins, who are all from the same tribe, that only rule – to some extent- that single tribe, that is why it was a peaceful transition of power, but I do praise them for having a more practical approach to the international community.

    that is by far better than that of Somaliland – my country-, for instance they created piracy benefit from the large ransom on one hand, and on the other hand the monopolize the training and funding for the somali navy offered by the international sponsors and making Bossaso the base for fighting 'piracy'.

    They know how to get what they want for the world, Somaliland lacks that skill, and failed miserably through the last 2 decades to gain any.

    • What you are discribing is not a state for the people but a mafia hold out that knows how to milk the innocent of the the world.

      In another hand, Somaliland is a Country that abide with Internation norms.

  5. Have you tried one man one vote like Somaliland , then the world will call it Democracy now, it,s called Majerte clan switching his seat for another Majerten.you ku dayo on Somaliland.