South Africa 19 October 2009 (Somalilandpress)-I’ve read many interesting articles encouraging socio-political change in Somaliland written by eminent academics and opinion leaders Below is my humble input on change in the socio-political system of Somaliland.

Somaliland needs hope and not hope for bread and butter but hope for real change, change that will transform the lives of all individuals. Our democracy has failed in the hands of chain of politicians. Our democracy is not democratic. People are falling in despair and the young are devoid of hope. Somaliland is not what it is today. What we see is blatant incompetence of the current government and its power hungry constituency.

Somaliland needs change in economic policies and social policies.

We have a reputable record of failure in governance and probably a leading traveling president fruits of which are unseen and unavailable. We funded as a poor malfunctioning state the life of a man who is doing nothing about the primary concern of a starving nation. Somalilanders have a dream too…a dream that one hopes will see us through life in Somaliland, a dream that will answer the questions the poor have about their own lives, and the life of their own country.

Elections are nearing and the current president because of his power hungry horse will contest and probably win because we have an imagined democracy. In a democratic country with a right thinking president we see real change, a change that resonates the living ideals of the nation. More Somalilanders think of themselves as a leadless nation and I’m certain that I may be thought of as negative and despondent and if correctly assumed I am, it is because of the current government. We do need change and the sort of change that will answer our economic questions. I believe a way to a functional democracy will be paved if we vote the current incompetence out and we vote competence and real change in. On that note, be mindful that I have a dream and but not dark as the current constituency.

In Africa to change a president required couple of heads and villages being burned, people being chased all over, but recently South Africa democracy has established a firm principle that we don’t need to do that to change the president. All we need is a democratic vote to change the current leadership and enforce governance with a new constituency. We have clearly suffered as a nation from the current president and we can equally do a Mbeki on the current president. Mbeki was distinguished globally as the versatile statesman but internal policy on AIDS was a blatant failure and as such ignored primary responsibility which was leading South Africa into greater prosperity. We can speak in one democratic voice and bring change that Americans are hoping for and which South Africans are seeing as we speak.

A national dialogue about change needs to be effected. In the light of those factors, I once again say: change is possible; it begins with compassion for Somaliland.

Thank you for your deligence

Saeed Furaa.
South Africa


  1. South Africa isn’t practicing real democracy either. In real Democracy, every individual has the right to be protected by the government of the land. If they are illegal immigrate or first citizen, it’s the government is responsibility to take care of all population living it is land.

    South Africa is just the opposite. It is where immigrates are killed every day. Its where those who own bunisess punish and the police even helped the theives completed what they wanted. We have solid reports that coming from S.Africa when they got angry with other people including Somali immigrate police helped out elder women who couldn’t carry 40kg of rice that had stolen from Somali shop owner.

    When asked why they doing that, they say these people are taking jobs that was intended by S. Africans.