HARGEISA, 18 October 2009 (Somalilandpress)-During the last two decades, thousands of Somali modern generation walks have lost their priceless lives in the dark wavy oceans between Africa and the other world! The question is__ how many more are ready yet to spend their money on the same death ticket?
In the Somali history, immigration to an expatriate country was informal among the Somali male community and extremely social taboo for their female counterparts. Only few men were known to had been immigrants to a foreign country not because for seeking a better life, but a knowledge, job or business. During the early 1970s when the prolonged droughts hit had in the Somaliland regions immigration to the gulf countries started under the incentives of the then kings and Emirs of the gulf at large. Many families we see today in these countries are of the immigrants of the said era. However, this modern and deadly fashion of life-disposal is the outcome of the unstoppable merciless civil wars in Somalia and of course, the meagre job opportunities in Somaliland albeit it is relatively stable and peaceful country.
Tahriib history.
In 1991, when the central government of Somalia collapsed, a huge number of refugees had crossed the seas between Somalia and Yemen for seeking refuge from the erupted hostilities between the major clans, many of which had lost their lives within their fleeing vessels in the seas. On the other hand, as the problems in Somalia unfolds one after another and peace and reconciliation level of expectations narrows; disappointment and hopelessness overshadows the younger generations by waving the bath for illegal exodus by what so ever means! In the mid 1990s, illegal immigrations had opened its doors flooding into many countries in Africa and the other world out. Immigration to Europe by way of Ethiopia, Sudan and finally Libya has became the zigzag root to the hell for many; left their traces unknown, but their images still nocks in the hearts and minds of their beloved parents.
The impact of sorrow and imbitterment of this disastrous but unprecedented way of journey (tahriib) lies under the houses of many families that literally changed the shape of their lives, the solution of which is so long conundrum. Notwithstanding, as many immigrants with their boats including the last two of Togdheer brothers and sisters are unaccounted for__ Tahriib-bound transports (sea and land) are still jam-packed with hundreds of young illegal immigrants right from Somaliland major cities, where as the border to border human traffickers in the region are busy like the bees to get their malignant jobs accomplished. One of the most heart-racketing Tahriib shames has recently happened in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where 16 female immigrants all from Somaliland have been arrested from their trafficker’s vehicle by Saudi police patrol officers and still are in their custody. Unlike Somalia, Somaliland’s younger generations are dying from several reasons including that of their parents’ apart from the other superfluous facts. It is unacceptable to hear that parents usually have hands-in-glove with their youngsters’ Tahriib__ like supplying money and other facilities to have won them sent to Europe through such a horrible and foolish adventures. Many fixed properties including houses and shops have been auctioned by many parents in the best interest of sending their children to the abroad, the return of which could never be capitalized as it underlies erroneous perceptions.

The question is; in whose hands are all these problems happening? People have different views on this issue__ some are of the view that all these are happening in the hands of the weak and powerless government__ where as others would argue that the hidden agenda is the lackadaisical livelihood in the country. Perhaps, both views of the people are the two faces of the same coin, as weak government yields only a poor standard of life and vice versa. One should be boldly addressed__ that people are the government and the government is the people; that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow and leaders of today are the veterans of tomorrow__ without them we would not have been where we are today. According to my point of evaluation, we must actively confront with this satanic way of committing to suicide, as every one of us is responsible to a certain level, individual or group; we have to bring it to an end by the help of our collective force including the watchful media (Newspapers, tv’s, radios, websites and blogospheres). We must join and strengthen the campaign of Tahriib awareness that started by the schools of Burao to let the youngsters know about the horror repercussions of Tahriib and install the values and richness of their country’s wealth and future endeavours.

Before I conclude inking this piece of writing, I would like to advice the youth with the suspension of spending their money on silent-death-prescription (Tahriib). The president (Mr. Reyale) and the hopefuls (Mr. Faiysal and Silanyo) expressed that their tension of it has reached far beyond the boiling point and hence pressing an ultimatum strategy. Let us help with their abrogative strategy; Let us join hands to fight with Tahriib; let us fight for the future of our home and people.
It’s said that picture worth thousand words__ to grasp more about what we’ve said on Tahriib, please do watch this video clip in these links below to let yourself be convinced with the level of destitution, risk and result it underlies!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=megtSzU0Ayg&feature=player_embeddedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJ78e-nGH4s&feature=relatedMay ALLAAH (SWT) bless our people and country all…………. aamiin

By: Khadar Hanan
E-mail: khadarhanan@gmail.com
Doha, Qatar
Posted on Sunday-18-Oct-09


  1. It is heartbreaking and unfortunate adventures for our young people to risk their lives like that, Khadar. The main responsibility lays with the government not giving any hopes or light at the end of the tunnel and families who are spending beyond their means to cough up thousand to send them abroad. They see life ahead as doom and gloom and feel that they have nothing to lose. It is sad, sad situation.