By Mustafa Abdi Ibrahim

Mr. Jama Ayaanle Feyte, Somaliland-born politician, Journalist, and Horn of Africa political analyst who hails from Sanaag region has warned that unless there is regime change soon the country risks losing Sanaag region due to the bad judgment by the current regime in an interview with Somali Journalist Mr. Mohamed Farah Omade.

Mr. Jama Feyte added that the current government is to blame for the political upheaval in Erigavo town this week since the government is responsible for safety of its citizens and their properties

“A volatile political situation in Sanaag and Sool regions poses yet another challenge to democracy and stability of the republic of Somaliland, The present government should have taken the necessary measures to avoid the recent skirmishes in the town in which two women were injured and 50 others were detained by security this week but has failed to do so’, Mr. Jama Feyte stated.

Mr. Jama further said, “The people of Sanaag region despite their different tribal affiliations have coexisted in peace and harmony over the centuries but the current government seems to be dividing them by arresting members of a certain community.

He went on to say, “The recent incidents in Sanaag is a volatile political crisis that left experts confused and diplomats worried about a broad societal collapse that could ignite violence or prompt a broader conflict in the region unless appropriate measures are put into place it may turn to a Las Anod Scenario.

“In regard to the upcoming Presidential elections which are due to be held in November this year, I would like to urge the people to choose the right candidate who can unify the country and promote coexistence among the various communities living in the country.

Mr.  Jama Feyte lastly said, “Somaliland is known for its hybrid democracy which is an  accommodation between a clan-based social structure and a representative democracy which has been enabled by local socio-cultural traditions. External intervention, while minimal, has on occasion proved fruitful in providing a way out of crises.  I believe through political change and different approaches the people of Las Anod shall once again come to the Somaliland fold.

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