The Djibouti government has accused the Somaliland government of failing to cooperate in investigating the case of the 2014 Djibouti bombing.

The US government’s anti-terrorism report said it had concluded a preliminary international cooperation in investigating the 2014 bombing in Djibouti, the report stated that Djiboutian authorities failed to fully cooperate with Somaliland counterparts which resulted in the delayed investigation of the terrorism case, “The investigations on the bombing of “La Chaumiere” a café frequented by westerners in the Djiboutian capital was concluded in 2018.”The Djiboutian government is planning to start a criminal proceeding of the case in 2019. According to [Djiboutian] officials, the lack of cooperation with neighboring Somaliland has contributed to the delay in the investigation the US report said.

The report was published on the State Department’s website on 1 November 2019, and does not include the views and responses of the Somaliland government on the allegations.