By Goth Mohamed Goth

The President of the Republic of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi recently appointed the Central Bank of Somaliland board of directors.

No official announcement was made on President Bihi’s decree appointing the new board members, but sources have confirmed to the Horn Newspaper that President Bihi, in line with the bank’s rules, has nominated eight new members of the bank’s board of directors, and will include those members directly, the chairman, the deputy chairman and the director-general of the Bank will be members of the board.

According to reliable sources speaking to the Horn Newspaper said the 8 new board members of whom most are living abroad will serve in the bank’s supreme committee;

  1. Ahmed Ali Qasali
  2. Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Tani
  3. Mohamed Abdi Ibrahim
  4. Osman Sheikh Ahmed
  5. Ali Ahmed Osman
  6. Mahmud Awil Ibrahim
  7. Hussein Abdullahi Jama
  8. Mustafa Ali Jama

The central bank act states that the members of the board shall exceed a maximum of 8 members. The nominees include former governor of the Bank of Somaliland Mr Mohamed Abdi Ibrahim and Presidential Financial Advisor Mr Osman Sheikh Ahmed.