Have you noticed lately that Mr. Daher Ahmed Farah, alias DAF, (self-exiled and sectarian Politician) has been exposed to what he really stands for: helping to destabilize the Republic of Djibouti for foreign enemies? Thanks for the internet based-radio: Kulanka.com, hiiraan.com and VOA.

All he talks about recently is, that there’s a civil war in the north; in the other word – he is striving to entice a fear into the minds of Djiboutian people – instead of him mobilizing the Djiboutians to band together against Eritrea, who occupied their piece of territory. Up to now, we haven’t heard him yet publicly condemning the Eritrean naked aggression against Djibouti nor that he’s letting, the mad man in Asmara, Isayas Afawerki, know that the Djiboutians are one; when it comes to their interest and defense of their country, in spite of what their political differences might be. I hope; he understands the Djiboutian national security is been at stake.

How could he claim to be a legitimate leader when he wishes to see his country becomes like Somalia? Because, he often reiterates; there’s a fighting faction of ‘FRUD’ in the North. We cannot longer stand by and watch him disrupts the Republic or advocate for violent groups. It seems that Daher Ahmed Farah is in a desperate position. It sure shows that he is politically bankrupted; if one hears his interviews on various Radio Stations –will sure realize, who he really is: a demagogue.

Apparently, he turns out to be the Public Relation Representative of whomever those bandits of the North, might be – if they exist. Does he not know – that’s not a good politics? I thought Mr. DAF was politically skillful or astute. I was wrong; if he thinks this will help him gain few Djiboutian Afars. He blew it!

Is he aware that the ninety-nine percent of Afars oppose to take arms in order to solve the current political crisis? Because they know this route will not bring a sensible result; but would only exacerbate the suffering of the people. Or he is only telling us: ‘if I can’t take over the power – let the country be doom.’ If Mr. Daher managed to get his family out of the country –he should remember there are over nine hundred thousands Djiboutian that he left behind, still remain at home. A civil war is not a wise solution; we must learn from Somalia. I vehemently oppose any form of violence or fighting for political solution- or- for a power mechanism.[ad#Google Adsense (336×280)]

It’s proving that he’s not yet went beyond clannish politics. The Djiboutian people remember him when he used to just criticize only the President Ismail O. Guelleh, General Zakaria of the Army and the Minister of Interior, Yacin E. Bouh, based on their clan affiliation, not on their policies. Needless to say, he did not attack the Minister of environment, Mr. Johar and Former Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Hassan Farah for the sake of belonging the same sab-clan. He also praised and endorsed the illegal action taken by then, the former head of the Djiboutian Police, the late General Yacin Yabe (May Allah bless his soul) of taking over the Djiboutian Radio Station (RTD) back in 2000, and dispatched his troops to block the roads and ordered them to arrest the elected President, Mr. Ismail O. Guelleh.

What some call it an attempted but failed, ‘coup-d’etat’, Mr. DAF on his article, calls it, ‘la colere du general’ (Just angry General), and excuses for the late General’s ‘mal-a-droit’, simply because of his clan affiliation.

It’s obvious; he realized that he failed to persuade or convince the Djiboutian Citizens to his ideas; wherever that might be. Then, he began to spread repeatedly unfounded-rumors about Djibouti’s fragile security. The majority of Djiboutian is shock to hear him sound more and more like war-lords of Southern Somalia.

Patient is a virtue, Mr. Daher Ahmed Farah. An opposition leader must have a political program and policies of unification with all Djiboutian nationals. Lastly a real leader should not and must not exploit the differences of his people for his/her personal gain.

By: Mohamed Awaleh

Djibouti, 7 March 2010 Somalilandpress

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  1. It seems the writer of this article has an axe to grind with Mr. Daher?

    Keep your personal opinion to yourself. Because you know nothing about him or his organisation.

  2. What make me made is dictators like ina Gelle, who was not even born in Djiboiuti but rules the Country with Iron fist.

  3. You mad a big mistake my brother in your following statement: “Is he aware that the ninety-nine percent of Afars oppose to take arms in order to solve the current political crisis? Because they know this route will not bring a sensible result; but would only exacerbate the suffering of the people.” In reality ninety-nine percent of Afars are supportive of armed struggle to recover their right and to throw out the country the Ethiopia-born IOG. Do you remember the last war of Gaza? The Palestinian choose the death by Israeli bullet and bomb than dying by hunger and diseases provoked by Israeli blockade.

  4. Who IS DAF
    AS long as I new him it was a teacher for secondery class of the edicatoin not even the frist class who is hich school.Then who can a teacher secondery school can become a politicia.
    Is he doing these thing for raciset or for the poeple of the contry.