A framework agreement with the paces of political deadlock …

Joint communiqués that sow confusion …

Djibouti, May 6, 2015  

After the post-election crisis of February 22, 2013 which resulted in an unprecedented open political crisis we have witnessed a rise of   state of lawlessness and trivializing be accentuated over time, to the detriment of the rules of justice and fundamental freedoms, the constitution, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the Covenant International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Repression … multifaceted with multiple human rights violations (arbitrary arrest and illegal detention, deaths in detention, intimidation, abusive investment custody, harassment , kidnappings and torture, wrongful convictions, nationality withdrawals, extradition, travel bans and confiscation of passports, …) affecting opponents without distinction, opposition activists, human rights defenders, trade unionists, citizens, state officials , private sector employees, … and any person suspected of having minimal semblance of independence and dignity. And it was after many attempts of political dialogue and moult turnovers that power and the opposition coalition (USN) signed a FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT on political dialogue December 30, 2014.

Today, four months after the signing, the agreement is maligned, criticized or denigrated. Indeed, as usual, after the rhetoric and the usual folk dances, the people are still hungry and still waiting for the real democratic reforms. Moreover, apart from the return of members of the opposition in the National Assembly no further tangible progress can be reported ….

Certainly the political background of the false and varnish remains relevant both from the side of the opposition from power. Indeed, a 1 joint statement was published January 31, 2015 by the Government and the Union for National Hi (USN) to announce the postponement of the date of transmission of the work (CENI Statute opposition Code political parties) of the Joint Parliamentary Commission. This release was followed by a radio silence. Then almost three months later, a 2nd joint press release was published April 18, 2015 in which the USN and the government are satisfied with the implementation of the first part of the framework agreement, entitled “immediate issues” .

In this regard, at the time of going to press this press release, among the 7 points on “immediate issues”, ie one question 5, that relating to the integration of eight (8) members of the opposition in the National Assembly with the payment of their allowances with effect from 23 February 2013, has been resolved. Moreover, the appointment of two members of the RADD in this time as technical advisers at the last Council of Ministers of 5 May 2015 … political office for some … a siding for others, risks weakening the opposition in the Negotiations with the government.

A situation that once again the people concerned and the international community because the sensitive issues of the Democratic platform as the status of the opposition, CENI, freedom of expression …, still under the yoke of good want of power.

A tactic that has already proven before because we like to Djibouti to sign an agreement that remains in history but without real political expediency.

The ODDH is concerned about the slow pace of committee work and as always denounced the failure to respect the silence and the opaque management around this framework agreement.

The ODDH challenges the National and International Community on the need to enforce the framework agreement for a definitive resolution of a political crisis that could be detrimental to the entire nation.  

The ODDH called the ruling respect for the framework agreement signed e n implementing democratic reforms to pave the way for a genuine rule of law.

The ODDH recommended to power and opposition:  

1.       A sincere dialogue to serve the cause of the nation and not the interests of each other,

2.       A transparent process where the stages will be regular press briefings,

3.       A negotiation in which there would be neither victors nor vanquished if not the people and democracy,

Acting for democracy, dignity and justice  
Farah Abdillahi Miguil
President ODDH