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Today is a great day for the future of Somalia. We have been going through many problems for many years, and there was no single day that we lost hope. To take advantage of that momentum, we are here today to launch a body that will help to enhance the hopes of our suffering people back home in Somalia.


From 1960 to date, we fell short to bring justice and equality to our people. Without that we cannot move forward.  I believe the idea of creating a new party will begin restoring the hopes of the Somali people, that despite our failure, we can still stand and fix our problems. All Somali people are entitled full rights within their own country, and that is what we want to promote through the Cosmopolitan Democratic Party.


We need to move forward by embracing a genuine and all inclusive federal system in our country, where everyone is respected and involved. We do not support the current system of the so called ‘major armed clans’, dominating every system in the country. This is not fair and it will undermine the reconciliation process in the country.


We call all Somalis to support the Cosmopolitan Democratic Party, since its prime aim is to unite all Somalis for a better future. The international community has done a lot for Somalia, we appreciate their backing and would like to encourage them to continue supporting us, until we are able to stand on our feet again. We express our condolences to the countries and families who have lost their beloved ones while helping the Somali people.


In order to have a functioning Somalia we need to have power-sharing that reflects inclusivity. For example our forces (Somali National Army and police), should have equal numbers from all clans. Political and social responsibilities should also be shared in a fair manner. This can become a benchmark to rebuild the trust among Somali society.


Many efforts have been taken to bring peace and reconciliation, with no positive results due to injustice. Let all Somalis be given independent opportunities to have a genuine reconciliation.


Our party constitution is based on the values of liberalism. Every Somali should be counted as and valued as a citizen of the country and should have equal opportunities in every aspect of the society. Every individual’s right should be protected and must not be sacrificed in favour of a group.



Eng. Yarow Sharef Aden