By Goth Mohamed Goth

Djiboutian Authorities on New Year’s Day detained without an explanation several opposition USN activists who were had gathered outside the UDJ party headquarters near the Avenue Nasser to attend the usual annul opposition gathering at the site.

At 10 am, plain clothes policemen surrounded the suburb of Balbala cutting it from the rest of the capital before storming the usually busy venue using brutal force to arrest dozens of USN supporters who were later remanded in the murky cells Detention Centre Nagad and the other various police stations across the capital. Thus, thirteen activists gathered at the police station of the 2nd arrondissement.

The names of those detained are as follows Yacin Doualeh Galab Harbi said Halima Hussein Elmi, Charmarke Darar Said Moussa Mohamed Houmed, Abdirazak Djibril Said Mohamed Elmi Houffaneh Moussa Hussein Elmi, Kalil Omar Bileh, Mahdiya Khaireh Moussa Abdi Neima Guireh Fozia Robleh Hadi (beaten by police), Mariam Mohamoud Ahmed Moussa and Maleko Adaweh. Nine were crammed Nagad. This is Kaltoun Elmi Waberi, Nima Yusuf, Willo Abass Ali, Hassan Boulboul Souad, Idil Abubaker Waiss, Fatuma Djama Robleh, Kadra Ali Hassan, and Hassan Hassan Egueh Absieh Ainan. Moreover, young Djoueria Kadar Elmi, Robleh Chabad Hussein Osman Yonis Bogoreh, Abdulkarim Barreh Aden and Abdulaziz Hussein said Miguil Tamaweyne were being held in police Balbala.

Those arrested were released late on Wednesday night, except Osman Yonis Bogoreh, Abdulkarim Bareh Aden and Abdulaziz Hussein said Miguil Timaweyneh who were released on Thursday evening.


Click the link below to watch the Video of the peaceful demonstration on Friday, January 3, 2014