By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International relations Hon Mohamed Bihi Yunis has announced that the ongoing talks between Somaliland and Somalia are expected to resume next month in Istanbul, Turkey.

Hon Bihi speaking to the media moments after arriving in the country from a recent trip abroad said, “The Somaliland –Somalia talks are expected to begin most probably in the coming week in Istanbul, Turkey and Somaliland delegation is expected to leave the country on Sunday this contrary to earlier media reports which had alleged that the talks were on the verge of collapse,

The Foreign Minister went on to say, “I and my counterpart the Honorable Minister of Commerce and International Investment Dr. Mohamed Abdullah Omer during our trip we met with representatives of a Ditoil a major petrochemical firm which exports more than 400 Million Barrels of petrol products annually in a bid to discuss the companies interests in using the port of Berbera facility as storage and transit point for its products on the way to the Ethiopian and other east African countries , I hope our meeting shall bear fruits”,

The FM also responding to earlier statement made by the UCID’s Presidential aspirant Hon Jamal Ali Hussien which alleged that the current governments foreign policies had failed had this to say, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations and also the gateway to Somaliland in the eyes of the international community so instead of issuing inappropriate statements which will scare away potential investors one should do his best as a citizen to sell the good image of the country and also to attract those investors to come to the country to invest .

“The world has reached a stage whereby it’s important for nations to invest in development and the economy, things which in the future may deter the massive exodus or the illegal immigration of our youth to foreign countries in search of greener pastures, so I believe it’s the moral duty of each and every citizen old and young to attract foreign investment which will benefit the country and that is also one of the important policies of the foreign ministry”, stated Hon Mohamed Bihi Yonis.



  1. why are we talking to a government which cant control 50% of muuqdisho let alone the rest of its failed country

    • Because the Somali govt is America's baby. And Britain's'. And Turkey's. And Saudi Arabia's. This baby maybe ugly and deformed and violent and unlikely to reach its third birthday, but it has got a lot of big badass mamas looking out for it and believing they at last produced a beautiful baby boy(Culsow even occassionally looks like a big baby doesnt he?)

      And if we do not at least appear to be nice to the baby the mammas will trample on us. That is why. So kuchi kuchi kuchi …..

  2. I hope this talk will produce a meanful fruit. A talk for the sake of talking is a wast of time and Somaliland should not waste its time with Hassan administration who has no power to decide the final outcome of this meeting.

    • Without the Federal government's approval Somaliland will not get International Recognition! We need to stop wasting time and start making concessions. There are too many Daroods against us, also the southern Dirs are stopping us from independence. Let's just give away the Darood, Dir lands (SS, Awdal) to Somalia and we can keep our own areas, and build a peaceful and brilliant country. Let's rename it to Adal or something coz Somaliland sounds nasty. Adal, Isaaqs are the true warriors of Somaliland anyway, who needs the rest,

      • wooow, i actually agree with you. let somalia handle all these other clans – we can be free from their constant tribalism and terrorism. isaaqs for the world! viva somaliland!!!!

  3. We will not accept another union, they will not accept our sovereignty, what else is there to talk about? We in Somaliland are more than happy to live side by side with Somalia as two peaceful, independent and neighbouring states. Hargeisa is the capital of Somaliland and the laws passed by the Somaliland parliament and the judgements of the Somaliland courts are the law of the land . Somaliland has no claims on Somalia, none whatsoever, and Somalia should have no claims on Somaliland, that is the reality in the ground. Let the talks be about the reality on the ground, and not some wishful thinking about a false and dreadful past and non-existent future of the defunct "Somali Republic". The past is the past, the present is now and the future is yet to be, Inshallah.

  4. The talks look like Merry-go-around. It is really a problem when you open a door to yourself that you cannot close. Somaliland and Somalia will never understand each other and will not reach a breakthrough in this discussions. The two stands are totally far apart – Like charges repel each other. Somaliland should not waste its time in this dialogue. The mentality of Walaweyn is not new to us.

      • Walal. I am from Somalia and would just like to make a point clear. This government does not represent the people of Somalia, we never voted for Hassan Sheikh, neither do we hate you. Also, No one in Somalia voted for Mohamed Siad Barre who unfortunately killed many people. I don't understand why Somalilanders continue to attack the general people of Somalia? What have we done to you? Even we have been oppressed by the previous regime, we are all victims of the past actions brother/Sister.

        I hope you understood my point. 🙂

        I hope you guys find peace.

        • We don't hate everybody. We hate those who propagate in our country the fake Somaliweyn aka wanlaweyn ideals they used for committing genocide in our country and for reducing our cities to rubbles. We hate those who conflate their inter-clan warfare with the atrocities committed against our people by in Abdille Hassan, Afweyne, Gani, Morgan, ina Ali Samatar and the likes and we hate those who continue to make justifications for the actions of these mujrims. And finally we hate anyone who does not accept the two-state-solution, two countries living peacefully side by side. We mark these people as our enemies sothat we can distinguish them from our friends and friends of peace.

          • Well done The Crocodile tears tell them although true is painful we can not be cheated like children's We do not talk about oppression only how about development? we need development of our People and our Country of which they can not afford their development the truth is this to have development there must be a two state as before Independence.

  5. Maybe I'm too much an outsider in this topic and I don't fully understand the conflict at all, but what about this attempt:

    1. Find out what each party in this conflict wants. So far as I know Somaliland never wants an union again, because they feel like a separate nation and of course don't want to have to struggle with the problems their brothers and sisters have in the south. But why does the south doesn't want Somaliland to be a independent nation? Is this about tribes, economy or something else? I mean they are trying now for over 20 years to keep Somaliland as a part of Somalia and it's not working, ergo they aren't getting any money from them. Are they hoping for this or what's the deal?

    2. Each party needs to understand that it has to make compromises – for the greater good of their nations. The south wants to have stability and Somaliland wants to be independent, not only in their mind but also on paper.

    As Saleebaan Xaaji said: the past is the past, so there is one thing that needs to be understood: you can not change what happened. Never. The only thing that you can do is do better today and in the future. A wise man once said, "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." And it's true. You see, everytime you hate, that takes so much energy that you could use otherwise in a better way. Accept what happened but make sure this never happens again and dedicate to improve the situation.

    Try to think out of the box: why not ask your brothers and sisters in the south for such an idea:

    Let's find a framework for both of our demands and wishes were it can come true. You want stability, we want independence. Let us work something out what we call "The Horn Union" – like the European Union. Different nations with a common greater goal. We both have to forgive what has happened decades ago, because most of our people are so young they didn't experience these events. So, for the kids' sake, let's act like grown-ups and find a solution. We want to be be independent and you want to live in a stable country, but we can not divide the countries in a way most countries are divided: with hardcore borders and no trespassing. We help you to get back your stability (in which way ever) and therefore you accept us as an independent nation. BUT: we don't close the borders, because we know there are some people living in the border region that would be separated then what would create another conflict again.

    Of course I know that this would be long process, because to help Somalia is not a task that is done in a day. But I think it is a meaningful gesture.

    However, the base for this to happen is that Somalia accepts that it isn't doing great (well, I guess they already know that but to admit this in front of their brothers in Somaliland that would be a different thing) and to accept the help from Somaliland, because they are already accepting help from everyone else.

    See: when they are both cooking their own soup like right now, no one gets what he wants. If they accept their status quo and decide to work on the greater good TOGETHER things can change. Somalia might say, well, how could you help us, your country Somaliland isn't doing great either?, things would change once they are independent. Investments come, money comes, economy grows. With that growing economy help can be provided and in the end, both are helping each other.

    Think like partners, work together – for your people.

    I know, in some parts it's confusing but I had that idea in my head for a long time. Now… shoot me, why isn't that one working?

    • Good idea! and well said Caadan. I guess we all want good future our next generations. But I do not want Somaliland to spend its precious time talks nothing will come out. I am also worried about how Somalia is dragging us to its usual habit for more than 20 years. Politicians spending millions of dollars in abroad hotels, good food and luxury while its poor citizens suffering back home and also never brings good news or hope to them.

    • Caadan,

      Thanks for your honest celar input that shows what can intellcutally be workable. The probels between Somaliand and Somalia is much deeper than what anyone, espeically outsiders, might think. It is much deeper than hate. It is about peoples's determination. It is about trust. It is about culture. Its about social interaction. It is about the way in which people live. It is about principles, integrity.It is about the faculty of rurling behavior. Who on earth can deny the logic that right ends where someone else's began? Somailia denies this right as simple as.

      Somalia is not believing that Somaliland people have a right to secede from Somalila, while Somaliland people beieve otherwise, and are determined to be an independent state. Somaliland seccesion is a taboo that no one have the right to touch.

    • Caadan,
      The FGS is confronted with the biggest overwhelming warmongering burdens within the
      Roadmap Signatories agendas of Somalia and almost in hapless limbo which makes
      the negotiations between Somaliland and Somalia rather difficult cos the FGS is so detracted
      and weak that makes their position almost undecided and fractured to act? In such situation,
      the relatively progressive Somaliland side has no suitable partners to conduct negotiations
      with? What then? Whatever and regardless of the FGS, the Somaliland side would continue
      to persue its goals through all spheres of the globalized world. The Somaliland quest for full
      independence recognition is on the table. Let's watch the outcomes of the Turkey talks if/when
      that meeting takes off the ground. The Turks are fully trusted by both sides and hopefully would
      remain impartial to the two negotiating entities.

    • Thanks for your responses and answers so far.

      I see your point and understand that the situation is now because of all this. But what I don't understand is the "why". Why are the people of Somalia thinking like that? Where do they see the problem? I mean it isn't like that they could come and go to and out of Somaliland etc. It is already like different country, so nothing would change for them. As far as I can see, but I guess there are again 1,000 points I'm missing.

      So, what's the "why"? And I'm looking for an answer that goes further than, "well, it is because it is". What are the reasons of the (hopefully educated) leaders of Somalia and, if there are some left of them, the intellectuals?

      Maybe you can bring some light.

  6. What have you been doing in Emirates reciently? Reliable sources say that you have been lobbying for how the pipes of the new water project from Xumbo Weyne will be dragged to Geeddeebele instead of dragging from Xumboweyene to Nasahablood? It is better clear yourself of this serious allegation.

  7. What cards does Somaliland got on its side top negotiate? Turkey is firml;y on Somalia's side. It made that pretty cldear. So is US whose Africa policy has been franchised to a smal cabal of African Americanns who are allergicv to the idea of 'secession' because they were brought up on a 60s romantic fantasia of big village mother Africa – united, loving and speaking swahili while sharing mangoes. Britain, perfidious as ever has fooled silanyo that it is on his side when they want(it is all they want these days) is to impress Foggy Bottom by 'delivering' Somalia. It humiliates Silanyo by sending its Somalia Ambassador to represnt them on somaliland affairs.

    So the only chance we have for survival in this toxic, hostile world we found ourselves in is to play for time while not giving away much. We already lost our airspace handed over to Mog by treacherous UN. We must not lose anymore ground. But we must not antagonise our enemey's protectors either.

    It is a diificult one to pull off. Can Mr Bihi do it? We will soon find out.

  8. Hope this meeting will address the fundamental issue of our sovereignty and this should be catalyse of all future meetings,
    No More Mogadishu mate!

  9. If somaliland wants what is so called independence and recognition just because they think that their isaaq tribe don't want anything to do with other somalis, then other somali tribes in the somaliland region got the right to determine their fate and whether to create their own fedral states or just simply join the sutherners. It is just hipocritical to cry day and night for recognition, and silance every voice that aposes your isaaq country in the north. I personally know countless families in boorama who hapilly put the somali flag on top of their houses. and btw, you never here other than the isaaq guys barking recognition, recognition, recognition!!!

    • hahahahahaha u r NOT from awdal gudabursi know 4 sure that somaliland r better 4 them why because if u go back to Somalia they won’t even say that there is gudabursi u r not exist in their mind issaq n people of awdal are close allies since ever what u will get from xamar in the era of siad barre he didn’t give a """" about awdal even when bombed by the hapash he just laughed besides we won’t lose anything if u go to Somalia all the oil is in odawayne and west burco if u think they give anything than be may guest go back to the union they will come all the way to borma n take everything in ur president office to xamar so yes we need u but u need us more

      • Ilyas what ever your tribe you have to understand in this World majority rule.
        The majority of Somalilanders say NO to Zooanimalia.

    • BS ilyas border never change so some people in SL are free to join Zoomalia if they want but Somaliland territory is no for compromise. Otherwuse Why not we did not split Djibouti border in 77 independence day as Issaq and Gadabursi were more pro Union of Somali rep while Isse majority are against??Majority of SL reclaim their loss sovergnity so respect it as people of Quebec respect wish to stay within Canada country in 1995 referendum with only 51% pro union. No tribe no clan but only somalilander from Zeila to Badan.

  10. The talks have been cancelled guys. Shut down by the Federal parliament as they do not want to be seen "Legitimising" Somaliland. Also, the President of Somalia is apparently soon visiting Borama, Las Anod, Buuhodle and Taleeex Soon.

    • Latest update – your president Culusow has already arrived at Hargeysa international airport and he was welcomed by the governor of northern regions, Ahmed Silanyo. Culusow is scheduled to visit key cities in the north. You idiot hallucinating wanlaweyn!!!!

  11. Isaaq people are the best. Let Hawiye and Faqash eat each other in Zoomalia. Nobody needs them. Lets cleanse Somaliland from all daroods …