Journalist Maydaneh Abdllah Okieh’s Voice Djibouti (LVD) and a leading member of the USN, arrested Sunday, January 26, 2014 at noon in the capital by the police while covering the release of lawyer Zakaria Ali Abdillahi, USN member and president of the Djiboutian League of Human Rights (LDDH), and held incommunicado since then, was released this morning at 10:00.

However, equipment reporting that his cell phone he has not been returned. Okieh have spent 48 hours in detention as arbitrary qu’inhumaine in glaucous cells Section Research and Documentation (SRD) of the gendarmerie.

In addition, many new anti-USN arrests were made ​​last night and this morning in popular suburb of Balbala, especially Hayabley. Besides a new violation of the historical headquarters of the USN and home of Mr. Daher Ahmed Farah (DAF), president of the DSU and spokesman of the USN, a violation that resulted in a brief arrest of a young activist USN, Farah Aden Elmi.

By djiboutidiasporamedia


  1. Looks like Djibouti one party rule since Independence in 1977 is beginning to feel the
    heat of the opposition parties.