By Mohamed Omer Hashi

Recent Claims made by Haatuf Newspaper, a Somali language daily against the Minister of Energy and Minerals Hon. Hussein Abdi Dualeh are absolutely baseless and a result of slanderous publications, meant to smear the good name of the Minister.

Somaliland government usually offers international oil companies’ terms which are as competitive as those signed elsewhere and the government willing to ensure the sanctity of the production-sharing agreement contracts.

The existing production-sharing agreements are signed and written to international standards unlike the libelous publications shows clearly there are forces that are willing to go to great lengths to derail this progress.

To date Hon. Hussein Abdi Dualeh has conducted his duties with impeccable credibility and transparency in accordance with existing constitution and all the existing oil deals have  been executed legally contrary to libelous reports carried by Haatuf Newspaper  which alleged that the energy minister is working in cohorts with brokers in Somaliland who have been crafting clandestine oil exploration deals as alleged Haatuf Newspaper falsely citing  a report released by the UN Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea.

This is not the first time the Somali language daily has printed the false allegation against the honorable minister without providing substantial evidence to back their accusations greatly damaging to the credit and reputation of the paper in the future.

One is left to wonder what is motive behind this wild allegation by Haatuf is it that the articles were meant to gain increased sales or to garner political mileage  in the short term or perhaps  the paper is been paid and used by other forces who have vested interests with  sole intention  to discredit the honorable minister or even derail the progress made by the country as a whole?

It’s a high time the editors of Haatuf Newspaper should know there is no point stating rubbish like this if you can’t provide decent evidence to back up your rash and completely baseless statements and which is unethical which is meant to tarnish the name of a reputable civil servant.

The Minister Energy and Minerals Hon. Hussein Abdi Dualeh is so dynamic, committed and has implemented numerous reforms and modernizations at the ministry whereby the results are actually visible everywhere. Minister Hussein A. Dualeh is a member of a government that steadfastly is committed to fulfill its social responsibilities towards Somaliland citizens.

This government is inspired by the trust of its people and believes in their ability, collective sense of social responsibility, good governance, and transparency.