By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister of Health Dr. Saleban Ahmed Essa (Haglatosiye) who is currently in Finland on a working tour has meet with top ranking officials in the Finnish government among them the deputy Prime Minister Mrs. Juttta Urpilainen and the Minister of Education Mrs. Krista Kiuru just to name a few.

The Somaliland Health Minister went to the European country in order to renew the previous agreement which expired recently and to sign a new agreement for the next three years known MIDA FINNSOM Health project with the Finnish government after the previous one ended recently and which is a demand driven and based on priority needs identified by local authorities and project partners in Somaliland.

The Health Minister briefed his Finnish counterparts of the achievements since the country broke away from the former Somalia, he started by saying, “Somaliland has its own constitution and has already held two presidential and three local government elections in what international observers termed as the most free and fair electoral process in the whole of Africa not to mention 97% of its people voted YES during the referendum held in 2001.

Somaliland Minister of Health went on to say “Since Somaliland broke away from the union with the Somali military government led by Siyad Barre back in May 1991, Somaliland has overcome many hurdles with major rebuilding of the country’s infrastructure starting from bottom after everything was completely destroyed including shelters, schools, hospitals, roads as well as other buildings in almost every major Somaliland cities.

Dr. Saleban “Haglatosiye” was flanked by the former head of Somaliland Diaspora Agency Mr. Suleiman Mohamed Farah.

On the hand the Health Minister attended a dinner party held in his honor by members of Somaliland Diaspora living in Helsinki, Finland.


    • Omer,

      I am planning to work in Somaliland at the end of February. Can i ask in your opinion if it is safe for a British expat to work there, in particular Hargeisa?

  1. To their surprises of people of Finland , so called The Minister of Health of No country, was on a social welfare on Danish Government for years until he was appointed to so called minster of Health. My sources have told me that Finland Government are only interested to hear how the phony Minster is going to re-pay welfare money he collected fraudulently to the Government of Finland.

    • Silly Concerned,
      Are you sure what you have said about the Honorable Minister? I thought he was an American from the USA and founder of former SSC!