President of the Republic,


The Education International (EI), the global union federation representing 30 million teachers and education workers in 171 countries, condemns the arbitrary sanctions by the authorities of Djibouti against the least 83 teachers and other education personnel (academic advisors, inspectors and agents of the Ministry of Education) whose wages have been suspended since October 2013. Among teachers and education personnel are sanctioned by the Secretary General of SYNESED Mr. Farah Abdillahi Miguil, and several of the founding members of the Collective “Save the National Education”.


The Union of teachers colleges and schools of Djibouti (SYNESED) and the Teachers’ Union First Degree (MS), both affiliated to EI have expressed their concerns about the deterioration of the situation of teachers and Djibouti to serious violations of freedom of association in the country. Changes, wage freezes, redundancy procedures: arbitrary sanctions in defiance of all the rules and administrative procedures continue against workers education.


Harassment and repression against teachers and trade unionists seeking to exercise their legitimate rights to freedom of expression and freedom of association are unfortunately commonplace for many years to Djibouti. Since September 1995, the date of dismissal of senior union officials of the two plants in the country, the Djibouti Union of Labour and the General Workers Djibouti and dismissal of leaders SYNESED Union in February 1997, no union expression seems tolerated by those in power.


EI is particularly concerned by the death in custody of Mr. Mahamoud Elmi Rayaleh, professor of French Public High School Balbala and engaged citizen. His death on the night of 28 to 29 August 2013 and hastily buried by authorities, in the absence of any member of his family and his entourage leave room for many doubts about the circumstances of his disappearance. Arrested Aug. 2, 2013, Mr. Rayaleh was placed under warrant the next day and sentenced to two months in prison on Aug. 20 on the grounds of his “participation in an unauthorized demonstration.” He was in good health during his imprisonment in Central Jail Gabode.


Two missions of direct contact of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in 1998 and 2008 did not improve the social climate. The intransigence of the Djiboutian public power have recently demonstrated in November 2012 when Mr Samuel Ngoua Ngou, regional coordinator of the IE, was denied the right to enter the territory of Djibouti, where he made to organize a national seminar on early childhood education with the unions and September SYNESED. Ngoua Mr Ngou was indeed repressed Djibouti airport on his arrival, despite the official letter authorizing him to obtain a visa Airport.


EI calls upon the authorities of Djibouti to it:

       up immediately and unconditionally all sanctions arbitrarily against teachers and education personnel;

       pay teachers and education personnel involved unpaid wages since October 2013 as soon as possible;

       respect fundamental rights and freedoms of teachers, students and union activists in accordance with international standards;

       open an independent commission of inquiry to shed light on the circumstances of the death of Mr. Mahamoud Elmi Rayaleh;

       establish the conditions guaranteeing a fair and respectful dialogue with all actors of civil society, including teachers and their representative organizations.

In view of the serious violations of international labor standards which go guilty Djibouti authorities, EI plans to bring the matter before the Committee on Freedom of Association of the International Labour Organisation.


EI will of course continue to monitor the situation of teacher (s) Djibouti (ne) s.


Please accept, Excellency President of the Republic, the assurance of our highest consideration,


Fred van Leeuwen



Ismail Omar Guelleh
President of the Republic



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