The Somaliland delegation returned from Istanbul with a bloody nose and a broken jaw from a left hook punch thrown by the Federal Republic of Somalia’s interior minister. The jaw blowing punch was a result of acceding to the insertion of the word “atrocities” instead of “genocide”.


The word atrocity does not have a clearly defined legal stature in international treaties but the word genocide does have clear legal definition in international treaties which is aptly applicable in our case for crimes against humanity committed in Somaliland by the military regime of Somalia. Of particular importance is that the word genocide is specific to crimes committed against a specific group. To illustrate this point you need to look no further than article 6 of the Rome Statute of the international criminal court which defines genocide as:



         For  the  purpose  of  this  Statute,  ‘genocide’  means  any  of  the  following  acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: 

         (a) Killing members of the group;

         (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

         (c) Deliberately  inflicting  on  the  group  conditions  of  life  calculated  to  bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

         (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

         (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group


In conclusion it is extremely paramount that the government of president Siilaanyo commences consulting international legal and foreign relations experts. No longer can we afford to rely on our own instincts or limited knowledge. If you look closely at our delegation none have expertise in law or international conventions.


Abdirahman Cirro should grill our delegation in parliament for accepting the word “atrocities” instead of the word “genocide”. He should also demand that they have ready in their hotel an internationally known expert in international law in their future negotiations.



Saeed Timir


  1. World English Dictionary
    atrocity (əˈtrɒsɪtɪ)
    As always Saeed Timir's argument comes from his clannish hatred towards the Kulmiye government and will do whatever it takes to discredit the Somaliland state as long as Kulmiye and Silanyo are in power. Here is some definitions that Saeed wouldn't like us to read, because he thinks he is the only person that has access to a PC.
    — n , pl -ties
    1.behaviour or an action that is wicked or ruthless
    2.the fact or quality of being atrocious
    3.( usually plural ) acts of extreme cruelty, esp against prisoners or civilians in wartime

  2. Tribunal (Hereinafter IMT), to punish Nazi atrocities. 3 Also known as the Nuremberg Charter
    The IMT Charter defined crimes against humanity as: “murder, extermination, enslavement,
    deportation, and other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, before or
    during the war, or persecutions on political, racial, or religious grounds in execution of or in
    connection with any crime within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, whether or not in violation
    of the domestic law of the country where perpetrated.”

    What Nazis did is explained as Nazi atrocities, therefore, does Saeed Timir think that our delegation could explain our case better than the international criminal court?

    No wonder both Ciro and Jamal are losing popularity, because they are listening to people like Timir KKKKKKKK.

    • Dhugtame,

      You are just a layman whose is controlled by tribalism. Keep offending Cirro…. because he is HY

      • What is HY btw? I don't even know what it means. Does it stand for young hyena? I didn't Ciro is a cannibal.

        • Dhugtame

          Are fooling yourself? Of course. Cirro is a lioon, but Siilaanyo is a fox (goli), and you know that.

  3. What happened in Hargeisa was not a genocide there was an armed Isaaq rebel group (SNM) killing non Isaaq civilian casualties and carry out armed attacks against the Somali security forces but I don't believe the military will ever admit to its wrongdoing.

    The really genocide took place in Mogadishu when Maxamed Siyaad Barre (AUN) was ousted Hawiye militia burned, raped and killed any person of Darood origin.

  4. let the faqash cry all they like just keep on crying baby keep on crying i wish we did the same job that the hawiye have done

  5. Did i miss something or thus far the TWO-STATE dialogue process has been about formulating a foundation for "Establishing future relations as Two equal states"???

    – From 1960 – 1991 there are frozen assets scattered across the globe.
    – The Union Embassies are joint assets that need to be divided.
    – Somalia-Italia government must be made to setup a foreign held and managed account to pay Damages to the victims the atrocities they have admitted to.

    The Somaliland-Republic-government must setup an independent Commission to research all foreign held assets and perhaps we should employee Fowzia Y.Adan as head of that Commission???

  6. I agree with Siciid Timir, it was genocide. From 1969 until 1991 the govt of Siyad Barre was engaged in ethnic clensing of the north. The idea was to make the majority, a minority in their own land, culminating in the indiscriminate bombing and shelling of both Hargeysa and Burco. Atrocity is what happened at Jazira in 1989. Our political leaders must put ego aside and find the necessary expertise to engage in such crucial talks. We made this mistake in 1960, it would be it would treachery to do so again. Those who paid the ultimate price for the freedom Somalilanders enjoy must not be betrayed by the inability of our political leaders to be aware of the perfidious ways of Somalia.

  7. Nabadoon,

    Let me give you a hint of your Ciro's ignorance, how dare he says that he will bring the Somaliland negotiations team to face the parliament grilling, Doesn't he know the deputy of the speaker was a member of the Somaliland team? May be the guy is demented and forgot the parliament gave a mandate to the GOSL to negotiate on our behalf with the Waloweyn regime?

    Does he think, because he is a hyena and can do whatever he wants?

    • Dhugtame,

      Layman! Let me correct your argument that is based on he-she says. The honorable speaker is right if he ever said that Somaliland negotiation team must appear before the parliament and give details of what has been agreed with Somalia. The legislative body has the right to monitor the real stand on where the state is when it comes to this issue. Neither Cirro nor anybody else did bring the mandate to the public notice . The grassroots even know this. That is one thing, if you can understand that.

      The second is that the speaker is a decent diplomat who has the skill, the ability and vision to lead aright. He is lion, and lions know how make their kills. He is not equal to your uncle, Siilaanyo is immoral and empty of ideas – foxes always bray after the hyenas and lions and eat the offal of their kills.

      • Nabadoon,
        Healthy debate over this national issue is okey, but I don't understand why you have changed the subject into a stinky clannish one. Anyway, three members of our legislative body were part of the delegation;
        1st deputy chairman of the House of Representatives
        1st deputy chairman of the House of Elders and
        the Chairman of foreign relations committee of the House of Representatives, and I believe if these three members or the whole team appear before the parliament and brief them about the final outcome of their mission doesn't make much differences to me.

  8. Dhugtame,
    Layman! Let me correct your argument that is based on he-she says. The honorable speaker is right if he ever said that Somaliland negotiation team must appear before the parliament and give details of what has been agreed with Somalia. The legislative body has the right to monitor the real stand on where the state is when it comes to this issue. Neither Cirro nor anybody else did bring the mandate to the public notice . The grassroots even know this. That is one thing, if you can understand that.

    The second thing is that the speaker is a decent diplomat who has the skill, the ability and vision to lead the nation aright. How he handled the recent discord that ignited between him and his assistants in the parliament proves.

    He is a lion, and lions know how to make their kills. He is not equal to your uncle, Siilaanyo who is immoral and empty of ideas – foxes always bray after the hyenas and lions and eat the offal of their kills.

    • Nabadoon
      Waxan aad la murmaysid HJ sax ah maaha ee waa minoriti. Maxaad kala murmaysaa Cibraan, Samane iyo reer Dood. Dadkani maaha Nuuxii aynu is naqaanay ee oodeenu is gaadho ee wada dagaalami jiray ee aynu is dhalay. Ninkan Dhugtame waa laguu garanayaa oo waa Cibraan waxaana la yidhaahdaa Dr Fatoosh. Qof isku kalsoon maaha isaga oo 60kii ka jaray waadigaa maskaxdiisa arkaya ee uu sida ilmo yar oo 17 jira u hadaaqayo. Waar Ilaahay sidiisa kaama dhigee iska hadh.

        • Shareeco and Nabadoon,

          I do not know the tribe of Dhugtame, but since you think you know his tribe at least tell us your tribe so then we can compare the three of you. If you do not have that courage of exposing your clan, you must then shut up and leave our website for good.


  10. Nabadoon,

    No hard feelings man, if Ciiro was a lion we wouldn't be having this discussion. Why bother and get irritated, when I criticize Ciiro. I never told Ciiro or Silaanyo to run for political offices and I will criticize them if I feel they are not doing the right thing.

    Why do you have to interpret everything into tribe? I think you have a very big problem and need to go for counselling to get rid of your inferiority complex.

    Unlike you, I defend causes and persons.

      • BTW Mr. Bashe is not an assistant of Mr. Ciiro, but the deputy speaker of the Somaliland parliament. Ciiro's assistant does what you do for him. Next time use the word deputy speaker, will you? KKKKKKKK

        • Dhugtame,

          I do not see any cause that you defend other than offending Somaliland parliament speaker, and this shows that you have a grudge against him. The reason is that you know well who Cirro is and where he hails from. Inferior are the people who hate others by their tribe, and you belong to those kind of people.

          Do not get me wrong. I am just telling you who you are and who you support and why you support him. Hint…hint.. hint..

  11. Dhugtame,

    Again you wasting your time on Saeed Timir, He is also called Nabadoon and sometimes wears Bacweeyne.

  12. I apologize to the readers of this website and ask Dhugtame not to respond to Nabadoon and Shareeco, because the have gone to point of no return. they are cheapest of cheap. I respect Dhugtame although I disagree with him at times. He states his opinion without fear, loves his country dearly and as many years I was reading this website I haven't seen him refer anyone by tribe. It is misfortune that people can not get their point through without waving the Tribe card. Such people are none persons and deserve no respect.

      • Nabadoon,

        You're insulting a whole tribe and you think you are right. This is very low indeed and you deserve no respect at all. Now go to hell you idiot!

  13. Okay we know who Nabadoon and Shareeco are they are both the same person. And that Person is Mr. Saeed Timir. Now stop pretending to be from Ciiro tribe and insulting other people. Just go on debating in a civilized way. It is shame you are doing that.

    • Jama,
      You are very intelligent, do not you? Nabadoon and Shareeco are not the same person, Walaahi. Dhugtame said that Somaliland spearker is a hyena!!! How come he could say this? Just imagine how bitter this is!!

      • I assume that was a joke from the part of Dhugtame, but anyway to bring the whole thing to an end, why don't you apologize for what you wrote? and please do not raise the the tribe card again, there are many ways you can win a debate offending the readers of this website. Try to debate in a civilized way.

        • Jama,

          Don't waste your time on this idiot. We all know who he is. He doesn't have the balls to apologize like a real man. He in-confident to the extent that he claims to be from my Tribe HY, while he everybody knows his real identity. He is doing this to create hatred between the Isaaq.

  14. My tribe's men do not talk that way. This is a low life with no class. Call him Timir or qudhun he is not one of us and he shouldn't soil the good name of HY. If he was a man enough, he would use his real identity to insult others.

    Ciiro is a brave man and he will not use cowardly words like this cheap guy to defend his position.

  15. Saeed Timir,

    What is wrong calling yourself IM instead of HY? Do you hate yourself and feel this inferior and to that extreme?

  16. I have no idea why the conversation denigrated to name calling and tribal condemnation. In his original article Saeed Timir was talking about the issue of raising the matter of xasuuqii Somaliland ka dhacay. He had argued that the delegation from Somaliland, led by and exclusively, from the ruling administration of President Silanyo may have, in his opinion made a huge error in not insisting on the phrase "genocide" and not atrocities. He also state that the leadership of the Somaliland parliament should do its duty and hold the negotiating team accountable. So, where did all the name calling and other nonsense come from? If you agree or disagree, use fact sum, cursed and name calling only makes one look foolish and redundant.

  17. Waxaa la yidhi Islaan dhalaysaa aleelo ku waalatay. Ama Berberawi sheego, ama Omer, ama Dhugtame, ama Asha, ama Sulub, ama Jama, ama Hamda Omer, ama Mariam ama Liibaan. Bal maad 100 magac oo kala duwan la baxdid. Weligaa isma bedeli kartid. Siilaanyo ayaad isleedahay difaac se laakiin Siilaanyo adigoo kale difaac ugama baahna. Sababta qudhaad u difaacaysaa waxa weeye inaadeerka Moorgan oo ina Siilaanyo qaba gacan sii.

    • Irrate mentality is in the dictionary of fools. Waxan ka baqaya karamada Cibran inay ku derderto.
      Waxa Cibran galo, gudo, nin ragna wa yaqan adoo kalena loo sheegi maayo.

  18. Hey folks, just poking my nose a bit…Duriyada 8daa reer sh.Isahaq are all pure hashimates
    and have the same ranks and files. Just wonder Nabadon, Shareeco , Timir et whatever,
    how come when they even aint from the Habro Jecle(Muse,Cibran,Sanbuur,Tol'Jecle,R'Dood)
    such insolence comes from certain irrate whatever? BTW, for the record, Mohamed(Cibran)
    is the eldest Son of all the other 7 Sons of Habros. He was born before Ayoub. Cibran is the second largest of the Habro Jecle. History has itthat the Mohamed-Cibran are holly and enshrined with
    special powers. Both their men and Women are known to be special brands amongst the duriyada reer SH.Isahaq. Sufficient to say ina igare ada iska hadlay yaba ku oog waxa tidhiba lagu yidhi.

  19. There we go gain Mr. Timir. I said tomatoes, you said tomatoes in a different accent, big deal?. Instead of trying to split up a piece of hear here. Instead, we should perhaps brush the legal lingo aside for a moment and share our own perspectives in regard to the last meeting in Turkey.

    In my opinion, Somaliland did not go in with great expectations in the first place by knowing they're in fact dealing with the most sophisticated warlordism system in the Africa continent if not in the entire world. However, the chief reason Somaliland has committed to have talks with Somalia was that to show the world we are not too stubborn to sit with Somalis as long as Somalilander's sole aspiration is the on the agenda. Mr. Bihi made that clear last in his speech as he unequivocally voiced his disappointment to team Somalia about their cheap tactics and also reminded them the infringements in the previous agreements. Obviously, they missed the whole point altogether and that's unfortunate.

    Naturally, it's laughable matter in Somalia's part to admit irrelevant past events which wasn't what Mr. Bihi was getting at in his diplomatic high notes. He was merely conveying to the world for Somalia's inability to control it's own imperative affairs let alone cutting the cord with Somaliland..hint, without rubbing salt on fresh wounds.. He indeed did it in a stealthy way… Kudos to team Somaliland!!!!

  20. Valid point, Osman, but I would not call xasuuqii Somaliland ka dhacay and it all stands for, rubbing salt in old wounds. Sometimes hinting gets you nowhere. We have to specific, direct, loud and clear. What happened in Somaliland was genocide. There is nothing sophisticated about dealing with Somalia. Far waaweyn baa wax logout qoraa. Somaliland socotay.

  21. Call it Xasuuq, gumaad, crime against humanity, atrocity and genocide ……… carry the weight of indictment of perpetrators, punishment of the perpetrators and payment of compensation to the victims. So, the end result is legally the same. The differences are not legal but merely lexical semantic.

    I sincerely apologize to Saeed and the readers of this website. What began as a joke has degraded a healthy debate and I really feel bad about the whole thing. We shouldn't have a chicken fight about nothing, but focus our attention on things that matter most.

  22. Waxaan jeclaan lahaa inaan dhacdadii yarayd aan ka garnaqo oo dabeed lays saamxo.

    Dhugtame: Waxaan leeyahay Ilaahay Khayr ha ku siiyo si fiican ayaad yeeshay hadii aad dhabarka saartay oo aad samaxaad dalbatay. Taasi waa calaamad lagu yaqaan qofka wax garadka ah ee sharafta mudan.

    Saciid : waxaan odhan lahaa Ilaahay ka baqo oo qabyaaladda iska daa, hadii aad deyn weeydo cidaad tahay sheego. Golahana xaal sii , ileeyn adigaa sheekadda qabyaalad u bedeley oo reer aan meesha ku jirin soo geliyeye. Syaasadda iyo reer kana kala saar.

    Shareeco: Waxaan ku odhanlahaa, ceeb ayaad dhigtay oo weliba cid aad isku leedihiin xil ayaad af lagaadeysey oo aad ka xishoon weydey ee samaxaad dalbo si degdeg ah, dibna hawgu noqon waxaas oo kalle.

    Farxya iyo Nura: Ilaahay ceebtiina ha asturee ha kashifin inantaa Shareeco oo sheekada halkaas ku dhaaf.

    Gidigeen aan is saamaxno. Wa salaam.

    • Dee hadii la diidey ordoo fashileya dadka caayey dadka ay xididka iyo tolka yehiin. Anigu inantaas la fashilinaayo astur baan is lahaaye. Markaas cid walbaay waxaad haysid badka soo dhig hadii maslaxadii la diidey.

      • Garyaqaan,

        A very fair preposition. Thanks for trying to quell the fire, but Ms. Sharreco's name has already spread in all the Somaliland public forums like a wild fire and her identity is no longer a secret.

      • Garta Habar Jeclo ayaa ku caanamaashay oo loola iman jiray laguna yaqaanay. Nimankiinan yaryar ee magacii Habar Jeclo dhulka jiidaya waxaan leeyahay ka waantooba waxan aydin wadaan. Hadaa rag isqabataan mabada'a isku qabta oo intaa raga leedihiin qabiilaystaa tihiin idinku is eega. Hadii qof halkan ku caayo Siilaanyo ha ujaawaabina sababtuna waxa weeye qofkaa u badheeday inuu caayo waa qof rebshed raba. Hadaydaan ujawaabin wuu iska aamuse. Meeshan mabada'a ayaa laysku hayaa hadaydaan mabda'a diffacayn afkiina haysta. Garyaqaanna waxaan leeyahay Ilaahay ha ku asturo gar maad qaadin ee fidmo ayaad sii kicisay. Raga kale ee duriyada ahna waxaan leeyahay idinkuna kuwan maydaan dhaamin runtii. Markaa waxaan kusoo gebgebaynaa labadiina qoloba doodaha ku ekeeya mabda'a difaacis. Saciidna waxaan leeyahay xaal qaado raalina ahaw. Somalilandna ha noolaato.

  23. It was certainly an attempted genocide but the whole of the blame game is a blind alley which Somaliland should not have pursued at all. It plays into the crass and crude accusations, often delivered with a chuckle by Somalia leaders, that the issue of Somaliland's sovereignty is one of merely assuaging 'qaldaan' anger over their 'mistreatment' by Somalia leaders during what they call 'civil war'.

    The blame game It also has the insidous power to re-open dormant wounds and divide us along clan lines with our darod citizens feeling we are somehow blaming them for what happened then.

    The day Turkey got interested in Somalia was a calamaity for somaliland because the Turks made it claer they want Somaliland to be absorbed back into Somalia. The Turks need to be handled with extreme care or they will do us fatal damage. Maybe Mr Bihi understands this and is playing for time.