By Goth Mohamed Goth

The founder of Hargeisa Neurology Center  Essa Kayd accompanied by a group of three American doctors who are is currently visiting the country on a four day visit and led by Dr. David C. Henderson who is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and an Associate Psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

Essa and his team of visiting American Doctors will during the duration of their stay in the country will conduct studies, evaluation and assessments plans and to provide training to Doctors and medical workers on researching and collecting data, giving medications, and or treatments, intervening in emergencies, providing group therapy and will  also be visiting the various medical institution which deal mental disease including the ministry of health.

The Director of the Hargeisa Neurology Center Dr. Hassan speaking to us said, “On behalf of my fellow doctors and those at the center we welcome the visiting doctors, we hope to learn more from each other regarding by sharing our experiences in dealing with the illness which is a serious and also debilitating disease which is costly and expensive to treat, especially in poor countries such as Somaliland that lack adequate healthcare system.

Cases of post-stress traumatic syndrome have increased in Somaliland mainly because there has been a breakdown healthcare system and since the fall of the Siad Barre government in 1991, coupled with economical hardship, displacement and the daily uncertainty and violence in an impoverished environment, he said.

Chained mentally patients


 Chaining mentally ill Patients is a common Sight in Somaliland

The clinic which is a joint investment between  Essa Kayd and his associates has since its inception been offering specialized treatment to patients suffering from an array of mental illnesses such as psychosis, mood disorders, substance abuse, depression, neurosis and epilepsy.  

 Essa Kayd is the Chief Neurodiagnostic Specialist at Brigham and Women Hospital a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School has been awarded the 16th annual Partners in Excellence Award for his outstanding community contributions. Mr. Kayd has traveled to several East Africa countries to help train other technologist and physicians on performing Neuro-diagnostic studies for their patients. Essa Kayd won the award after his colleagues nominated him for his exemplary performance and for contributions “above and beyond the call of duty”.



  1. all true sons and daughters of the great republic of Somaliland salute for ever the marvellous intiative of mudane Essa Kayd and all the personeel accompanying him in that humantarian mission. However, belonging to the noble nation of Somaliland republic, I would encourage universaties of Somaliland to offer students more medical faculties so that more students can sepecialized in that medical field. I say this because self-reliance is part and parcel of our culture, and we are doing so far so good. long live SNM, may Allah the great have mercy on our martyers in heaven. Long the great nation of Somaliland and god bless this medical team to whom I am thankful for helping some of our sick fellow citizens.

  2. We the people of Somaliland are proud of you Dr. E. Kayd. God, the almighty bless you and anyone who contributes to the well-being of our sick people.

  3. It is very sad to see those young men chained, I guess this is the way we deal with someone who has mental health issue. We Somalis associate violent with mental health issue and fear that alway someone who is suffering from this condition can harm you or attack you, but that is not alway the case.

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