Ethiopia’s newly appointed Foreign Minister, Taye-Atske Selassie, told state media that “direct access to the sea is a matter of our stability and national security,” adding that Ethiopia’s quest for seaports is “very legitimate.”

The international community is well informed about Ethiopia’s aspiration to access the sea following extensive diplomatic engagement in the subject, the report cited FM Taye as saying. Extensive diplomatic works to inform the reality have been carried out during the past six months.

As a sovereign state, Ethiopia needs “solid economy that is supported by stable transactions”, the reported cited FM Taye, adding that Ethiopia’s quest for sea access is not against factual settings. “Ethiopia should not be holder of undue burdens and it should not be a victim of other countries’ internal burden,” the report further said.

FM Taye also highlighted Ethiopia’s readiness to engage in additional negotiations over its seaport aspiration, and on the Abbay Dam [#GERD]. “We had been in negotiation with Egyptians for four rounds. Similarly, we are ready to resume the negotiation whenever they want.”

“Ethiopia has no history of embracing foreign commands and dictations. But, it will negotiate in some cases for the benefit of all,” FM Taye further said.

Sources: Addis Standard