Urged not to be discussed at the Security Council as the MoU is in line with international norms and practices.

The Ethiopian Government has urged the Security Council not to discuss its MoU with Somaliland as notified all neighboring countries, including the Federal Government of Somalia.

A letter Ambassador and Permanent Representative Hon Tesfaye Yilma Sabo sent on 26 January 2024 to H.E. Ambassador Nicolas de Riviere, the Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations, and President of the United Nations Security Council for January, reads as follows;


I have the honour to write this letter to put on record the position of Ethiopia on the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Federal Republic of Ethiopia and Somaliland in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on January 1, 2024.

The MoU is a framework to further enhance the existing areas of cooperation with Somaliland based on mutual understanding, reciprocity, and peaceful engagement. Ethiopia’s longstanding relationship with Somaliland, including all arrangements created to foster our ties, is in line with international norms and practice.   The MoU covering several areas of cooperation, trade, investment, agriculture, health, security, education, energy, and infrastructure, is a continuation of the existing practice in bilateral relations with Somaliland. The MoU also paves the way for Ethiopia to secure access to a sea outlet based on commercial bases and mutually acceptable terms in line with international norms.

As a founding member of both organizations, Ethiopia adheres to the charter of the United Nations and the constitutive Act of the African Union. The MoU is neither unprecedented nor contrary to the charter and the Constitutive Act. Furthermore, the Government of Ethiopia has been transparent and notified all neighboring countries, including the Federal Government of Somalia. The MoU signed with Somaliland promotes regional peace, economic cooperation, and integration and should be a welcome development. Ethiopia will continue its peaceful engagement and dialogue in its efforts to diversify its coastal outlet that is necessary for its growing population and expanding economy.

Ethiopia remained committed and ready to engage with the Special Envoy of the African Union to the Horn of Africa as stipulated under the press statements by the African Union Peace and Security Council dated 17 January 2024. The matter is now under consideration by the African Union Peace and Security Council. Therefore, Ethiopia believes this matter should not be discussed at the Security Council. In this regard, we appreciate the continued understanding of the members of the Council.