The government of Somaliland is in the process of formulating a National Policy for development of Database Planning and Information flow of the ministries and public institutions of the country that collates comprehensively all information and statistics.

The Ministry of Planning and National Development has just concluded a two-day meeting focusing on the cause of the preparation of the policy in Hargeisa.

The meeting which was attended by the ministerial and para-statal directors of planning and statistics was opened by the Director General of the Ministry of Planning Mr. Mustafa Omar Farah, who was flanked by his Investment colleague Mr. Abdikarim Adan Adde.

During the meeting, the data of the assessment conducted by the Ministry of Planning on the Departments of Planning and Data Collection of the Ministries and Independent Agencies were presented, and analyzed hence the plan to transform it into a national policy of data collection.

For their part, the Directors of the Departments of Planning and Data Collection of Ministries and Independent Agencies have presented the data collection model of each ministry and organization to evaluate the planning and data collection model of all government agencies.

This is all tailored on how to make a national policy that reflects the information needs of the country.