By M.A. Egge

The Somaliland Higher Education Council has announced that only seven institutions in the country were competent enough to churn out from its campuses qualified medical and health practitioners.

The council is a committee responsible for improving the quality of higher education in Somaliland and it’s the duties includes ensuring that the knowledge provided by the country’s universities and colleges is at per with standard the quality of their curricula.

Prior to the announcement it took time to evaluate the health institutions in the country that give such courses.

In giving them the charter, the council has declared that no other institution apart from the declared ones could provide the said courses in the field of medical health sciences.

A press release issued by the Higher Education Council of Somaliland, a copy of which has reached our desk states that the universities that can offer or are allowed to conduct courses for the medical profession, are as follows:-

1 AMMUD University, Borama

  1. University of Gollis Hargeisa and Gollis Burao
  2. University of Hargeisa, Hargeisa
  3. Burao University, Burao
  4. University of Franz Fanon, Hargeisa
  5. Edna Adan University, Hargeisa
  6. Adal University, Borama