By Ahmed Abdi

Abdullahi Husseina former head of state-run media and adviser to Ogaden Regional President, Abdi Mohamoud Omar, has been awarded this year’s Anna Politkovskaya Award for smuggling out one-hundred-hours filmed footage from the Somali region of Ogaden,which became the SVT Documentary film of ” Dictatorship prisoners.”TT-Swedish National News Agency Reported.

Abdullahi Hussein receives National Press Club prize to Anna Politkovskaya’s memory in 2014, with the motivation “With lives at stake, he smuggled out films that expose the dictatorship soul. He showed the world that a single individual’s courage makes a difference,” The Report added.

The video showed how the Ethiopian Security forces committed atrocities against the Somali Ogaden villagers, political inmates in Jail Ogaden and how the two Swedish Journalists, Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson were abused by the Ethiopian regime.

Mr. Hussein, who is currently a political refugee in Sweden and living under death threats saved the lives of the two-Swedish Journalists that put their lives at risk by entering the Ogaden region, in part of their job to report on the Ethiopian army brutality in the Somali Region of Ogaden and the foreign oil companies’ impact on the civiliansBut unfortunatelyCharged with terrorism and entering the country illegally with fake video evidence against them.

He was honored for bravery in another ceremony held on April 10th, a plaque naming him a hero was awarded the prize of Sweden’s civil courage of the year 2014,”Antigone award”.
The award to Anna Politkovskaya’s memory is shared with \ to a journalist whose work distinguished itself in the defense of freedom of expression and press freedom.