A joint learning and coordination workshop for EUCAP, UNSOM and Somaliland institutions to strengthen working cooperation took place in the port city of Berbera, Somaliland.

The main purpose of the workshop was to facilitate and strengthen the working relationship between these agencies, to promote information sharing and to reduce overlaps and potential misunderstandings so that all the outcomes derived benefit from the sum of the  inputs of these to hardworking agencies.

The government agencies that participated in the workshop were; the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development (Berbera), the Ministry of Finance (Customs Dept., Berbera), the Somaliland Coast Guard, the Somaliland Police, the Immigration Department, the Port Authority, the Berbera Municipality, Sahil Regional Governor, the Attorney General’s Office and the Solicitor General’s Office.

Participants placed particular emphasis on the role and activities of each of the institutions, including a sharing of information and knowledge of respective responsibilities, approaches and priorities. The participants discussed methods of identifying bottlenecks to progress, how to better articulate and approach common or joint taskings, and how to enhance co-operation at a regional level to achieve optimal outcomes.

EUCAP’s Head of field office, Mr. Kenneth reflecting on the importance of coordinated collaboration among agencies present said, “Our objective is to advise the regional and state authorities in how to streamline and best build capacity and therefore, delivery”, He continues “It is very important that the state agencies leverage the best outcomes for the Berbera area, given the rapidly developing and very significant hub-port area of Berbera.”

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed, governor of Sahil region while appreciating the role of EUCAP and UNSOM on convening the joint workshop that brought on board the relevant government agencies also said “This was indeed an inspirational workshop developed by EUCAP, with UNSOM, to enhance joint collaboration the regional institutions involved have not been operating in this way and the potential efficiencies and effectiveness from such collaboration became very clear during the workshop. Indeed, the State bodies in attendance learned a lot about the benefits of collaboration and we hope to reflect this model similarly to enhance how we collaborate at State level”.

Participants expressed satisfaction for the event that brought together a diverse group of people who work with government’s ministerial and other agencies, UNSOM and EUCAP, while especially welcoming the discussions and the recommendations gathered in the workshop and appreciated for the structured collaboration workshop that fostered exchange of information and experience.