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2015 is the EU’s “European Year of Development” (#EYD2015).
As the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) reach their deadline, the EU wants to showcase the results that the Union, acting together with the EU Member States, has achieved as a global actor in the fight against poverty.
A series of 7 short video clips has been prepared to highlight the achievements of the EU’s engagement in Somalia.
They cover key areas such as Security, Livestock trade and Animal Health, Education, Resilience Building, Governance, Human Rights and Justice.
In May, the EYD focuses on “Peace & Security”. The 1st clip shows how the EU enhances the security sector in Somalia through its comprehensive approach: 
The EU supports a stronger Somali National Army and the Somali Police Force and is the key contributor to the “African Union peace enabling Mission” to Somalia (AMISOM) .
The Union also responds to Somalia’s security challenges through 3 Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) Missions:


  • the Military Training Mission (EUTM) to support the Somali security forces,
  • the EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) operation “Atalanta” to fight piracy at sea, 
  • EUCAP NESTOR to develop maritime capacities.


The 6 other #EYD/Somalia clips will be released on a monthly basis until the end of this year.
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