Foreign Office Travel Advice already advises against all travel to Somalia, including Somaliland, and advises all British nationals to leave. We are now aware of a specific threat to Westerners in Somaliland, and urge any British nationals who remain there against our advice to leave immediately. As our travel advice continues to make clear, kidnapping for financial or political gain, motivated by criminality or terrorism, remains a threat throughout Somalia. Our new travel advice for Somalia, including Somaliland, can be found here

We will keep our Travel Advice under constant review. We cannot comment further on the nature of the threats at this time.


  1. YES!!!

    Britain has finally understood this is not the "best kept secret". They are terrorists and head of al shabab (Godane) comes from Hargeisa.

    Great job Britain. All British should leave, all white foreigners for their own safety 😉

  2. Enemies of Saomlailand

    keep your nonsense and lies with you. No one will believe your propaganda. Who cares if foreigners will leave somaliland. Nothing will be a threat to the peace and stability in Somalilland.

    • Did you said ''peace''? What peace? The place is in chaos. The war is shifting to North-west, now that the south has settled their differences. You separatists better listen to the voice of the majority in North-west instead of insisting on the so called fabricated hoax referendum. Or ells, it will be war their.

      • Sir,

        You keep on bucking like a dog on this website,but the truth is, whether you like it or not Somaliland is here to stay forever and there is nothing the like of yours ever do. You can call Somaliland people and its government what ever names you can think of , still the truth is nothing will ever change.

        We do no British government and the USA do give this travel warning always, because we share borders with the like of your country the epicenter of Pirate and terrorist and travel warning also applies to Northern Kenya and the coastal Kenya where of course you were a neighbour. This is not a surprise to us at all.

        • Before you insist on telling me ''Somalialnd'' is here to stay, go and convince those who don't hail from your tribe. If they accept then I accept. But as long they don't accept, The IC. me and the Somali people will never accept.

          • Truth 1,

            What does it matter if a few weak DAROODS accept Somaliland or not? At the end of the day you are weak and irrelevant. Please come back to us when you have liberated laascanood then perhaps we might then take you seriously. Until then you will always be my Bi–ch.

            I will tell why we really occupy Laascanood, blame it on your women, they keep coming to Hargeisa in droves telling us how much they love Somaliland Lool. You think you are suffering now, believe me we are just toying with you right now.

            Be grateful we have an old and weak leader right now in President Siilanyo, this will not continue for long. If Siilanyo did not have mercy on your people and stop Muj. Jidhif Buuhodle would be a ghost town by now with all its residents either dead or in refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya.

          • LOOl, I was not even talking about Khaatumo or Awdal. They already expressed their choice loud and clearly. I was talking about your own tribe. The IC, Somali people and everyone knows that only to clans of your tribe are pushing for a secession, therefore the separatists can be called minority.

          • Looool Madar talk about irrelevant? aren't you Ciidagali and all you actually do is burn tyres in the streets of HarGaysa. I don't wanna go far after all Garhajis (HY) are my reer abtis but you should worry about you before you blindly attack the Garaado Kingdom whose without their approval you forever belong to Somalia. Lascanood came under somaliland administration when Dahir Riyaale (Gadabusi) was in charge and right now is under warlord Mahad Canbashe (Dhulbahante) and few Habro looma ooyan who he only uses them for bullet shield, perhaps when there's a single non-dhulos official in LA we should call it occupation. lool

            as for Buuhodle forget about it we all know what happened that you even ran from the little trucks you had but war is in Huddun now between dhulos sub sub sub sub clan vs Somaliland national militia, let me know markaa indhaha layda kaga soo gubo hahahhahha. talk about weak and irrelevant.

            btw no need to generise whole Darood tribe they have nothing to do it.

  3. Update: Ireland has also told its citizens the same thing.

    Finally the british have understood the games & lies of secessionists.

    Great day today!!!

  4. I think this threat is signal of what is going on throught the regions of SOL,SANAG,SALAL AND HARGUEISA ITSELF after the fake election. This government is the worse ever happen to Alshabab are In and tomorow to Djibouti the Ministry of interior should reseign soon rather than later.he failed to resolve Zaylac and reseign quicly.thank you to distroy the peaceful of the community.

  5. This is indeed good news and something the people of Sool Sanaag Cayn (SSC) today known as the Khaatumo State of Somalia should welcome .. The Northern regions of Somalia in particular Hargeisa is not SAFE the threat to foreigners is real and should not be underestimated…well done FCO for highlighting the issue and warning the British citizens against this imminent threat.

  6. Its sad to see that UK is trying to undermine image of the Somali people to scary away Foreigh investors after US recognized Somalia including Puntland region and my northern brothers Somaliland. This news isn’t true. There’s no danger in all Somalia lands.

    • None whatsoever?
      I'm more interested to hear some sensible comments rather than all your usual tribalism fighting. Does anyone have any details? Should westerners actually leave or is it exaggerated?

      • Of course this report is exaggerating. Somalia has moved from a state of anarchy to recovery, and to still label it with its passed, shows how irrational this warning is. Yes their is a conflict in North-west Somalia between secessionists and unions, and those conflict have no impact on the broader security of Somalia. I think this is an attempt to isolate the minority secessionists group in North-west Somalia. I think a different approach should have been taken, instead of taking an action whereby you actually punishing a whole region in attempt to punish view idiotic separatists.

  7. Does that mean thousands of young migrants in Refugee camps across Europe will suddenly get automatic Leave to remain?

    Perhaps it is the perfect time for mass migration… if it is not SAFE for you then it is not safe for any one else RIGHT?

    🙂 Every Cloud has a Silver lining. Bossasso port will make a killing in Migration tax 2013.

    • buxis.

      If you and other delusionist understand anything this is FINAL GOOD SIGNAL so call imaginary country somaliland is OVER dead cremated and buried.

  8. I guez somaliland gat lot of enemiez bt sure only tha almighty allah knwz best.. N I knw whuz behind all dis shiit! I pray 4 bettr somaliland n nt 4getin konfur too.. N by allahz name evrythin ill b orite.. Insha allaha.

  9. This is a classic case of the three step plan that the west us. exactly what happened to Siad Barre in 1980s

    step 1: internationally isolate. in Mogadishu many airlines stopped when Barre was in power, military and financial aid was stopped etc
    step 2: political pressure. Barre was asked to reform and hold election
    step 3: if step 1 and 2 does not work destroy Somalia's civil war was directly planned and executed from Addis Abbeba with the west's blessing and Aidid,Snm,spm were nothing but bridges.

    i recognize step 2 will be enough to send silanyo packing to mogadisho and the whole sl parliament to replace the isaq representative already in Mogadishu.

    • I wonder why all Dhuloz hide behind where they don't belong. Com'on man! You have nothing to do with the Wanlaweyn.

      • Wargabe caadi iska dhig homeboy stay off the alcohol and khat and get back into reality before reality slaps you in the face, anyone who's against separation airnt Dhulos majority of Somalis are, from Zaylac to Kismayo. 🙂

        • Well said sis mac mac mac. They even call me dhulus, while I repeatedly told I'M SHEIKHAAL!!!!!!! Just a tiny correction, from Zaylac to Raskamboni :).

        • Lol Amirah ur subclan cannot change the situation even they are 100% for union. Don’t worry u will be get used to live (ant not more difficult!)peacefully with ur fellow somalilander as u do with Habashi in other side of Budhodle..kk Majority rule minority with respect to their full right.

          • I suggest for you own health, stop hallucinating. Your own clan are not even 100% secessionists, let alone the other clans. Taking that on board, you are minority.

  10. and here I thought Somaliland and Britain were close friends, I guess Britain doesn't care some desert they enslaved a century ago looool no offense y'all. we the northers need the south that's that's the ugly truth…

    • lol Amirah we know somali of Djibouti used to live in cool weather where everywhere is green, that’s why french like to stay maybe..kkk

  11. Is this really a news? Britain issued the same sort of warning last week to all British nationals in north Africa and the middle east and this is no different. Free publicity though. Nice one):-

  12. YESSS….What did I say few days ago we gonna tell all nations to cease and decease from going to and doing business without probably passing checks and background inspection with the foreign ministry of the Republic of Somalia. I would like to graduate ms Fowsiya for doing great job by demanding that all governments who have citizen in the northern Somalia warn that they committing felony by being Somalia illegally and can be kidnapped by separates traitors as source of money.

    Next Dhiigshil….One of my uncles who works at the PM office tells me that new banking regulation is being finalized and Dhabashill is F@ck up the Somali govt is gonna outlaw it for supporting terrorism and separates forces in the north part of the country. Also we are close contact with the US Federal Reserve to seize all Dhabashill assets around the world.

  13. Free publicity is good for SOMALILAND and these Faqash people on this website and elsewhere including the those of the BBC Somali servive have nothing else to talk about but SOMALILAND. Lol

  14. I'm wondering what the threats were? when the public is going to know further details of such threats?

  15. lol its too dangerous for foreigner to be there.. North is alot like the south and the south is becoming like the north…

  16. To all hater of Somaliland who are happy about this news, It is normal UK to focus in Somaliland becoz no foreigner could stay in Zoomalia peacefully or just for a few hours just time coming from Aiport of Mogadiscio and move to Presidency/gov within a Tank,equiped with helmet, bulletproofvest then once finished meeting go back quickly to Airport and wait for first fligt availabable while praying god nothing happen, all the way of course protected by bantu Amison!!kkk

  17. TO all concern….

    This massege from the UK goverment is final clear SIGNAL somaliland region becoming imaginary country is over and END. no one will accept creating a state which base on one clan nor the IC or most somalis. by the way this argument about british colony borders is finish now since the UK goverment announce they want to see somalia intact in one piece ofcource with the exception of self semi autonomous states within somali republic.

    It's sad to see somaliland folks ( isaqs ) had million and half opportunities and did not take that chance,but now different ball game.

    FACT missed opportunities..

    —> THEY could show rest of somalis it's time to move forward but we will make sure anything like this should not and will happen again in somalia ( never took this chance ).

    —> MOGADISHU should be removed the capital and stablish neutral city selected by all somalis, building new small city which sits the goverment and foreign dignitaries not allow large scale residential development.

    —> Somali presidence have to switch every four years north and south ( never took this chance )

    —>All fund donated from the west or other nations should be distributed evenly and must be under the control of independent body representing all semi autonomous states and the donors. the larger the state the more fund it gets. ( never took this chance ).

    —> Stablish truth reconcilliantion commission the IC should be part of it, which looks every part of somalia atrocities had happen from 1978 to 2009 and book to account those head figures including middle level leadership who are responsible this. whether they are millitary officers,rebel leaders, warlord leaders, business man, and religious rebel leaders. ( never took this chance ).

    —> Stablish commission which over look properties destroyed by ex-goverment or rebel groups must be composite those owners at least 50% what it worth those days their property since somalia do not have big fund to carry 100% compensation. Mogadishu,Hargeisa,Burco,Kismayo,Galkacyo,Baydhabo (never took this chance )

    Conclusion, what a dramatic end somaliland region fairy tale.

    • Ali I know how you feel about this. Yes You have right to be upset and myself included it is the Uk that said Somaliland is unsafe not the government Somali government in Mogadishu. Yes they might say let's join them but i don't think it is a good idea to join them but bro what London said happens to be far worse and they want us lose our goood name.

  18. Britain is a country that is a fiend of Somaliland. The people of Somaliland have resposibility to protect all visitors and guests in their country – regardless of their origin, background and faith.

  19. The USA and Europe is very different today. Barack Obama is for change? I agree. As a Somalilander I believe in today and in humankind overcoming their inherent base emotions… Truth 1 aka Kayse. Get over the past and realise Somalilanders are in a different time to you and no amount of espousing you're own short comings and lie's on others will save you. Stick with reality and facts not the past. Giving you're power away to the status quote only makes more you confused and lost. Like many of you're so called foe's . Get a grip and realise we are all on to you're deception like many others you think you are using but are using you. Lost trying to derail the informed. Loose loose option is not possible nor an option.

  20. As Somalillanders, we value our friendship with Britain and we will maintain it. If some Somalis have a problem with that – tough luck. They may go the sea and jump in to it.

  21. Don't count this passing cloud. The reality will be known in few days time, and how this untimely message appeared in the FCO website. Fact on the ground is very different of what this ill-fated article carries. Even if they shut the door, we don't actually need them, they need us, and the relations between us was scratch my I shall reciprocate. We have a voting power in the UK, and we shall use this card from now onwards. Let those Wanlaweyns go back to Muqdishu, because there is no place for them in the UK now. They will be labeled as terrorists one-by-one in the next few years until they all end-up Xamar.

    We have been with Britain for centuries, and we are not those who run away from the starvation in Somalia, but good citizens of Great Britain. Our history is far more of what Wanlaweyn think.

    • Dualeh.

      It's time to wake up mate britain rejected you. it's time you go front of mirror and ask, who are we ? where we are going? why the IC rejecting us? is our claim valid? what we have Achieved last 20 years accept fake democracy and little bit security? could we better position today if we had better policy than secessionist ideas? why we lied to our ppl last 20 years or was it only serving the elite? why anyone could not stop these lies for the last 20 years?

      The two hundred thousand somalis live in UK 80% are southerness result of twenty years of heavy migration. today southern somalia it's not one section but two sections. this will give good share nothern somalis in the event of power sharing.

      • Naasir,
        During the preparatory talks of Somaliland's independence in 1960, the British Govt. warned to Somaliland politicians not to join Somalia without proper agreements and conditions, however, the Somalilanders told to the British "fu*k off, it's none of your business" and finally joined Somalia on 1st July 1960 without preconditions at all. Again in 18 May 1991, Somalilanders gathered in Burao and immediately decided to withdraw from that union of 1st July 1960 and to restore its sovereignty of 26 June 1960 without consulting with anybody else.

        Now, Somaliland will continue that journey untill it reaches its final goal, and will never ever heed a bit of its destiny to no one. Remember that Mate!

        • Warqabe,

          I think your name (warqabe ) does not match what you wrote here. the british goverment never said to nothern somalis or warned to join rest of somalia. if that is the case, why UK goverment forcing s/land to remain somalia? it does not make sense. 1960 all northern somalis decided collectively be part of somalia, it was not one clan decision as it looks today. gathered in burao 1991 it's not case to argue about because big section of nothern community were missing 40%. now the question is, will IC allow 60% northern somalia create own state. the answer is no.

          Whether s/land region continues or not it's unknown destination journey it already hit DEAD END, the only way out is reverse.

          • Yse I agree with you Naasir. What about last year who forced us to the Somalia talks last year in London. It was the UK and Warqabe put that in your thick head man your masters are the first people who wanted us to join Somalia.

      • What are you commenting? rejection from Britain and IC when was this rejection happened are you dreaming wake up brother and charge your brain there is nothing of any rejection the International Community advised you to talk to Somaliland and finalize the remaining obstacle and each other to live in good harmony of two Brotherly State. there is nothing of rejection you're talking about Somaliland has been made by the Peoples decision and no one can command them either the British or The IC Please come to your senses and understand the situation folks.

    • “we have been with the british for centuries! ”
      What a perfect example of white man wannabee and self hating n***a !
      First thing first like or not your a somali for Ever
      Second If UK was your parent/husband you would already have been recognize !
      PS: Today réjection came from your british idol ogow walaalo !

  22. Britain's warning to her citizens of an imminent danger in Somaliland is genuine. The government of Somaliland shoud take this seriously and cooperate with the West to ascertain the presence of Al Shabab elements in the country. It is possible that Al shabab has availed of the days when Somaliland was busy with the local election. Somaliland has been thriving under the peace and securiy its citizens have been enjoying. This trend should be strengthened by keeping the terrorists away from our land.

    • This announcement has nothing to do with terrorist Al shabab activity. haven't you get the messega.

  23. During Siyad Barre's era when the brutal dictator was butchering our innocent people. The so called Southern were more than happy to witness the death and demise of our people..Our children’s future seemed uncertain; our families were without a home. In the blink of an eye were on the run, forced to leave our house, villages and cities at the barrel of gun. Thousands of Somalilanders were killed for no reason. Meanwhile the Southern were watched this tragedy, but I don’t think you can afford to mess with us anymore. we have the courage and the capability to defend our people and nation.
    No more Unity and that false dream will never come back, because you are not trustworthy nation.
    the blood of our innocent children is dripping from your hands.

  24. This message means that England showed it's true colors and they don't want anything to do with Somaliland. The Uk has never been a fan of Somaliland and they were always against Somaliland's Sovereignty. Somaliland doesn't need to depend on any country especially the backstabber UK. This is not going to effect to Somaliland and there is no security threat in Somaliland. England always had in for Somaliland for years. Did anybody listen to the Minister of foregin of affairs of Somaliland and the parliament chairman they both said that Somaliland is not under any threat whatsoever. England should stay out of Somaliland's case and they closed down their buliding in Hargeisa.

  25. "The Foreign Office gave no estimate for the numbers of Britons currently in Somaliland but there are known to be some with dual Somali and British nationality as well as NGO personnel. There is no British representation in any part of Somalia. The nearest consular assistance is in Addis Ababa or Nairobi.

    Reports over the weekend, meanwhile, said that a UN report had linked British citizens to Somali piracy. According to the Times a 2012 document by the UN's monitoring group on Somalia and Eritrea included a secret annex naming a British businessman of Somali origin as one of the key organisers of a pirate kidnapping in 2009.

    The annex said the businessman was responsible for "co-organising hijackings and abductions" and was directly involved in the abduction of Paul and Rachel Chandler, a British couple held captive for 13 months before a ransom was paid in 2010."

    • Above quote from Guardian by Ian Black. Whilst Telegraph by a Kenyan born British national Mike Pflanz says the following "But there are concerns that international efforts against both al-Shabaab and pirates further south may be pushing these problems north towards Somaliland. In its neighbouring region, Puntland, several police officers and soldiers have been killed or kidnapped by al-Shabaab, which is now understood to be regrouping in the area's mountainous hinterland."

      • Shut up Somaliland hater you are going to cause panic to the good people of Somaliland. There is no threat in Somaliland and there is no security fears.

  26. I can only sense that Silanyo isn't doing as good as he can and he very well knows that our dream of becoming a recognised country is only false hope. What the British have done is a slap in the face to ALL Somalilanders and this shouldn't put us down in anyway whatsoever. In my honest opinion, the sooner Silanyo is knocked off his perch, the better, because we REALLY don't know whats going on other than tribalism. No doubt, Somaliland is a great place to visit and what not, but I don't really believe its a great place to STAY at the moment. There are too many people commenting on this website who don't really know whats going on and putting false and invalid opinions across which really aren't necessary. Somaliland has haters simply because of how stable and peaceful we are and NOONE will like that because we are still cut from the same cloth as SOMALIA. Inshallah khayr SOMALILAND HA NOOLATO