There is an English saying that describes the current hubbub in Somalia and Somaliland regarding the ‘recognition’ extended by the Obama administration to the government of Hassan Sheikh Mohamed – Somalia’s latest, foreign-sponsored and foreign-financed putative ‘government’. The saying is: ‘a storm in a teacup’. This phrase sums up the fatuity of the entire event, the nothing-ness of it, if you will, and, therefore the futility of the heated discussion and debate around it that Somalis have so eagerly and energetically devoted to it. What is truly laughable, however, are the supposedly learned pieces crafted around this ‘recognition’ by the US government by members of the Somali intelligentsia which seek to derive the ‘true meaning’ and ‘underlying consequences’ of this supposedly watershed event. These pieces remind me of a rather scathing definition of ‘intellectual’ which was once offered by a very witty and very wise Somali man – an intellectual, he told me, is one who has been educated beyond his intellect! Since then, I have forever eschewed the title.

Let us call a spade, a spade. The US government has been intimately involved, whether behind the scenes or in a direct sense, in the creation of ‘governments’ for Somalia since the creation of the TNG at the Arta Conference in 2000. Successive US administrations have worked with the TNG and its successors TFG-1 (of Abdillahi Yusuf) and TFG-2 (of Sheikh Sharif Hassan) and extended to it not only financial and material aid, but all the diplomatic niceties due a legitimate (read recognised) government, even though these ‘governments’ did not control any territory except for a couple of city blocks around the Presidential residence in Mogadishu, and possessed no popular mandate from the people they purported to govern. Let us also remember that the US government was very instrumental in Ethiopia’s intervention in Somalia to rout the ICU (Islamic Courts Union) in 2006, unseat Abdillahi Yusuf in 2008 and install Sheikh Sharif as President under TFG-2. I seem to remember a beaming Hilary Clinton shaking the hand of a bemused Sheikh Sharif in Nairobi in late 2008 and hailing him as the saviour of Somalia, much as she did with a much less bemused Hassan Sheikh Mohamed recently at the State Dep’t.

As the French say, plus ça change! However, in truth, something has changed. This is that the Western Powers, and the US in particular, have become frustrated that their efforts over the last two decades have not produced a result in Somalia that is satisfactory to them, and have thus resolved to use the present military weakness of Al-Shabaab to withdraw from their deep involvement in Somali affairs. However, in order to do this they need to ‘establish’ a ‘permanent’, ‘legitimate’ government in that country to which they can then cede responsibility, and blame for future failures. This is the true reason behind all the drama and hoopla surrounding the creation of this latest version of the TFG (or TFG-3 as I like to term it). Professor Michael Weinstein, an astute chronicler and analyst of Western policy on Somalia, has cogently outlined the Western policy perspective and the reactions to it by the political actors in Somalia. His articles are published on It is in this context that the ‘recognition’ by the US of TFG-3 can be properly understood. By claiming that Somalia now has a ‘real’ government which it recognises, the US can legitimately withdraw from direct engagement in Somali affairs and reduce its commitment of financial, material and human resources.

The Western Powers have concluded that Somalia is probably beyond their capacity to fix and they have now chosen to leave it largely to its own devices, while they will, of course, retain the option to respond to perceived terrorist threats through the use of Special Forces and drone attacks. In the meantime, they are happy for their regional allies, Ethiopia and Kenya, to carve out such ‘spheres of influence’ or ‘buffer zones’ in southern and western Somalia as they deem necessary, i.e. Jubaland and Galmudug autonomous regions. In short, the ‘recognition’ afforded the TFG of Hassan Sheikh Mohamed is nothing more or less than the second, neo-imperial carve-up of ex-Italian Somalia. This is the bitter fruit of some 22 years of anarchy and calculated opportunism by the political elite of that poor, benighted country.

Finally, I would like to address the issue of the impact this US ‘recognition’ has on Somaliland and its quest for international recognition. The simple, short and unequivocal answer is that this supposed ‘recognition’ will have no impact whatsoever upon Somaliland and its future. In fact, if anything, this ‘recognition’ probably strengthens Somaliland’s position in the medium term since it is, and will continue to be, the only functioning state in the region with which the world can engage. Irrespective of this, however, the fact remains that the sovereignty of Somaliland lies in its people and their decision to recover their precious freedom which they had surrendered nobly some 53 years ago in the cause of pan-Somali unity. The fact that their noble sacrifice was turned into their enslavement and attempted extermination merely highlights the evil against which they had to extricate themselves, and the nightmare to which they can never be induced to return. Increasingly, Africa and the rest of the world is being forced to deal with the simple reality that the people of Somaliland have forged for themselves a successful, indigenous democracy and that they are building their nation and their future, bit by bit, with their own hands and their own will.

The true danger to Somaliland and its hopes for a better future lies in the corruption, venality, ineptitude and treasonous tribalism of the Silanyo administration. This government has reduced our politics to a tribal auction, our quest for international recognition to a charity drive begging for alms as aid and our proud tradition of conflict resolution and national reconciliation to a tawdry spectacle of sharing the spoils of power. This government has abandoned the mission of national unity and the primacy of the ‘Somaliland Project’ for the narrow perspective of clan loyalty and the fleeting pleasure of personal aggrandisement, and in so doing they have demoralised the people. The danger to Somaliland lies not in the corridors of Washington but in the Presidency in Hargeisa.

Ahmed M.I. Egal
27 January 2013


  1. Your dad (former somaliland president) and Siilaanyo never liked each other anyway but in reality current government have done much more in less than 3 years than your dad did from 1993-2003

  2. Ahmed l congratulate for the fact and the realty in actual sense you had gone deep in analysing what is that recognition and its effect in Somalia that means now they have become a govt to talk to and tell them the decision of the people of The Republic of Somaliland of which is not deniable of whatsoever comes. regardless of what your father was your part and parcel of Somaliland you have every right to comment/ advise/ defend your motherland Somaliland. l hope people will understand the situation Thank you very much indeed and God Bless You.

    • The so called referendum was also based on the view of one clan (your clan), therefore it has no credibility whatsoever. If you think by insisting on the fabricated hoax, that it's the choice of the people, then you will be very disappointed with the end result.

      • Funny Comment. In every country in this world the majority are the ones who make the Govt even in the multiparty state. The party with the majority votes make the govt and that is a Democracy that means you can not deny the demand of the majority unless you're a dictator and if Somaliland one of the clan are the majority you can not deny them their right of choice and it is a Democracy. there is another saying is if you can't win them join them otherwise stay a looser

  3. HAHAAHAH still hating on Somalia from the sidelines? Anti western rats like you should leave the west if u hate the rulers that much.

    Somalia is one and somalia will always LIVE!!

  4. These Somaliland separitist are such fools, totally evil and hateful they are towards Somalia.

    I say God bless America and Somalia. Somalia is on the right path and haters like you cannot stop use.

  5. Ahmed M.I.Egal

    Mr Ahmed I found your article to be very reasonable at the beginning and seemed to be agreeing with it as far as Somalia goes as you were on the point.
    However once you turned to Somaliland and started attacking the president and the government my reservation started kicking in and specially once I recognized your personality.

    I might agree for you to be having some sorts of disagreement with this government though, but attacking it like it is the worst and tribalistic government is something I can’t agree with.

    This government is way better than the one your father run and it has done a lot of things in it’s short span than probably your fathers 8 or more years on the helm.
    Though you sounded to be very educated and eloquent, its seems that still you are a Somali and the common distractive virus in the Somali
    genes seems to be reactive in you as well.

    It’s very unfortunate for our educated ones to be thinking this way and try to pitch their followers
    against each government that comes around which they might think they are not part off.

    Your father was our president may god raise his soul peace in peace, we welcomed him and still remember his good and bad debts, though he did not fight for the liberation of Somaliland from that tyrannical regime whose intentions were the eradication of somalilanders from the face of this earth.
    You might reason he went to jail but the question you might be asked is what did he do after coming out of prison. Ambassadorial position to India? for a man of his status? Was that worth it or was it more worthier to join the liberation front at that time?
    Anyway it’s ridiculous for us even to discuss such issues in a public forums like this, though I would prefer for all of us” pure” somalilanders who love their country to discuss their disagreements openly and sincerely and officially with whom ever is in charge (government).
    Remember we still have sick enemies who want to do whatever they can to destroy our country and its people hence I advised you all to be very vigilant and thoughtful of what we write and say.

    If at all one has disagreements with the government that’s understandable but the doors are always open for solving such matters righteously and at the appropriate manner and be Venue. It’s not advisable for anyone who is a loving citizen to air such inappropriate and divisive Issues publicly like this.
    remember this is a elected government and not
    a dictatorial. I also remind you of this forum which you chose to air your article to be one of the biggest forum which lately has been airing anti Somaliland articles and pro Somalia ones at the same time. Let’s be wise here. God bless Somaliland and it’s people. Amiin.

    • All in all, you and Mr Egal are the same in the sense that you both support one clan nation. You can refute what you like, but sadly for you, the evidence are their. The so called referendum was also based on the view of one clan (your clan), therefore it has no credibility whatsoever. It's is Ironic how you seem to accuse Mr Egal of having the ''common distractive virus in the Somali genes'', while your whole secessionist agenda is based on that. You might be intellectual, but sadly that virus has catch you too.

  6. one thing somaliland ought to understand is that they had a golden time which has passed out. the 22 years when there was confusion in Somalia hargeisa could not mopve an inch towards recognition . now the tables are turned and Somalia is stabilizing and the dream is over now and then . it is either you negotiate for your share in the cake or will see your self begging .

    • @abdisalan

      you are contradicting yourself fool.

      You said "golden time has passed" and then you're saying "negotiate your share in the cake".

      Surely, if golden time has passed then there's no point in negotiating, Somalilanders might as well start begging. The thing is, you are the one begging.

      We fought to win back our country, and we will fight for our sovereignty. We are ready for the fight to take 10000 years, yes, that is ten thousand years. Somaliland was a country before your Somalia.

  7. Somaliland gov will be willing to sit down and in engage in a fruitful dialogue with a southern authority that is capable the maintaining law and order in Mogadishu and without the assistance of 17,000 plus AU troops, at a cost of USD $ 400M per annum whilst TFG trained/unpaid militia loot, pillage and rape innocent Somali civilians in Mogadishu and other "liberated" southern regions.

    A southern government that is able in having the political and military clout in controlling the Jabba regions, without being openly humiliated and undermined by Kenyan and Ethiopian backed militia under the clever disguise of IGAD. And also not forgetting the typical complaints by the pirate infested turf of P/Land, who and not surprisingly are now arguing that Mogadishu should not be the capital of Somalia and a "new" capital should be instead created. Another class battle in the making between the typical two “major” tribe of Somalia!!!

  8. Mr., Egal,

    They say like father like son. Your father was the prime minister of Somali Republic twice and he held other ministerial positions in our country. When the civil war broke out in Somalia, your father was still working for Mohamed Siyad Barre issuing commercial licences in the Department of Commerce. As the last elected prime minster of Somalia Egal was in good position to save the country and unite his people. Instead of thinking like statesman, your father chose to become one of the Somali warlords and he created his tribal enclave in northern Somalia. Compare your father’s legacy to that of Paul Kigame of Rwanda. Mr. Kigame who hails from the minority Tutsi unified his country after the horrific genocide that was committed against his people.

    Mr. Egal, you are bothered so much by the recognition of Somalia as a state because you are tribal minded individual who cannot see the possibility of a strong united Somalia. You write about why Somalia will never amount to anything. It is one of the misfortunes of Somalia that it produces blind intellectuals like you who destroy instead of building. If Somalia will not amount to anything, most certainly, Somaliland will become part of the Haud and Reserve Area sooner than you may think.

    • Allemagan,

      Mr. Egal eloquently portrayed the countless TNG/TFG failures, the achievements of Somaliland, the current predicaments facing region, and he intellectually shed a light on the motives of the west. Instead of challenging him on the facts and observations he put forth, you attacked him and his father – the father of Somaliland -; so, haters like you need to refrain from personal attacks and try to counter Mr. Egal's views with your intellectual facts or observations.

    • Allemagan,

      You cannot do anything to Somaliland. You are just wasting your time to write senseless and silly comments against what other people write about Somaliland, good or bad. Somaliland people are the people who defeated so many people like you. Somaliland is thousand times more stronger than it ever was. No force on earth can destroy it, leave alone a dog like you!. You are so obsessed with Somaliland seecssion that you cannot do anything to it. Just bark like a dog and bray like a donkey. Morning and wailing will never help you. Words without actions never to heaven go! You'r already dead. Buried bones never bleed and breed again. Roses will never grow from a rotten flower.

    • Allemagan

      We're in an advantages position for the first time in such a long time' and it's not sitting well with some people. Who their existing was to ride on the back of the Somali people to reach their destination. When that didn't come to fruition. and the misery Somalis was going through were not enough to gain a nation than all sudden we got anybody who could grab a pen and paper whether they're fluidity writers or not are putting their frustration out there.So let me try given you answers why Somalia is recognized . Somalia has one trillion oil and gas reserved that.s not our estimate but their estimate. and if you're a Western nations. who do you prefer to deal. one nation that you already have deals and contracts in place or region after region and dispute after dispute and never-ending hostilities.It's easy not even contest therefore this recognition is as much as their interest than ours and nobody is going to get in their way.So it's our best interest to work with them and get maximum benefit for our people and better future for our children's and the ones to come.

      • Sahra,
        let's not get blindsided with fictional tales like this article. First of all, the USA government had never officially broke ties with Somalia, what the US did in the 90's was it had abandoned Somalia as the Clinton's administration failed to restore hope in Somalia.

        The recent announcement of recognizing Somalia's new administration as a government by the US, it just a containment apparatus or accountability, if you will. The US could no longer afford to ignore as it's home ground trebles spilled all over the world, so it had to join in an attempt to repair the Somalia society again.. Perhaps before you leap to quick conclusion, let's hope that Mr. Sheikh Hasan fulfills his expectations as a president of limited leeway, not the winner-takes-all warlord's approach in Villa Somalia.

        • Osman Qaal

          you're not wrong what you just said but believe me when i say this to you this has a lot do with Somalia assets and oil gas they don't want repeat south Sudan and what took place,

      • Sahra, you would have been an excellent diplomat for Somalia, specially a foreign ministerial position. I mad that decision purely on when you said: ''nobody is going to get in their way.So it's our best interest to work with them and get maximum benefit for our people and better future for our children's and the ones to come''. All the African countries that prospered, such as Rwanda etc, made decisions based on what is best for their people, rather than pride and self interest.

        • You sound cool to night ,you have left behind the tribal claims and hails ,you are going to catch up with the progressive comments on issue rather grieving on enmity among your people or towards the people of Somaliland
          you should think fully and wisely see things and do not blind up, force your self to accept the truth and the reality on the ground ,that how this world prospers and the country you live builds itself .
          so do not be nervous about the development of somaliland and its intellectuals . EGAL

    • The only Threat stems from you&your Faqash Masters!

      Have you given up the stolen properties in muuqdishu yet or you are too busy claiming those in Kinsmanyo and Marka too???

      You must feel very safe behind Amisom tanks?

      • lol your the most retarded person i've ever come across this not about the South or me saying blah blah this but the British and the Irish government recognizing the chaos that's rapidly engulfing Sland.

        • 🙂 Buuxiye is loosing control loool I bet he didn't even finish reading the article. Muuqdishu kulaha

  9. Please, stop making us lol!! Mogadishu? the south? a region that is incapable in maintaining peace and the IC has soo much doubt in this so-called new administration that they even now have to fly in Nigerian, Ugandan, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Ghanaian and Gambian police officers to patrol Mogadishu…any human with a rational mind would know this does not add up to peace!

    The Al Shabaab are still active and can strike at will in Mogadishu, the people Jubba regions are forming there own administration which is a clear slap in the face to this so-called gov AU-protected (17,000) gov in Mogadishu and now we are hearing the first mutters of discontent/hostility in P/Land against this admin in Mogadishu.

    I would love to see peace in the south but I am also sick and tied of these trolls who are envious of Soamliland success. Why hate on us? For the past 20 years has Somaliland destabilized the south? Has Somaliland been a spoiler and armed the warlords?…NO!

  10. ''Hassan Mahamoud claiming Somaliland-Republic Territory or Sovereignty is a clear Declaration of WAR in accordance with international LAW Hassan Mahamoud would loose the case of his territorial claims which would be an attempt to annex the territory of another nation'' ……..Hahahahahahahahahaha, the same international law you referring, is the one that gave him the right of that territory idiot. What war are you talking about? If anything the people of North-west Somalia support the President territorial claim, except for the view separatists minority like you. Gosh, buuxiye stop embarrassing yourself.

    • I love my country and my people. Until you we are ready to defend our own people from harm!!!

      You claim to be Sheikhal if that is true go save your refugees from Dollo Ado and Dadaab instead of playing internet HERO and the personal spokes-lady of the Damu Jadiid.

      " from the London conference: The international community is fully committed to SUPPORT any DIALOGUE between Somaliland-Government and Somalia-Federal-Government"

      No need to fudge your G-string every time i make a comment either express yourself like a Lady or remain silent.

      • So you assume just because some Sheikhaal live there, they all hail from their? Is like saying all Ogadens hail from Kismayo. Buuxiye you are really showing everyone how retarded your are.

        • Don't lie man, I can swear that you are 100% Dhuloz as it can easily read between the lines. Also Sheikhaals don't waste their time with Somaliland politics at all bcos it doesn't make any difference for them if Somaliland stays in the union or otherwise. Anyway, speak as a true dhuloz man.

          • Believe it or not, I couldn't care less. I stated what I am and I don't need you to believe that. I'm a Somali, and it's my responsibility as much as it's daroods, Hawiye, Rahaweyn, Dir etc to defend Somalia from minority traitors like you.

          • warqa, warqa, warqabe, walaal let me tell you a secret, the infomous mr buuxiye is not dhuloz or harti, but he is gaboye tribe a minority tribe that concludes somalis in north western somalia.

  11. How long will these lunatic separatists present their wish-lists as facts?.the reason they’re making all these noises is because they sense their imaginary republic is in its twilight days,now mogadishu is in full swing let them fantasise for a moment as the end is insight.

  12. As soon as the arms embargo is lifted The Ethiopian stooge (SNM) will be forced to submit to Somalia's demands.

  13. Reer waqooyi especially those in Hargeisa, Burao and Berbera seem to be a society of habit and it is not in their interest. They have developed a routine and they stick to it. They won’t let go the ill-advised plan of secession when in fact 2/3 of the region is unsafe and in conflict between different tribes with different political views and that worries the western world who have interests in the Horn in particular and in the continent in general. Somaliland is refusing to be flexible but from what I can gather in the report America and Britain are sending a clear message to Somaliland, drop this recognition issue and join to the union or we will shun you and we will weaken you economically until you beg and plead for a face saving exit plan.

    We all know how the west can be harsh and cruel to those who try to bypass them and if reer waqooyi decides to look for different friends in their desperation they will not like the consequences and Somalia knows the score if you know what I mean(think of Siyad Bare’s regime) when it decided to change its alleys.

  14. What international law are you talking about? Don't you know Somaliland is still part of Somalia! 22 years not even one single country recognise Somaliland.It's time you let my people go.

    Enough is enough.
    Long live greater Somalia.

  15. If you are a diehard believer of the secession of Somaliland, you are entitled to your opinion and I can understand that. But why demean and scorn the recognition of Somalia by President Obama administration? If nothing else, the recognition enables Somalia to qualify for international aid with the potentiality to get financial resources for reconstruction and that serves in the best interests of all Somalis, including those in Somaliland.
    Apparently, you don’t have the mental capacity to realize the fact that all the Somali communities are bound to the same destiny. Somalis are one tribe and you cannot separate them on the basis of clan affiliation even if Somaliland becomes an independent state. If I may remind you, the Siad Barre regime was overthrown after the southern Somalis, particularly the masses of the Hawiye clan, staged a popular uprising and chased Siad Barre out of Mogadishu.

    • What you need to understand is SOMALIA is different compare to after barre regime left. barre regime was topple because 87% somalis were against his rule. hawiye only finished wounded bleeding lion it's fact.

      SOMALIA will have semi-autonomous states maybe five to six it's reality not fiction and this what IC plan for long time ago. ALSO the IC figured out this is the only way to save somalia. there will be no more centralize goverment which runs every regional affairs.

  16. Hating Somaliland is what I see uniting southern Somalia. In this article the man mentioned the various dangers facing the southerns from neighboring countries and foreigners but no one even acknowledged that or even disputed it let alone get alarmed at these prospects. I can't say the people here are immature and doesn't understand the calamity of these claims. Although I am a supporter of Somaliland , the south is also my second homeland. I have roots there. and I don't like to loose it to no one no matter what. To me kismayo and Xamar are the same as Hargeisa and Burao. Those of you who mistakenly think that lander are the enemy of Somalia think again. Put things into perspective . SEE THE FACTS ON THE GROUND. Be smart and think clearly. Somaliland is not lost but Somalia is in danger of being lost. Somaliland is the only place to day where all Somalis live in dignity and without humiliation. Think people think and be smart.

  17. truth and puntlans etc

    Our president recently embarked to officially visit the UK and discuss matters concerning current issues with UK and you have already had the news that the US gov't will n't stop dealing with Somaliland republic and will continue to do so because it is their interest to keep somaliland on their side.
    because it is bound for what so called Somalia to shatter and fight furiously again and Somaliland will keep building itself. The reason is, there no many hostile clans living together in somaliland while those in Somalia are enemies for life and are many and fractions and will never agree on anything .
    so do not fool your selves when intellectuals pose articles analyzing important issue with in depth knowledge