Please take this from me: Do not read too much into the warm reception accorded to the new president in Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, during his recent visit to the US capital.

The foreign policy of the US and other western countries is driven by the economic and geopolitical interests of those countries. It is not determined by any altruistic, idealistic or emotional factors. The lawlessness of Somalia  profoundly affected the western world economically and demographically because of the large influx of refugees fleeing into those countries from Somalia.

It also affected their geopolitical security  interest because of threats  from the Al Qaida affiliated Al Shabab as well as the danger posed by pirates to the free flow of energy and human traffic on the Indian Ocean. The defeat of Al Shabab and the semblance of peace gave the western world hope the threats posed to their interest by the lawlessness in Somalia is finally turning the corner. Probably, the western world would continue to give economic and security assistance to Mogadishu so that the triple problems of piracy, terrorism and refugees are under full control. Remember, they are doing so out of their own self interest and not because they love Somalia or President Hassan Sheikh!

There has never been any threat from Somaliland to the western world. Somaliland has been peaceful and genuinely democratic. The western world will never push Somaliland to rejoin Somalia. They know the history of these two countries. Any hostilities that break out between the two nations will jeopardize international security and peace.

There is NO interest for Somaliland to continue holding bilateral talks with Somalia. This is not the time for such talks. We have 15 years or more to go before such talks will be useful to be held. Great Britain should not have initiated those talks in the first place. The Somali President has a lot of work to do for many years to come in order to put Mogadishu on its feet again.  Somaliland should not even come into his radar. No president any where else in the world inherits the totally failed state that President Hassan Sheik inherited. He needs to focus on his country and forget about Somaliland.

Somalilanders should focus like laser beam on moving their country forward and close their eyes from the flirtations between Somalia and western donors. The driving force behind the dance is not emotional feeling but real, cold interest.

Domestically, Somaliland needs to employ the bottom up, grass roots process that served the country so well in the past to straighten her electoral system. People in villages, towns, and cities should discuss the need for every body to abide by the rule of one person one vote. Then leaders of political parties, elected and appointed officials  and all civil society groups- business, clergy, women, youth, media, and sultans- must meet and reach agreement on making certain election are free and fair. The electoral process is very important because it ensures orderly transfer of power at all levels of the government and enhances the reputation of the country. Any elite anywhere in the country who acts unethically during election time must understand that he is destroying the country.
Somaliland must remain very vigilant against terrorism. During the last decade there were several acts of terrorism in the country. Even though Al Shabab is weaker today, still vigilance is the way to protect the lives and properties of all as well as the progress of the country. There should not be any complacency when it comes to terrorism. There are those who are against the very existence of the country let alone for the dark forces of evil to see the people of Somaliland achieve substantial progress.

Somalilanders need to rely upon their resources and expertise to develop their country. If they can pave a small of stretch roadway at a time, build a school, a clinic, a business, and drill a well at a time, over time they will go a long way in developing their country. To foster trade they need to keep maintaining good relations with their neighbors- Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia.

If they follow such a strategy of self-reliance, they will end up being much better off than those who enjoy in being the grave yard of a foreign aid that ends up in the hands of few and is no good for the rest.

By Adan Iman




  1. Adaniman…. You started with by saying ''pleas take this from me''. Knowing what you want them to take from you is the same hoax story that you and the likes of you fed for 20+ years their people with. In that period, you (Is@@q) separatists, couldn't even manage to build Hargeysa into a city let alone that whole region. What does that tell you? Well, it tells that the separatists leaders didn't give a dime about their people first, second, it tells how unproductive you (Is@@q) separatist are. And third, how corrupted you (Is@@qs) separatists are. The reconstruction Mogadishu witnessed last year alone has never been witnessed in Hargeysa for that 20+ years, how come?

    On Somaliland issue: The IC and Somalis people are fully aware that the majority of the North-west don't want a secession. Only to clans of the Is@@qs tribe are pushing for that. You can't call it ''the choice of the people'' when you hold a referendum within the Is@@q tribe. Is@@qs are 1/3 of the people of North-west Somalia, therefore on those bases your referendum has no credibility. If the so called referendum had any credibility, then this whole argument would have not even started.

    My fellow Is@@q brothers and sisters need to know that they've been fed with hoax. Some already know, and some are too blind to see. The people that fed you with this hoax, have all benefited from you. They made millions out of your hype and blindness. How come your ex-president Dahir Riyale (who was the head of the notorious NSS North-west section) managed to feed you guys with lies and became afterwards your president, while he was responsible for the torturing of your fellow Is@@q men on behalf the military regime. And now he is acting like he is a revolutionary man. How blind can you guys get? Pleas, open your eyes and do your own research instead of being guided by men who in the first placed are responsible for the massacre that was inflicted in your people.

    • Truth1?

      Why don't you call yourself a liar? Because, there is no one Iota of truth coming from the comment you made here.
      We do know every well that those enemies of Somaliland, including people like you have no concrete point that argues against Somaliland recognition, what you all know every well for the last 21+ years is name calling and insult.
      Guess what, because of people like , Somaliland will never entertain the Idea of ever going back to failed state called Somalia, which you are part of it.

      • In case you are stuck in yesterday, Somalia has moved from a failed state to an International recognised state. Pleas come with a good credible respond, instead of just saying ''Why don't you call yourself a liar? Because, there is no one Iota of truth coming from the comment you made here''. You actually showed me how right actually I am, by how you replied.

        • Sir,

          Because, of the hatred you have shown towards the people of Somaliland origin especially the majority clan, We rather join with any neighbouring Countries before we entertain to share any Country with an idiot and clannish minded person like you.

          • I'm sorry guy's I should have not used the Is@@q word, but instead I should have used the word ''separatists''. I apologies, because the majority of Is@@qs, (who are pro union) don't deserve to be labelled with you (separatists) despicable people.

          • Warqabe · less than 1 minute ago
            Truth1 aka Liar1
            Firstly, talk about what progressive your Lasanod has made for the last 22 years.
            Secondly, if you believe those who want a separate Somaliland are minority in the north, therefore, can not take it anwhere, then why are you wasting your time and energy on everything that comes across?

      • Truth1 aka Liar1
        Firstly, talk about what progressive your Lasanod has made for the last 22 years.
        Secondly, if you believe those who want a separate Somaliland are minority in the north, therefore, can not take it anwhere, then why are you wasting your time and energy on everything that comes across?

    • Ohh for goodness sake stop whining , all daroods have been doing for the last 30 years is whining.

      • Yep Kaboon that makes think of how good your
        father used to whine ! Captain sanweyn the King of the dancefloor they call him !
        God know how many isaaq lady like your mum
        Got into his hand :p
        PS: you should start looking for all of your potential siblings in the area between Burao, Berbera and Hargeisa !

        • Ayanle, as much as I am on the same page with you when it comes to being against the separatists dividing Somalia, I am also against your despicable manners. Pleas leave the mothers out of this.

  2. No surprise here if I were on your position lying for more 22 years telling the idiot populous that make up the 3 thiny dusty & small cities that make the so called Somaliland I would feel embraced to tell them otherwise. In one aspect you are correct, Somalia is important to the the region & world affairs that why nobody gives sh!t about your thiny villages. I hope the talks fell so that we can put you the separates back to the dark holes and implement sanctions to anything & anybody doing business to that region as we rebuild & mobilize the Somali national army to clean harbashi SNM out of the Somali republic borders for once & for all.

    • DUMB retarded darood filth. What has the whole darood population achieved in the last 30 years. If you take out the issaqs and hawiye, daroods will blind and clueless. hargaisa is already one of the most beautiful cities in east Africa, mogadisho is re-building it self but where is garoowe and boosaaso. All daroods do is WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE.



    • Yes boss that right i know many Isaaq who love more than me and you because this is there country too. PS even my second wife is Isaaq a very caring human being.

      • How about Harti in Somaliland who are for recognition ? They are some Issaq unionist
        same as Harti in favour of independence. Nothing is black or white.. More important is choice of Majority: Without doubt Re recognition. No more BS somalinimo.

  4. What amazes me often in regards to our brothers of Somalia they always take credit a gov't made-up by foreign elements since 91. And what's laughing that when they're wasting their time talking to ppl who moved and forgave them but will never forget the disastrous union of the 60. I think it is one of the 2, perhaps envious or unconscious incompetent society. I never met someone from Somalia who ever ask me how you guys did this change and develop at the same time. No single leader of theirs had this question to Somaliland leaders other than you are part of Somalia, we'll come to you and destroy you.
    The Amisom troops including Ethiopian military surveillance elements are on duty to guard what's suppose to be a Somalia gov't but these foreign led to their favor as lucrative business new found land of Horn of Africa. It's a shame for all those who come here and wasting their time like their society notables. Like Father-Like Son!

  5. Separatists giving us their thoughts and opinions from the comforts of their cozy homes abroad where they are free to travel, study, take part in sports events and represent a country. Unfortunately for most on the ground in Somaliland that is not the case by propagating this so called dream of yours you are hindering the progress of thousands of youth from the North. They will be locked up in that so called enclave with no opportunities and at the end of the day they will be a mass exodus of young people to the South looking for jobs. Economics and not warfare will dictate the course of events in Somaliland all the South has to do is continue with the progress they are making one step at a time.
    As a unionist from the North our role model Madam Foreign Affairs has already charted the way.
    Its in our best interest to bargain now because soon we will be begging.

    • Dear Sis,
      Wit all due respect, we northern as you're aware of the only somali territory that ppl are having 3 meals/day is our Somaliland/Khatuma/Awdal (which I see personally interchangeable names because ppl and land are the same – the area of our interest as whole of northerners) besides of our opinion in regards to Union issues.
      Union thing is not due right now as it was due in 60's but failed by these Southerners as we all know and that's the reason is not due now.
      The Southerners would have argue that they did share and learnt lot throughout the period of turmoil but all they're saying is : Am blind and I can lead you-How so ? A blind can't see the but may be hear it! So listen to us-it's not now so do your homework then we'll perhaps

      • Just one simple comment:

        Muuqdishu has 1.5million idps that will need to be fed, housed and schooled. 70% of the population are under 20 and more children are being born each day.

        Dadaab hold 600thousand Refugees from Somalia.
        Dollo Ado holds 180Thousdand Refugees from Somalia
        Yemen, Somaliland, Djibouti and many other countries have large somalia refugees to need to be returned to their homes.

        Hassan Mahamoud was SELECTED primarily to facilitate the repatriation of over 1million Somalia Refugees from several countries.

        Hassan Mahmaoud will spend his time in office simply failing to achieve anything significant and i am sure the Somaliland-Republic is the perfect distraction for him.

        As for the youth in Somaliland-republic ever benefiting from a SELF-SERVING group like Damu-Jadiid i am sorry to be direct but they will not even help the children in Muuqdishu let alone a City that has free education.

        People migration will continue and Somali Youth will continue to flood into the European Zone it is inevitable until the World understands that Somaliland-Republics Recognition is a positive step in eradicating piracy, Terror and People migration.

  6. I wonder the level of education of this author. Very confusing article. He failed to construct a simple though and related to his audience.